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Race Evaluation

BOK/US Team Umstead 007: Sunday: Green


1. +00:20Slowish start finding triangle on map
2. +00:20Slow trying to keep track of reentrants. Stayed R to avoid climb but may be better to go straight down reentrant and up.
3. +00:30Good running. Got to about where expected to see reentrant and nothing in terrain but slight dip behind some downed trees. Edged around first tree and found bag. Slight hesitation there.
4. Down to ride to road, cut second corner, road to just beyond downed trees, up past camp site and down.
5. Slightly L across spur, hang R up hill aorund green. As vague form line reentrant developed, head L past reentrant and see someone punch at second just behind tree. Ooo - mine.
6. +01:00Down reentrant, cross road to creek. fiddle around to find crossing point (what am I thinking! It's like summer here and I don't want to get wet or have to pack wet clothes on the airplane). Cross at rock and in
7. Straight, cross bridge, trail, up second reentrant around green and in.
8. Straight down spur.
9. Around spur and blowdowns. Then straight following track of Friday sprint leg.
10. +00:20Cross open, cross reentrant. Slow final bit in logs. Perhaps better to go wide R around green
11. Straight
12. +02:00Had decided at spectator control to go back across the bridge to avoid the delay of finding a crossing point at the other bridge/stream. Again didn't want wet feet! Wimp!!! Much faster thru camp to R bridge and around.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:30

Split Analysis

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