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Race Evaluation

Billygoat: Billygoat XXIX


2. +01:00Close, but too far W and a little high.
3. +02:00Distracted by 3 other runners going the opposite way on the trail I intersected. Followed them in the wrong direction a little ways.
5. Nailed the bearing and pace count within 3 meters.
7. L fork.
9. Good attack point; read gullies going down the slope.
10. +01:00Tried to cut the corner thru the green to the trail and had to back out of thick vegetation. Met up with Charlie and ran with him for the next ten controls. Off the trail too soon; my fault, followed Czeck without focusing on map.
13. +00:30N to trail and ran it to the stream below the control. Up the correct stream, but bore R and corrected.
16. Trail until even with control and Charlie spotted it from trail. Thought it was a bit closer than mapped.
18. Skipped.
20. +01:00Took route along crest of hill. Going okay, but not as fast as stone wall. On my own as rest of group ran further L along wall.
21. Dropped down hill and looked for shallow reentrant.
22. Stayed in woods and ran well.
23. Up trail to inflection point and cut L as soon as I could miss the green. Spiked control. Met my former group running back to control as Scott T and I were leaving.
24. With Scott; he spotted control first.
25. Pushed it up the hill, getting ahead of Scott.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:30

Split Analysis

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