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Race Evaluation

Sydney Sprint Series #8: Sprint


1. Reasonable start
2. 2nd fastest split! - not much in it though, Shingo went the southern route for only 18 seconds more
3. Got this one right, stayed on road
4. Visible a long way away
5. Slow getting over wall - checked to see if it was "uncrossable". Hence this was the slowest split to date (14th)
6. Starting to struggle to keep the pace up (change from downhill to uphill)
7. Brooner 30 secs quicker up the major climb, not much I could do about it though
8. +00:05Should have been quicker on this one. Got confused by the road network although that was just slowing down a bit and reading the map more than necessary.
9. OK up the steps
10. +00:15A mistake, overshot the steps. Circle placement not very clear whether it was on the top level or down the steps
11. +00:10Not a very good split (22nd). Down the steps and around was quicker (Shingo 45s)
12. Relatively easy
13. +00:05Nearly went past the entrance
14. +00:05Wrong way - should have kept going SW
15. Got this one well
F. +00:20Saved the biggest mistake for last. Should have planned ahead for this - didn't and took the wrong route choice

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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