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Race Evaluation

2013 IS IC Championships: Day 2 - Red


1. Easy leg. Just went down the spur.
2. Decided to aim off to the south. Hit the trail and went straight to the point.
3. +03:00Really stupid mistake. I read the clue description as reentrant, so I originally ran past the point and ignored it because it was in the middle of the field and not near a reentrant.
4. +00:20Spiked. I felt good about what I did for this point, but now that I am looking at my gps track I think I could have straightened out the first bit of the leg.
5. Straight to the point.
6. +01:00Tough point. Ended up taking trails north. Lots of hesitation. Stopped when I felt I was passing the point and looked to my right. Saw the point about 50 m off.
7. Changed plans about halfway through the field. Decided to go one more field over and travel down a spur to the point. No problem finding the point, although the way it was mapped and where it was placed was a bit confusing.
8. +00:20Stupid bauble here. I ended up crossing the fence before the point thinking it was on the other side. Ended up having to recross after I looked at the map again.
9. I felt pretty good about this point. I hit the trail west of point 8 and followed it for a bit to force me to contour. I am not sure if this was entirely necessary, the hills were pretty low.
10. Went high for this point. Not sure if this was the best choice. I think going low directly to the other paved trail would have been a much faster option.
11. +00:20Went up to a plateau and followed a rough bearing. Went up the hill too early, though, and the side slope caused me to run a lot slower. Also a lot of hesitation.
12. Easy. Just ran across the field. I went high on the other side, which ended up being for the best, because according to Andrew the lower field was flooded.
13. Compass bearing. This is where I ran into Mark.
14. +00:10I had problems counting the trails on this point, which caused me to hesitate.
15. Hesitated on this point as well, but don't know why, it was pretty easy.
16. Recognized this as being in the same area as one of the day 1 points. Decided to hit the power line trail and drop in at the second telephone pole after the road. Ended up cutting in early when i saw a trail that was easy to hop on and led straight to the point.
17. +01:30Stupid error. I ran along the path of least resistance and did not check my bearing. I let myself drift way off course.
18. Went hard for this point.
F. Go control. I probably could have pushed myself a bit harder.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:40

Split Analysis

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