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Race Evaluation

DVOA Frontier Festival: Blue - Day 1


1. +01:00Went to the right on the trail around the big field, then into the control just to the right of the purple line. I didn't make a mistake, I was just a wussy in the green today, stopping a lot when it got nasty.
2. +00:15Up reentrant, then swung left to control. Tentative in green.
3. +00:20Went a bit left and followed the spur down. Got hung up in some briars.
4. +00:30A bit right of straight. I had a big hesitation at the reentrant, because it looked funny to me, so I thought I might have drifted to the wrong place somehow.
5. Went left: clearing to vehicle track. Attacked from the West.
6. +00:20West to trail; N to first trail; left to vehicle track; cut through weedy ride to footpath; attacked from due South of 6. I drifted left and missed by 30-40 meters.
7. +02:00Took trail to the left of the line, came off at bend, then ran right past the clearing, because it didn't look very clear and I couldn't see the marker. Went West almost to trail, then overran in the other direction by 30-40 meters before coming back to it.
8. Went to the right of the tennis court, then changed my mind about my route and cut left around the East end of the curved outfield fence. Cut corner to the trail, then crossed to the left of the purple line, along the faint trial (maybe?) and up the reentrant to the control.
9. Wobbled a bit, but pretty straight to it.
10. Northish over hill to the trail, turned right on trial, then almost immediately left onto the little trail/ride just about all the way to the control.
11. Weaved ENE to the road, then NNE to the vehicle track just before the control, left to the small trail, then down the trail and off to the control. I think the best route would have been around to the left on the faint trail, then vehicle track.
12. +00:30Zig-zagged out of 11, then skirted green to the left. I crossed the stream to the right of the circle fence, hit the trail, and followed it to the control. I looked on the wrong side of the clearing before realizing that the control was on the tree. Also, I took some micro-route choices through slow vegetation when I should have gone a bit farther around.
13. +03:00I made a good plan on the map, but misread the trails on the ground and made two successive parallel errors before relocating and finding the control.
14. Far to the right, retracing part of my route from 11 to 12, but without the micro-route errors. Came down the trail past 5, then turned East, South, and West to the control.
15. +00:45Zig-zagged through the green and yellow and crossed the stream just SE of 10. I ran South to the big trail, up the hill, past the saddle, then pulled up short of the first, shallow reentrant and looked around a bit before cutting left to the control.
16. Swung wide right, then contoured in.
17. +00:10Ran fast out of 16, then went too far right, hesitated, then veered left to the control.
18. +00:45Left 17 to the North; the green was bad. I should have exited East. Stayed on the trail too long and attacked from the WNW.
19. East to small (hard-to-see) trail, then attacked control from the trail junction.
20. Down reentrant and on trails.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:35

Split Analysis

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