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Race Evaluation

Billygoat: Billygoat XXIX


1. +00:15Trails to L of line past swamp and up hill. Attacked from small building by trail. Drifted R, but able to correct upon viewing the train heading to #2.
2. Angled to trail, then following train with Kristin near the front.
3. +02:30Many people going high initially. I angled up less steeply looking primarily for good running. Eventually, I looked up and saw people crossing what appeared to be a clearing, placing me higher on slope than I had anticipated. Crowd came down off elevation and I followed, but we all wound up hitting the big stream well N of the line where crossing was technically quite difficult. Headed S and crossed when feasible, then picked up trail to W of stream and followed up before crossing W branch of stream and angling along side of hill to flag.
4. On trail briefly, then angling down slope and crossing stream shortly before target reentrant.
5. +00:20Considered skipping #5, but trail was so muddy it didn't look to provide much benefit. Angled uphill to near buildings, then headed S on bearing. Missed a bit to R, but helped by activity around flag, punching in slightly after Jeff Saeger.
6. Tried direct line to road, but wound up hitting road at the very top of hill. Bombed downhill hitting stream to N of flag. Fortunately, I could see the EW clearing upstream, so I corrected appropriately.
7. Across gravel and trail to road. R looked slightly faster but L looked safer. Went with safer. Punched in with Angelica, Nadim and Phil.
8. Contoured to trail, then through vegetation gap.
9. Through Camp Pinnacle, then leaving trail just past marshy area to S and then angling down slope to clear thicker green area before heading straight downhill.
10. +01:00Tried to go straigh N to Southmost tip of open area, but missed to R and wound up hitting SE corner of firing range. Ran out to road, then tried to angle across field, but lost a few seconds here as well compared to Phil who stayed on the road until the open field.
12. Skip
13. +00:30Didn't see great attack for #12, so opted to skip. Ran trails towards swamp, then angled down to EW trail through broad reentrant below first large cliffs. Left trail at stream and followed reentrant up, but wound up too far W. Ran along edge of plateau back to flag. Phil Bricker and Dave Yee with me for this leg, and essentially for rest of the race.
14. Angled downhill to trail, cut corner between trail bends, then straight in from 2nd trail bend.
15. On trail, trying to push speed, but not about to run away from anyone.
16. Trails, then turning S just past small rocky spur.
17. W, then through maintenance area and uphill off trails. Took L trail option and approached running down broad spur. Phil took R trail options and arrived simultaneously. Dave Yee and Bernie Breton also in group as we stopped for water.
18. +01:00Drifted L running to trail, and hit near intersection, but still opted for R trail option. Crossed stream and climbed to above cliffs, then angled in. Eventually, I started to merge with open linear feature, but for some reason, I thought I was approaching the stone wall/park boundary and not the trail which I had never crossed. Finally realized my error, and ran to flag helped by other runners including Mike Lyons who had been behind me.
19. Angled back to trail, then across E edge of clearing and out to tip of flat spur. A well executed leg getting me back in front of the group I had been running with.
20. Roughly on line, but angling left to stay off the slope. I stumbled on to the park boundary which was both well marked and wonderfully open running. Ahead of Bernie, Dave and Phil, with Mike visible in front.
21. Went down hill quickly, then headed W as I came even with cleft in hillside. Mike just ahead of me here.
22. Along road leaving before small cul-de-sac. Brendan Shields visible to my R as I approach flag.
23. Ran to road assessing choices, then opted to go up hill on trail while Brendan and someone else appear to be heading for more direct approach. Left trail to cross shallow reentrant, then able to contour above green area and around to flag.
24. Bernie right behind me as we angle downhill catching sight of Joe Mokszycki below us. We hit the trail rather than the road, then run along open area next to road briefly before angling across wooded area to flag. Jon Osborn comes from behind to reach flag first.
25. +00:15The race is clearly on, and we all appear to be suffering from mob mentality as we chase each other S rather than head intelligently W to the road and trailhead. I come to my senses before Jon and Joe and head across next open area to climb up hill. Legs are gone, and have to walk, trying hard to stay ahead of crowd which I know to be close behind. I pop out onto field about 20 m N of flag with Dave Yee immediately behind me. However, Bernie has popped out right at the flag and punches first. Jon Osborn coming fast from S as I punch.
F. This time Bernie suffers from the confusion of racing for position and heads N initially instead of across field. I am first from the pack to crest rise and spot the finish, but am unable to hold off young legs of Jon. Bernie and Dave finish just behind, while Joe and Phil come in after another 30 seconds.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:50

Split Analysis

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