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Race Evaluation

Billygoat: Billygoat XXIX


1. Trail around to the left of line, working my way to W end of long EW marsh. With a substantial group, but dut off on small trail below cliffs and was alone. Up through the cliffs after the 2nd stream and looked for the line of folks coming across, falling in behind J-J and Steven. Time is an estimate. My watch shows 4 splits ranging from 13:30 to 15:18. Will pick the right one after J-J posts.
2. Behind J-J and Steven, picked up trail for a bit, then crossed road by policeman and left of green and straight in. Some other folks at the control, and stopped briefly to offer medical consultation to Scott Turner, who had taken a stick in the ear. J-J out of sight for now.
3. Not a very good route. Climbed up to high trail left of the line and followed trails all the way to where trail approaches stream midway between 3 and 4. Climbed the hill and came back down from the top, passing a lot of folks coming the other way, including J-J, not far from the control.
4. Caught up to J-J and Steven and a few others near the flag. There were some folks too far NE, but I was pretty sure of the place I had come off the other ridge and went right in.
5. Across the spur and on compass, following J-J and Steven, not really quite able to completely catch up.
6. Slightly right of line. Down the steep hillside hitting the lower road near the SW corner of gravel pit, then up the stream to the control, behind J-J and Steven
7. Resolved to skip #7, and headed down to the trail, angling across the yellow to the road. Saw Ken Walker going down the trail to left 7 and it looked pretty easy, so I went down there.Cut the corner on W side of pond, and then went straight from SE side of pond.
8. Fought up through green to trail around lake - easy.
9. Through Camp Pinnacle and on trails to bend SE of control along line. Behind Dave Webber, and a little more behind Ken. Got passed by Czech fellow on the way down the hill, but went briefly to wrong spur and Dave was there before me.
10. +00:45Behind Dave heading W, but he was drifting too far NW and I wanted to hit the corner of the yellow directly W, so off that way. Picked up Ken coming out of green on my left and got on the long NS yellow trail behind Czech fellow and Ken. In the area of the control I was pretty sure which thicket to go to, but got sucked off to the SE by a bunch of folks milling around and lost time before correcting. Saw J-J coming in through the light yellow.
11. Easy
12. Had thought about skipping 12, but got part way up the trail before I realized it and decided to continue. Ken was ahead a bit, as was the Czech. Caught up to just behind Ken at the control.
13. N, down the cliffs and to the trail. Didn't want to slog through a bunch of open woods and limestone crevices. On trail all the way along marsh to the reentrant. Stopped a bit at the apparent top before climbing up the last bump to get it.
14. With Ken.
15. With Ken. Saw Valeriy hotfooting it along the trail toward 14. He had skipped 13 and was doglegging to 14 and back.
16. I had thought about skipping here, but Ken was for 18 and we had been together for a few. Lost track of distance and almost passed it, but saw the flag from the trail. Lucky. Time is an estimate. I apparently forgot to punch.
17. W through buildings and parking lots, picking up the Czech again. Cut one switchback, then followed trail L of line and around for easy attack. Czech had gone through the woods but got there the same time. Still with Ken.
18. Skip.
19. Angle to trail, just above stream, then across to trail bend and in, with a few others catching up to us, including Peter Dady.
20. Ken went pretty straight here, and I lost track of him. With Peter D and others up to the stone wall/park boundary. Nice big yellow park boundary signs made for easy navigation, and the running was good.
21. +00:30On some trail segments, and dropping down, trying to read contours. Slowed down to look around a bit too high, then saw the thicket off to the E. Some of the others had gone too far and had to come back.
22. Pretty quickly to road, then straight in from road bend.
23. +02:00Dogleg back to road, then trail over the bridge and up about 100M then on compass. Reentrants didn't look right to me when we got there and I drifted R to the next one before realizing where I was. Disaster!, and I took 3 others with me. Headed back, and saw a line of about 7 or 8 people who had been just behind me but were now in front, including Sam Levitin, Ken, Tracey Olafsen, Scott Turner, Rick DeWitt, and some others. Darn!
24. To road bend and in to control ok, but not making up any time.
25. Straight up trail and along edge of green, but Sam Levitin is the only one still in possible range.
F. Made a run at Sam, but he dumped me easily. Still a pretty good run, though, and I was plenty satisfied.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:15

Split Analysis

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