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Race Evaluation

WCOC BBQ and Meeting: Sprint B


1. +00:25just got hung up in green and slow going - accurate, but couldn't find anything remotely runnable down there
2. back up hill and took trail, surprisingly coming up hill I could find little gaps that made it kind of runnable (for an uphill anyway)
3. +01:00decided to try the indistinct trail route as it was evident Charlie had been doing some trail blazing, but that soon petered out and it was just thrashing in laurel the rest of the way. Popped out of green into clearing and flag was right there - 10' away and I was expecting it to be more like 30m across a cleared area - just didn't feel right but I didn't question it...
4. +00:30actually managed to run across the slash pretty well, but then got into the second, more open area and caught a little laurel stub for a serious face plant - totally distorting my map case, but not tearing the map so I took the map out and turned it over so I could see it through the case and continue - almost caught Nancy here, but she went L, and I went R to take trail up and over -
5. downhill and past Nancy who was coming into the clearing - ran hard on the main trail passing JHen and company and ran down to the distinct small trail up and over, left trail at distinct gap in green and down past cliff - slow going in fern as I didn't want to slam into any unseen deadfall and then spiked the control at the marsh
6. +00:45up along marshy area eventually picking up the indistinct trail - very nice running through here, hesitated briefly to ascertain I was where I thought I was, then crossed over and kind of hopped from open spot to open spot roughly along the line of the indistinct trail which it certainly wasn't - more like a loose collection of slightly less laurel infested spots
7. +03:40out to trail, thought I had the second indistinct headed down, but somehow chose the first one (mapped that is) and hit the deadend in the green. Too lazy to take the easy 1 line climb back out and pushed into the laurel for a good 3 minutes or more of laurel bashing good fun... finally popping out of some raspberry bushes near the littel pond, went left and then up into clearing but some how could not find the trail at the top - I think I somehow got too far right - more thrashing ensued eventually hitting the larger crossing trail, ran up to the junction then an easy run in from there..

Total Time Lost - 00:06:20

Split Analysis

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