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Race Evaluation

West Point A-Meet: Green-2


2. bobble -- went further w than I thought, checked the code on another control. Then somehow figured it out.
6. decided to take the trail going ssw a bit, then cut off to go to the l of the cliff. Ended up higher than planned, coming down off the nose.
7. +50:00Up the reentrant, then, my brain affected by lack of oxygen mistook the rocky stuff ahead of me for the cliffs to the west, then just muddled along and was basically completely lost for 50 minutes until I wandered back to the same rocks & figured it out.
10. Not knowing what the terrain was going to be like and feeling not very confident, I hit the road to the next trail. Best plan after that would have been to follow the trail almost to the top making nav easy, but I decided to save climb and contour around -- Sandy F. passed me here. I was confused by the rocks below the control.
11. S, then E. I crossed the stream by a little hill which didn't seem to be on the map. When I came around it, I saw my rock.

Total Time Lost - 00:50:00

Split Analysis

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