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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig XI: Day 3 Red


1. my first red classic. map with my route 1.34 mb, (couldn't figure out how to paste a link) Flying Pig Classic - Red js.jpg
2. kept constantly checking my map
3. bearing, counting ditches and reading the map, successfully came in from the right (north) lower ditch
4. took the easy ridge route, down the road, used the stream til the bend, over the saddle, counted the ditches, came in too low
5. fun down hill with a little slalom, up the ridge, hit the fence corner, saw the depression and then turned south
6. came up to the trail and had an uneasy flash back to Hawn last spring, warning warning, parallel error, saw just the one pit on my left, then the many pits on my right, sigh of relief
7. did my Maricel roll after my foot was snagged on a dead sprint before the int. stream
8. jogged over the fence just south of the trail bridge at the the dry ditch, then vectored off of the trail
9. I tried veering right, but just over the ridge nothing on my left, saw the control 10 m to my right. Leaving 9, looking for 10 on my map, I just laughed at the leg, and then hesitated on even the first half, started heading up to the road, then changed my mind and took more of a straight line, lucked out at the uncrossable stream and found a skinny log to balance beam across, careful not to get too muddy, up the hill and halfway along the ridge refueled at a 10 m patch of budding yellow tulips
10. I saw too many ups & downs taking the dam route, so I went with easy flat trail thru the Finish and the dogleg left on the road, I was ready for the hill by then and the short technical legs, Eric Buckley thought it was a viable route choice, my 'coach' Natalia Babeti suggested I went too far off the line and the ups and downs via the dam were not that bad
11. grateful for the control placement
12. used the trail ditch intersection
13. ran countours and veered off left, was way high when I spotted the control
14. slowly slid past the series of ditches
15. tried to sprint
F. I had a great day, enjoyed the course, happy to have had a solid run

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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