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Race Evaluation

DVOA Frontier Festival: Blue - Day 1


1. Bad route choice
Bad compass work
Unused to terrain
Around cultivated to right, then across field. Drifted right in the woods and stumbled across #3 on my way.
2. Low route.
3. Bad compass work
Now where was that #3? Drifted left and had to fight my way back trough the green.
4. Took a chance
Stopped to check another control that I (correctly) thought was too soon -- just in case. Ben (Vytenis) catches me.
5. Confused parallel features
Bad distance judgement
Field and trail, while Ben goes straight, and gets there at the same time (so my choice was better). We both take a few steps too many and leave the field one reentrant too far, and I actually find a control in there, but the code is wrong.
6. Almost straight.
7. Did not like map
Bad compass work
Get confused and tangled up getting out to the trail, but then it's no problem to get to... no control. Head west -- oops, too far. Back east... too far. Attack from the south, same place again, still nothing. Can I be in completely the wrong place? No, it's got to be here. See Ted Good cruise through, but I see no control. Finally crawl to the inside of a thicket and find the control inside a bush. I could have sworn that circle of dots meant "clearing".
8. Did not plan ahead
Run about 3/4 of the way around the soccer field, unable to make up my mind where I'm going. Crossing the marsh, Will Hawkins catches up and follows me into a briar patch, then when I step aside to let him play through, he goes off in search of a better way. I clamber through, and come into the control right behind Will and Ted Good.
10. Stayed a little left to avoid the green, and got ahead of Ted. Took the trail on the near side of the stream, and crossed right at the control.
11. See Ted coming across stream to the west of the control on my way out. Big trail to the west.
12. Read map too late
Zigzaggy route slightly left of the line. Try crossing green at the big stream loop, but have to back up and go farther north.
14. Hesitated
SW out of control for a big swing left of the line, then a big swing right. Lose a little bit planning this out, and on sorting out the little trail branches NW of the start.
15. Bad map reading
S to the trail junction, W on the trail, up reentrant and through saddle. Ken Walker passes me about the tine I leave the trail. I get too low after going through saddle and wind up in reentrant W of control. As I head up into the correct reentrant, I'm surprised to see Will tearing off to the west (heading in the direction of #9). As I get to the control, I see Ted leaving it, and inexplicably heading off after Will.
16. I ignore those guys and head for #16. Will catches up and passes me just before I arrive, and Ted is close behind.
18. I get a better line out of there than those two, despite hitting a bunch of thorns that makes me scream. Leave Ted behind, and get on the trail right behind Will, who disappears up ahead. Attacked down marshy reentrant, no prob.
20. Pass a couple of cadets...
F. ...who then open it up in the chute.

Total Time Lost - 00:15:15

Split Analysis

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