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Race Evaluation

2012 North American Orienteering Championships: Middle - BrownB


1. +01:00Up to the top of the hill, then parallel to the hill and on compass. Saw a bag ahead and right and got sucked off by it. Relocated off the small clearing that bag was in.
2. +02:00Having come to 1 from the wrong direction, I promptly left it at 180, turning back after about 10 seconds when I confirmed that I was heading S instead of N. saw the boulder along the way, but still drifted too right. Not reading vegetation at all efficiently. Stopped when I had gone far enough and went L to find it.
3. +01:00Crossed the trail and just by the L side of the big cliff, on compass, but somehow drifting too far left. Came to a cliff in front of me, so I knew I had to turn R. How did I get so far off?
4. R of line, past control in clearing, thinking I would see it or catch the small trail that would lead to it. Saw the bag, but not the trail. Ok.
5. R of line, until I saw the depression on my L, which led right to it.
6. Best leg, counting spurs as I crossed them, using vegetation in last reentrant and shape of last spur to hit it right on.
7. +03:00Inexplicable. For a guy who was trying to follow his compass, I sure drifted right. Thought I had come to the open area before the control, but it didn't turn out right, so pressed on and up before relocating at a control on a rootstock. Yikes!
8. +00:10Easy, although I spent a few seconds standing on top of the small cliff with the control, looking perplexedly at the larger cliff to my left
9. Another good leg. L of line through the saddle. Lined up the spur to climb from there. Checked off a rootstock along the way. A little worried about all the traffic going up the reentrant way to my right, and stayed a bit right myself to hit the wall.
10. Thought I was going pretty straight, but the track was wobblier. Missed it just left, but stopped Audi could see it. Saw Dave Pruden there.
11. Straight. Not fast, but no problem.
12. Straight. Saw flag before cliff
13. +00:30Stopped to look at an apparently unmapped reentrant on the way, but realized I needed to getup to the clearing.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:40

Split Analysis

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