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Race Evaluation

Billygoat: Billygoat XXIX


1. Followed Ross to the right out of the start - not much choice since I had been standing on that side and would have been behind everyone. Still caught the Saeger sisters when the routes came together. Went into the woods too early once, but bailed quickly.
2. +01:00Caught the trail at the open area, to the road, then went righter than most to avoid more green. Heading up the reentrant to the right, I saw Samantha and Hillary go left, knew they were correct, but EVERYONE else was going right. Lost contact and it was over.
3. I was slow as molasses running thru the terrain on this leg. It was pointed out that 3 would have been a good skip - definitely for me, since it would have gotten me up to the trails (where I probably belonged anyway).
4. Trail until it turned, then crossed the stream a bit too early.
5. +01:30Must have missed this to the right, then kept going a bit when I saw someone, turned left and came back.
6. +02:00This leg cost me any chance of joining a pack. I went a bit right of the line, then thought, for some stupid reason, that it was worth hitting the paved area for an easier attack. How can it get any easier than angling towards a stream? For my efforts, I was rewarded with a shoeful of gravel, and had to stop - it took a full minute to untie, empty and replace the shoe, as person after person streamed across the end of the paved area going from 6 to 7.
7. +01:00At first I didn't see the fork, then as I missed the trail to the close 7, I saw the other 7 and decided that would now be easier. Should have cut in as soon as I rounded the pond, because I ended up going almost to the hut before it was clear enough to cut in to the "white" woods.
8. Trail to the white gap. Heard footsteps and got so excited I forgot to get a split.
9. Thru last year's start triangle, then skirted right of the medium green marsh. Assumed I was looking for a stream junction, which I found as someone caught me, the bag was on the bottom of the next spur. Since I was now behind the other guy, who paused, I hustled out, forgetting to split.
10. Was afraid of the rough open, so I went left, hit the clearing in the right spot and zipped down the hill.
11. I was gaining on a group, though the trooper had time to send a car between them and me.
12. Includes almost a minute at the aid station. Almost everyone around was skipping 12, but I didn't like that
13. +01:00N to the trail, then hustled along the small trail S of the marsh all the way to the stream. The bearing from there told me the guy on the hill was too far right, but I got pulled in that direction anyway, instead of looking for the reentrant.
14. Out to the trail, and was almost to the switchback before I could even think about cutting it.
15. A trail run - almost caught Brendan.
16. Went around to the left and only lost a couple of seconds to Brendan who went straight to get to the next trail and I was able to catch him after the turn. Didn't cut in until I was due S of the circle.
17. Between the buildings, then went around on the trail to the left. Then I was getting tired, so I figured I may as well walk up the short way thru the next section.
18. Passed Jeff on the trail, just before I had to walk up the VERY steep hill. I cut in later than Jeff and someone else, to avoid the light green.
19. Angled right for the trail, then cut in from the NE edge of the clearing.
20. I think I stayed closer to the line and others were to my left. I angled up and passed them as I noted the park boundary. I ran past the bend of the boundary, since the signs face out. I saw a sign behind me in time to cut over to the control before the others got there.
21. Fairly straight. At least a couple of rootstocks not mapped (one of them was).
22. Skip
23. +01:00Tried to go straight, got tangled in some medium green that I had failed to notice on the map, then recovered. Lost some more time when I stopped unsure of my position near the parking lot. Had a long climb up the hill from the trail/clearing junction N of the control.
24. Went too far left and missed the road. Wyatt was on the trail near where I bounced out to it. Ran thru the white as the line does, since I didn't want to slow to read again.
25. Went right to use the trail, but I had to walk the last part of it anyway.
F. Still had some wheels left for the fans, but a 2 contour climb is tough after 2+ hours.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:30

Split Analysis

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