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Race Evaluation

DVOA Frontier Festival: Blue - Day 1


1. right trail around to clear area then attack off of light green hill. Straight looks good on the map, but the "rough open" looked uninviting ...
2. ouch
3. trashy woods pushes me left onto spur
4. ouch. End up high and tunnel thru the green somehow
5. up and around past lake and backdoor control. Looked at the more direct indistint trail route but was not brave enough to attempt to execute it
6. Unused to map
Unused to terrain
straightish crossing vehicle track, onto east-west trail, then off of bend where it goes downhill. The yellow did not make sense to me -- lost confidence and ended up at the fence to the west
7. Underrated difficulty
same exact route and problem as Eric. Must have been within 2 meters of the control the first time ...
8. Hesitated
around left of fence, down trail -- hesitated a bit looking for it -- across swamp -- found indistinct trail -- up stream/reentrant
10. down righthand stream/reentrant -- did not see trail option to left -- went right on trail on side of hill -- cut in at rosebush braving the green -- hit intermittant trail -- found bend -- and someone was nice enough to have trimmed a path with hedge clippers from the bend to the bag!
11. straightish -- passing to the right of the dark green pine trees -- hitting a little left of indistinct trail, which I took in to the control
12. indistinct trails to main trail -- diagonal across yellow -- cut thru first wall of green where it looks least nasty -- stay in the yellow thru the little corridors of yellow near the misc piece of junk north of the line, cross stream and take main trails in.
13. keep your eye on the ball ... northerly route
14. Hesitated
south on trail to corner -- hesitated to make sure this was really what I wanted to do -- cut southeast thru light green to main trail north of DB lake -- pick my way on various trails all the way to just northeast of the circle in a straight a line as possible, with decent speed -- then find the right ride of head high weeds to the flag, trampling it down for anyone else who takes this route
15. Bad map reading
out to track -- all the way southeast to the trail, seen one thornbush, you've seen 'em all ... trail to reentrant to saddle -- misread contour features and overshot control
16. over and contour in
17. find spur and in
18. bail to the north -- not quite sure of something -- go up towards lake and find indistinct northbound trail -- take it all the way to bend then down shallow reentrant with marsh
19. straight
20. had trouble finding the trails thru the green
F. slow. After 7 hours of hanging and vetting the day before, I guess its ok to be slow ... Had fun, despite the "transitional forest and distinct vegetation features"

Total Time Lost - 00:06:15

Split Analysis

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