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Race Evaluation

NEOC - Nobscot: Red


1. There was new house construction in the way of my intended route, so I ran up the nose. A couple of hesitations, but the big boulders helped me orient myself.
2. NNE through green, then trails to stone wall (almost overshooting)
3. Ran to side of field.
4. Ugly slow sidesloping leg. Would probably have been faster to eat climb. Or (duh) do what PG did and run the lower trail as long as possible.
5. Straight, but hesitated when I came to the chimney just before the control, as I had drawn the control circle over it.
11. Started straight, but then decided to go around to the south, avoiding some climb and using trails. That might have been an OK plan, but in a lapse of concentration, went into the woods one trail junction too soon. Confused for a while.
13. Plan was to head to the horseshoe road, but I found myself at the trail by the pond. When I got to the horseshoe I missed the trail and found myself by the ruins on the hilltop to the SE.
F. Not paying attention, made a little detour in the field. Shouldn't have cost as much time as it did, but, not checking the map, rejoined the main trail near the 2nd field. Ran hard all the way up the slight slope at the end.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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