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Race Evaluation

Billygoat: Billygoat XXIX


1. Teamed up with EMPO members Ellie and Sue. Ellie was our pacer on the trails. :-) We took the western trail route to avoid the down-and-up of the trail through the maintenance area. I think it was a good call for my team.
3. Skipped. We climbed from # 2 to the trail system leading to # 4.
4. Easy attack off the trail above.
5. Attacked from the southern-most tower; wall is probably a bit farther south than mapped.
7. Right fork.
8. Looks like I missed this split.
10. West to the trail coming down from the old ski slope.
12. Time includes a couple minutes getting refreshed at the aid station.
13. +01:00I think I mistook an unmapped stream in the reentrant to the west for the stream that's mapped here and was too far west (about 50m off according to my Forerunner); corrected once I was in the flat area above.
20. NW to hit stone wall to be sure we picked up the park boundary. Watched for stone wall remnants signaling the approach to the trig marker at the boundary corner to be sure we didn't go too far.
23. Knowing this was a tricky feature to find even when not attacking from the end, I made sure to cross the rocky terrace on the way.
24. Contoured over to the road and down to the parking lot; cut in at first trail.
25. Trail up to parking lot and clearing.
F. +00:30Waited at the finish line with Ellie for Sue who had been with us all the rest of the way but was lagging due to reinjured ankle sprain.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:30

Split Analysis

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