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Race Evaluation

DVOA Frontier Festival: Blue - Day 1


1. +01:00Down trail past cultivated land. Couldn't decide if across field was faster than around on trail. Finally went across field. Mistake, the trail would have been faster as the field had a lot of rough thorns in it. Across trail up marsh. Cut in up reentrant to soon. Slow going through medium green. Already decided I didn't like this course/map.
2. Straight, past top of first reentrant. Was a little high. Saw the control no time lost finding it. Getting to the control is another story.
3. +00:30Wanted to go straight but thorns kept pushing me left. Hesitated instead of just going down spur.
4. Stay high to left of line, around reentrants. Close to edge of field, through dark green and into control. No difference between dark green and medium green there.
5. Field to trail around. Slow on final approach.
6. Zigged my way through field. Hit trail where it is bending. Cut through rough open to east/west trail. Take that trail. Measure distance and before I expect bend in trail. Again finding control no problem, just getting to it.
7. Cut back to trail. Down trail to trail junction, go south past stream and cut into woods. Shitty area again. Once again can't get to control once I see it. i am thinking that the later you start the better off you are as I am breaking off thorns left and right.
8. Did not like map
Bad map reading
Dog leg to trail to fence. Left/east along fence. Clearing along fence looks nasty so I stay in the woods. Around fence and get confused on what is trail and what is mowed area. Eventually find correct trail, across marsh, fight my way (on hands and knees part of the time) to trail, I see will Hawkins(?) who just runs through what I just crawled through. Down trail to stream and up reentrant. Road was definitely better route choice in my opinion.
10. Bad route choice
Down hill, cross stream, cross trail. Did not see trail around to right. I went straight with idea to cutting trail just past reentrant. Several cussing minutes later get to trail and go to control.
11. Did not like map
My map has no line to 11. I spent some time trying to find number 11 on my map. Work my way aout to fields to the north. Decide to take fields. Footing is uneven and thorns abound mixed into the field. #$#%& course. Approach control from south west via fields.
12. Trails to first east/west trail. Down, through green, not as bad as other green, across stream (about 2 ft deep). through marsh to unmapped mowed area. spend some time trying to figure out whats what. I didn't want to get lost on little trail system. Cut over to trail that was on the map and went to control.
13. +00:20Looking back I took bad route choice there. No problem getting to control, just longer.
14. Southern trail around green avoiding trail decisions. Trail through green across stream, Ken Walker Jr passes me. We catch JJ. I cut in sooner and got to control same time as Ken and JJ.
15. +01:00Followed JJ and Ken around on trail. They were running faster than I was. Cut into woods at trail bend, then got confused. I started following line from 10 to 9. Things weren't quite right but I kept going. Got lucky that Will came plowing down hill by control. I saw control and went to it.
16. +00:30Then started off wrong way as I was following the wrong line and Will had gone that way (see 13). Saw JJ, realized what I had done. Followed JJ and Will to control.
18. Did not check features en route
Not thinking clearly
Cut down to trail. Heard JJ scream when he hit thorns, Glad I wasn't following him. Flaked out near control and lost track of where I was. Pulled up short and wandered.
20. Bad map reading
Down stream, Did not see trail through green (Damn)
F. Tired and fustrated on run in.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:40

Split Analysis

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