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Race Evaluation

West Point A-Meet: Green-2


1. Started with Viktoria and shot off fwith her.
2. Pretty straight seeing little pond, stream and up along reentrant on compass into field of boulders. A lot of 1m+ boulders in the area and kept going till found the likely one.
4. Down R side of reentrant along line swinging a bit further R around marshes. Crossed little stream, R of cliffs, crossed another small stream to small trail going to sharp turn. Crossed main stream in ride, straight across open to above cliffs to rock.
5. Straight, staying R of slash but did face plant in first marsh covering map, clue holder and glasses with black mud. Just recovering and tripped again in second marsh. Stopped in stream to wash mud off map and hands. Noticed Monday bruised R wrist and heel of L hand. Guess did fall harder than thought.
6. Straight, climbing just below line of cliffs till very steep and crawled on hands/knees up to bag.
7. +02:00Dean was heading up reentrant andrather than play tag, crossed over and up spur (probably not the best route as may have been 2' slow here). Over hill, R of marsh, R of small hill (too wide), up along ridge and along contour to cliffs stopping at an unmapped cliff just before, and then continuing in.
8. Straight and down steep between two cliff sets. Slow going and dropping down probably better.
10. Went L of hill thru saddle, between marsh and cliffs, up and over spur, around to L of hill and down side of broad spur. Looking down but no bag. Then distracted by Pav coming from above, hmmm- leaving a rock with a control on it;-}
11. Straight

Total Time Lost - 00:02:00

Split Analysis

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