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Race Evaluation

OCIN A-meet (Night, Relay, Ultra-long): US_Ultralong_2012_8 Blue


1. Followed the road, trail and then strait to CP after sharp trail turn.
2. Direct shoot.
3. Left the hill on the right instead of the left as everybody else but it did not matter much as there was still several people in line for punching.
4. +02:00Got over over ridge , down to the lake, crossed the dried lake, reached u to the trail leading almost to the CP. Retrospectively, should have chosen the trail approaching the cp from right side as there were less climb involved.
5. +01:00Over the hilltop, crossed the re-entrant and climbed up but found myself in wrong re-entrant, corrected on a fly. Costed nor more than a minute.
6. +01:00Got down to the creek, followed it to the lake, then along the lake to the base of the correct hill, then short climb up to the CP. I'd rather taken shortcut to the road and followed it to the trail followed to the lake instead as creek floor was quit slow. Another minute lost.
7. Down to the lake, followed the share until the gulf and then up to the cP. No problem other than muddy steep slope up.
8. Up, following the ridge, trail to the left. Glass of water on the water stop. Then down to CP. No problem.
9. Climbed back the same way, crossed two re-entrants and got directly to CP.
10. Strait shoot
11. Left the re-entrant on the right, reached the trail, followed it to the road, all the way to the small trail near the CP.
12. Same way back to the road and followed it until the closest trail leading towards the CP.
13. Strait overall. Met Alex in and out of CP.
14. +01:00Followed Alex until the open field with the building where she ran straight and I've chosen to get left to the road. I was planning to use the road as an approach to the CP but I failed to read that actually the road is broken = no bridge. There were ways around but I just did not expect it so I lost may be close to minute hesitating.
15. Strait bearing to CP. Couple glasses of gatorate, some pretzels and banana at the feed station.
16. the longest traverse - the ma from end to end and no visible options - just road and trail.
17. Did not see any options other than going strait. That's all I did.
18. Strait to the trail on the edge of the drop and followed it to the last sharp turn and then directly to CP
19. Another strait shoot
20. Did not want to wonder in the green so after reaching the trail I followed it until saw the re-entrant then shoot to the CP.
21. +02:00The second longest traverse. Tried to stay strait after reaching the feed station by trail. Lost the disappearing trail half way through so found myself farther south on the traiy than i planning. Lost a couple minutes on that I think.
22. Got to the road and followed it until the last road intersection before CP.
23. strait shoot to CP
24. +03:00Pretty much strait and then followed the bottom of the creek which was very slow. I wish I selected the different path but I don'see any visible options other than climbing up earlier.
25. Bearing overall to the trail and shortly to the CP
26. Did not feel like going strait so I took the trail around the CP. The trail was not the best and muddy but not sure if going strait would be any faster as undergrowth looked slow crossible.
27. Strait using some kind of unmarked trail
F. Finish spurt. Done!!!!

Total Time Lost - 00:10:00

Split Analysis

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