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Race Evaluation

Rochester A-Meet: Blue Day 2


1. Prestart-start-track-campground-in
2. out-campground-track-start-prestart-string course - stream - in. Unsure of how the green would be, went for a safe route to have a look at the course.
3. Caught Tim Good - he wobbles a bit right and I nip in ahead.
4. Bad compass work
Followed by others
Tim behind, I return the compliment by wobbling left and he nips in.
5. Tree in thick woods, hmm, could be fun. Luckily there's a swarm of people there.
6. Left, cut to buildings, trail, depression, in.
7. reentrant, up to track which leads to control.
8. Straight. Green not too bad.
9. This is going well...
10. Did not like map
Confused parallel features
Could not relocate
Unused to map
Unused to terrain
Disaster! Totally unable to read map brown crosses beneath green stripes and blue stripes and brown stripes with black dashes and blue dashes. Printing doesn't seem too clear. Go to circle but distracted left by another control apparently on a rootstock beside the ditch, but seeming a bit short. Wrong code. Confused - was there something about double codes in the details? Cant find another number. Decide to follow ditch out towards next control as it should pass my control if its further on. But run up "trickle" instead (unfamiliar symbol - I thought it was a linear marsh). Nothing much fits until I start going uphill ... lose all confidence and turn back. Get to original rootstock control, still cant work it out, go to bridge and figure out colour of trail blazes. then follow to correct flag tucked behind one of many rootstocks. Grrr.
11. stream, spur, lots of orange tape.
12. What a big climb!
13. White, climb to trail, cross track. Vague bowl - nearly go past too high, but notice green at the last moment.
14. Aim off right and come in, miss slightly low. Flag too high?
15. Drop out of control, but still hit green quite high up.
16. Run straight over path and have to come round by lake.
F. Nice course - I thought it was a fair bit easier than (my wifes) RedY. In the cleaner woods my pace is now competitive: if only I could stop making these huge errors.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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