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Race Evaluation

Billygoat: Billygoat XXIX


1. Reading ahead. Trying to keep a steady pace. Near the control I was close to the Seager sisters. The crowd was heavy and I stayed in the pack.
2. +00:40Once to the road via the trail, I cut right as others were doing to get around the green. Andy Hall was looking injured but was still moving. I cut in a bit unsure where it was--it looked like I was past the green. We hit a reentrant which told me we were too far to the right. The pack kept climbing and so did I, well past the control. As others were leaving it, we got clued in enough to angle back down.
3. +02:00Dave Onkst appeared just after punching #2. Kristin and Andy Hall were there. Dave indicated we should climb to the top and contour across. This seemed okay but I should have looked more carefully. We all got to the clearing and ran it until hitting a steep hill. Back in the woods, we branched apart. I started realizing that Kristin and Dave were going too low so I cut left. Very soon after, as they hit the deep reentrant, I heard confirmation coming from Dave. I was ahead and crossed higher, eventually getting to the trail intersection. I relocated there quickly and proceed up the trail and back across the next reentrant fork. It was a slog up to the control (behind Jeff Seager?).
4. I chased Jeff up the trail. He cut in left early. It seemed safe but probably lost us some time. We crossed the reentrant and hit the trail a bit before it ended. Once again, we slogged up the last bit to the control. Dave Onkst caught up.
5. I had considered skipping #5 but the pack around me kept going. As we left the tower area, the group ran sort of single file through the trees. We must have drifted right. I was suspecting being off and looked left just at the right moment. In the step that it took to stop, I could no longer see the control so I backed-up and confirmed it as the pack ahead went on. Dave Onkst was right behind me and 50m later, we punched; I was rather tired.
6. +00:20I went straightish and let myself get suckered to the tower clearing on the left because I thought it'd be faster running. If anything, going a bit to the right would have been better. At this point, I wasn't reading very well. I tried to keep a good line going down but drifted left more. Fortunately, Dave Onkst was behind me and straightened me out at the bottom.
7. I drank some water as Dave and others got ahead. I hit the road and turned left like the others. Dave cut in early ahead of me. I wasn't immediately sure where I was on the road so I passed the first turn. I wasn't sure which control was better either. The first looked risky (though I think I'd had this one before during the A-meet). I went for the second, passing Bernie(?), and Jeff Shapiro on the road. I got in step behind Angelica on the trail and didn't try to pass--I wanted to conserve energy. As we approached the pond, I should have cut the corner but didn't. Rounding the pond, Dave Onkst almost emerged behind us. I wasn't sure if he'd been to the other #7 yet or not. I followed Angelic to pst the shack but when she stopped, I kept going to the control.
8. Leaving #7 there was a lot of deadfall. I eventually got to a trail that took me to the field. Angelica fell behind as I nearly caught up with Brendan Shields.
9. I ate a Gu leaving #8 and passed Brendan. I felt I needed something to turn away the feeling of struggling to run. It helped. I eventaully got near Bob Lux, stayed on the trail longer, then went a bit left, down to the control as several others (Jim Eagleton?) were converging.
10. +00:15I didn't see the nice route to the trail on the left. I started straight and paused at the marsh thinking to go to the right. I chickened out as Brendan and Bob Lux went through. I chased behind them onto the ridge. As they kept trying to go straight, into the green, I went right and around the thorny bushes to the field. I ran across the field well but got distracted seeing Dave Onkst and Kristin Hall emerge ahead on my left--they'd used the trail. Seeing them made me lose focus and pass the control.
11. Across the road and on the trail--as I got near the rest stop, Kristin Hall smiled and said skipping #12 looked good.
12. Skip
13. I ate a bannana and drank a cup of punch before setting off to catch Dave and Kristin. Jeff Seager left before me. I stuck to the shoulder of the road and slowly gained ground on Jeff. When Jeff started to cut left on the diagonal trail, then came out again, I was nearly even. I also started to see Dave and Kristin on the trail paralleling the road. They must have been running well since the trail was slightly more windy and I didn't catch them until the last trail head. From there, Jeff, Kristin, Dave and I took turns making forward progress, along a small ridge, down a set of cliffs, to the flat area and right into the control.
14. I was slow leaving. Kristin got ahead at the bottom and took us to the curving cliff. Dave pointed out that we were in the right place so Kristin charged off to the next trail. We used the next trail and attacked off the U-shaped bend. I punched third with Jeff behind me.
15. We ran the trail and punched in the same order.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:15

Split Analysis

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