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Race Evaluation

Billygoat: Billygoat XXIX


1. Following the crowd, I find I am actually in contact with the map, thumbing it and folding it as we go. We cut off the trail just above the cliffs and I get my first taste of crevices. My tender ankle voices a prompt dislike. Average HR 167.
2. Still in a crowd. Gosh, all these reentrants look alike. HR 169.
3. +00:30Sidehilling with Peggy in sight ahead. Yikes this uneven terrain is uncomfortable, but I cannot think of a more pleasant route. I think there was some hesitation as to which trail was which, but it all became clear toward the end. HR 170.
4. Trail to end, down wide reentrant. HR 170.
5. Went a bit wide left, near the buildings, then on an erroneous angle, overshot to the L. HR 173
6. Following Peggy, I was puzzled when she turned right to go over the top of the hill, but joined the train going down the ride past the antennas. HR 167.
7. Read map too late
Chose 7L. Peggy turned to hit the road sooner; I joined Tracey Olafsen for the rest of the race. We ran trails to the clearing to the road and were even with Peggy turning down to the pond. She had a better attack point that I hadn't seen. (trail jct?). Followed Tracey to the campsite, got too low. HR 165.
8. The green below the trail is slippery, thick, and prickly at the same time. I think I saw Dean just after sliding backward while trying to ascend this minor berm. Followed Tracey on trails around to L, couldn't figure out why someone else had turned R at the trail junction; he beat us to the control. Peggy is gone off the front by now. HR 174.
9. I clang the bell coming through Camp Pinnacle, now in a pack of 4: Tracey, Alex Jospe, one other guy (Bruce?), and me. I was lagging leaving 8, but we punch 9 together. HR 170.
10. I lead the group contouring above the streams, heading for the clearing. I hammer it on the trail, with enough tunnel vision that I head for the crossing guard and don't turn to punch #10 until the group calls to me. I'm last to punch. HR 166.
11. At the split, I learn Peggy is 2+ minutes ahead. HR 176.
12. Trail to clearing, then careful pacing while gingerly walking among the crevices, muttering "D@&^". We are still 4 at the punch. HR 156.
13. Confused parallel features
We lose Bruce and dogleg directly back to the trail, minimizing the ouchy footing. The squishy mud is comfortable footing, for which my PF is grateful. The trail run is a relatively relaxing run, giving me a chance to take Gu. We get a bit hesitant counting the stream crossings, but when the angle of the trickle matches the map, we cut up. Alex to the L, Tracey and I to the R. Alex punches first and gets away, Tracey and I took the rockier, slower route up to the R, then down, to find Alex gone. HR 168.
14. Straight from the trail bend. I'm starting to lag Tracey a bit. HR 166.
15. +00:30Legs tiring, Tracey off the front. Walking more than I have a right to. HR 169.
16. Read map too late
Followed Tracey, straight down the hillside. Whee! Then we get a bit fuzzy matching features beside the trail, eventually cutting back at the V shaped cliff 100m SW of the flag. We go over the knoll, and are just a bit low in the circle. HR 169
17. Down to the service area, Tracey was to the (drier) left, I strayed a bit right and got wetter. Slogging up the switchbacks, I took 2 Succeed! caps to stave off leg cramps. We go through the 4-way junction and in. HR 168.
18. Skip!
19. I see with relief that we are not the only tramplings to have skipped 18. There's a sharp rise above the waterfall that I could not see on the map. I guess it was only 2 contours, but I wanted to use hands and feet to climb it. Luckily for me, no quad cramps. Attack from the trail bend. We were too high, and Tracey saw it first. HR 161.
20. As we're slogging through the light green, I'm having reservations about the attack point on this leg. I think we're to the R of the thicket, but without veering to the L, Tracey points out boundary wire. HR 158.
21. Pacing carefully after descending the cart tracks, I tick off the rootstock and see the flag first. HR 156.
22. Intending to contour straight, but the road is so seductive. HR 162.
23. Did not check features en route
Major error on this leg. Exited woods at trail junction, crossed stream, and up. Turned off the path in the shallow reentrant, but got too high, too far east, and lost contact. Flailed around trying to match features, finally saw the road and doubled back, ticking off the double rootstocks. I think 10 people must have caught us with this error. HR 155.
24. Now at the caboose end of the train, I tell Tracey to try to catch Ken if she can, but he's too far ahead. HR 174.
25. HR 177.
F. At the control, Charlie DeWeese threatens to find a fresh gear, but I finish before him. I am pleasantly surprised that I was able to run what felt like a 30K road race at a 10K level of exertion. HR 171.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:45

Split Analysis

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