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Race Evaluation

West Point A-Meet: Green-2


1. +00:15As usual, not reading the map well at the start so just did the point and shoot method, hesitating along the way.
2. +01:00Went across the first creek farther left than intended (green pushed me to the left?) and then crossed the second creek too high, at the big boulders. Relocated and ran down to the control.
4. Ran down the re-entrant, cross the creek to the north, down the ride, and across the 2nd creek. I think a better route would have been to cross the creek to the east and run the trail to the field.
5. +00:30Slow and hesitating through the marshy area. Checked root stock near creek first.
6. Went up the large trail heading south west to just before the big boulders then climbed.
8. +04:00Wasn't in good contact after I crossed the re-entrant. Overshot it by over 100 m.
9. I was fast on this leg because I had travelled much of the distance as I overshot 8.
10. +01:00Went north of the swamps but then veered a little south after passing the trail. Also lost a few seconds in the circle looking for the boulder too low.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:45

Split Analysis

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