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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig XI: Day 3 Red


1. Another conservative effort to get underway. Started a bit left of the line until I got to the top of the ridge, then the squiggly lines actually made sense.
2. Straight.
3. Fairly straight - slowing, but not stopping, to verify I was seeing what was mapped every 150m or so.
4. Followed the stream - hopping back and forth to opposite banks to keep a straighter line until I was confident it was time to angle to the right. I wanted to hit the road at the clearing, and did so. Picked up the trail briefly and had a good line the rest of the way.
5. Started a bit right and stepped on the fence just after crossing the first stream and followed the property boundry to the corner. Picked up parts of the trail to the next stream, then angled up the spur and wound up just a bit left of the 3 stakes showing the next corner of the property, giving me an easy line to the bag.
6. Fairly straight. The patch of dark green was visible, even though it didn't look too bad (at this time of year, anyway).
7. Angled to the ditch/stream junction, just right of the line, for another easy attack line.
8. +00:10Tried to angle slightly right to bounce off the dirt road, but ended up crossing at the line - stood in the road a bit verifying where I was.
9. Ran a bit left to take out some of the climb.
10. +10:00Going into C9, I wanted to check the best way out, so I unfolded the map and the line kept going, unfolded again, and still going, so I unfolded the whole thing. Ouch - I hadn't noticed this LONG leg. Took a drink at the control and took a look. Nothing really jumped out at me exccept the trail near the middle of the leg, so I figured I had to catch that. Started to the right, then aimed at the first pond and decided to go left of it. Crossed at a dam that pointed me to the edge of the "open" field, which was not so open. The rough open was unusable, so I cut into the woods and partly up the hillside. This area was slow going - mostly medium green compared to the other light green I had seen. Finally got to the ride, which was nasty and to the road, at which point I angled to the trail. Caught it off and on for a couple hundred meters, but then lost it. I thought I was right of it, but in hindsight, I must have been left, because when I got to the two ponds (and thought I was cutting thru the swamp left of the right pond), I ended up being left of both of them. Finally saw a building in the distance and thought it was the one near the line, but it was the one near the edge of the map. Stumbled on and off the trails towards 10 and ended up overshooting it, and had to come back up the hill. Lost time is a guess - need to see others' splits.
11. Straight.
12. Straight - seeing things clearly again.
13. A little zig zag action to avoid some climb to just right of the stream junction before the road, for an easy attack.
14. Aimed just a bit right so I could see the array of ditches.
15. Straight.
F. Not quick enough to match Nate's split.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:10

Split Analysis

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