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Race Evaluation

DVOA Frontier Festival: Blue - Day 1


1. Around the field; did not have the balls to submerge myself into the bloodthirsty lifeforms quite yet.
2. Yes! Cincinnati style. I hear ze peeg crash through ze bush.
5. Around, left, field/trail.
6. Got stuck in a gap between blobs of green in the fields.
8. Bad map reading
Not thinking clearly
Disturbed by others
Only mistake of the day, under peculiar circumstances. Hear fire trucks, ambulance trucks over on Rt. 422; sounds like a dosen or more; there's also some visible smoke coming from ESE. Then it sounds like the county tornado alarm goes off. If it stays on for over a couple of minutes, I reason, that must be the big party at the 2.3 GW facility over in Limerick. I start thinking about what the first isotopes out would be, and what symptoms they'd tag along, and how to tell radiation-induced stomach cramps and vomiting from orienteering and redeye flight-induced stomach cramps and vomiting. In the meanwhile, I mistake the fat brown contour crossing the swamp for a trail, and spend some time running around the swamp looking for it.
9. Sirens slowly subside. Tornado alarm shuts up. Maybe the isotopes aren't on their way after all.
11. Went through all the crap, almost straight, following whatever elephant tracks available. Ended up attacking from the trail W of the control. It was probably OK timewise, but an unnecessary blood draw.
13. Very carefully, stopping at each junction and verifying the direction.
14. ZZ through the "World Cup Terrain" nominee present, cross the stream, a minute or so through the green, then trail over to the fields, attack from the fields. Eric super-simplified this one, going out to the L-shaped farmhouse NW of 12, and that may have been the thing to do.
15. Chase biggins on the trail up the hill, towards #17, then a 135 deg. and in using the logging trail for approach. Pushed it hard on all trail runs.
18. Using the most obvious trail, pushing quite hard. In through the marshy reentrant.
F. Pushed a bit but not very hard.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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