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Race Evaluation

DVOA Frontier Festival: Blue - Day 1


1. +00:20Follow track from the start, then remember to check map for trail options. Too late swing across open field to road, past the house, down the open and in. A cadet is punching as I arrive. Given the zigzags I ran, heading straight to the road from the start would have been fastest route.
2. +04:30miss control slightly high, hit reentrant beyond, turn, miss it low, hit reentrant beyond, turn, miss it middle (I didn't think that was possible!). Down to marsh, relocate on thicket, back to same area where, as if by magic, a flag has appeared. The weirdest thing is that this whole process is carefully observed by my Klingon cadet.
3. Slow in green
4. Slow in green: getting sceptical about Eric Weyman's advice to take trail routes.
5. +01:30go for track not field - mistake - get stuck and spend a while looking for a place to cross the river.
6. Slight overshoot - haven't yet figured out that the open rides contain head high foliage.
7. +01:00Go to wrong clearing, slow and unpleasant to correct
8. +00:30Road, lose 30 secs getting round unmapped impassable dog.
9. +02:30Go through wrong col, confused by conventional orienteering leg and absence of thorns.
12. Waaaay left on big tracks to avoid all green.
14. Back via 12 and even further round route on big tracks (missed some little cut throughs). Not fast, but at least I get to see the scenery and to run. Actually, loking at the splits it was quite fast!
15. slow in green
16. slow in green
17. +01:20parallel error, check out another rentrant in the green.
18. +00:20Get my head down to run. Stop to extract large briar thorns from scalp. Proceed with caution
F. As the old chinese curse says: " May you run in interesting forests "

Total Time Lost - 00:12:00

Split Analysis

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