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Race Evaluation

Billygoat: Billygoat XXIX


1. 2nd. About 15 seconds after Ross, who took a better route. Large crowd coming in from the Right as a left the control. Not sure where Andy Hall was (he led on the left route at the end of hte leg.)
2. 2nd. Led a train out, a litlte left on road, first one up the hill, but windy so folks caught up. Ross overshot but still as 1st to the bag.
3. 2nd. Long leg - led at first, then about 1/2way, fell in behind Nick, micro-optimizing about 15 seconds to keep with him.
4. 2nd. Hammer to keep with Nick, attacked it a little more directly w/less climb, stay with him.
5. 1st. Nick was drifting right. I drifted left on pupose, saw tower, aimed in, nailed it and got ahead.
6. 1st. Around left. Didn't see Nick even though I drank a bunch.
7. +00:301st. Right fork. Dicey approach wobbling left/right.
8. 1st. Trails out. I think R-fork was better. Saw Nick coming out into the field as I was leaving.
9. 1st. Ran hard, aimed downhill, but wasn't far enough ahead to stay out of sight. Nick was closer.
10. +01:302nd. Slammed into a whole bunch of dark-ish medium green on a straight/right route. Risk didn't pay. Saw Nick way ahead near 10 when I was just entering the field.
11. No one there. Drank quickly - felt like I was nearing the end & couldn't let Nick get away.
12. +00:05Stayed on trail a bit longer than I should have, but attack was quite clean.
13. Followed the cracks to exit along reasonable footing, then trail-winding to near island-in-marsh, then up checking contours/cliffs (slow at end for only about 2 minutes of the leg.)
14. As I exitted 13, Nick was coming up to it - apparently he'd missed and reattacked. R-Achilles wasn't 100% and with the green I didn' t hammer downhill. Nick caught and passed me here, fast.
15. Hammered the trail but Nick was pulling away fast anyway. Only his hesitation leaving the bag kept him in sight.
16. Followed Nick directly across the stream, then trail (w/o Nick in sight.) Saw Peter near the bag, who'd already skipped.
17. Saw Nick and Peter up ahead on the climb. Nick went R at end, Peter & I went L around, but we all got to the bag in the same order.
18. +00:20Nick disappeared ahead, I passed Peter at the bridge, and was hesitant, missing a turn, and then following the cliff line too long.
19. Beautiful forest. Saw Nick exitting 19 as he'd been sloppy on the approach. It was at this point that I realized we'd both decided to skip 20...
20. skip
21. Saw Nick on/off up ahead, but he saw me approaching 19, and at the dog-leg we chose for 21, so he was pushing too.
22. Closing the gap, maybe...?
23. Exitting 21 I planned to chase Nick who'd seemed so close on the way up to 21. But he was completely out of sight. Had to vaguely navigate then hit trail/bridge, then just bearing in and pray (take a risk to catch Nick or nail it while he lost a minute.) Just when I was about to panic, the bag appeared. No Nick in sight, hoping he missed it...
24. Hammer/contour out to road, then down road, aim based on parking lot shape, then Oh Darn, I see Nick on the way up to 25.
25. Pushed hard the rest of the way anyway, trying to close the gap and to maintain any hope that if he'd have any trouble, I'd be there.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:25

Split Analysis

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