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Race Evaluation

West Point A-Meet: Green-2


2. +05:00This was a no-brainer. Marsh-marsh-reentrant control. So how did I end up 200 meters southwest of the control? (About a 30 degree compass error from the first marsh.) I went back and forth a hundred meters, hitting features that made it obvious where I was on the map, if only I had looked at that part of the map. As I said: a no-brainer.
4. +02:00Attacked from the open area but somehow went right by it, probably to the left. I even kept looking back, but the flag must have been obscured. I went further than I should have checking boulders before turning around and going right to it.
5. Straight, attacking from the bend in the river.
6. Around the steep hillside, inching upward, reading the cliffs right to it.
7. Up the reentrant, then right of the marsh. Thought about taking the ride down to the marsh, but decided it was probably faster to just go straight. So I weaved through some knolls, then climbed up to the side of the main ridge where it was flatter, attacking from one line above it.
8. Headed down the hill right away, though it was still plenty steep.
10. Went left, throught the saddle, along the swamp, across the wide reentrant, along the left side of the knoll, then down the spur right to it. Executed perfectly, but my hamstring was cramping and I walked some flats and gradual ups that I would normally run.
11. +01:00Missed left to another course's boulder, but knew immediately where I was.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:00

Split Analysis

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