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Race Evaluation

CSU Boston Park Series - Franklin Park: Advanced


1. Saw Mark at the control, which was kind of unexpected since I think he started way before me.
2. I seem to be the only person who didn't have trouble with this one. Cool! I thought the cliffs were pretty easy to read. Of course 3 other people converged on the control at the same time, so maybe that helped.
3. In Kim's train at this point.
4. Still in the Kim/Pia train.
5. Passed Pia but still following Kim. We took the trail, not the road. I think it was better.
6. Crossed over the road, not through the tunnel. Passed Kim here.
7. Went on the sidewalk most of the way, still a few seconds ahead of Kim.
8. Starting to feel tired. Katia was just ahead of us, but I took a more direct route than her and ended up at the control first.
9. I think this is where I really lost Kim, on the climb.
10. +00:10Got confused by the parallel-ish golf course feature. Probably stood confused for 10-15 seconds.
11. Kind of dicked around in going over the hill. I Basically ran around the sand pits and then backtracked a little, but came out on the road exactly where I wanted to be.
12. Shredded my ankle on some briars.
13. +00:05A bit slow, and confused by something that looked like a trail going off to the left.
14. More or less straight.
F. Recalled that the start/finish was lower down the field than indicated and decided it would probably be faster to go along the road, although if it had actually been higher up I probably would have gone through the woods.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:15

Split Analysis

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