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Race Evaluation

NEOC: Blue Hills Traverse: Traverse


3. On this leg, I freaked out and feared that those I was following had already punched #3. I probably ran an extra 150 squishy meters.
4. Off the back of the train, now navigating by myself. Right, failed to notice the stream crossing, turned around at the wall, followed the stream South, crossed the stream, uphill to the path crossing. Duh.
5. To the road, encountering Bob Dangel, right at the trail fork, SW at the triple rocks and contoured over.
6. No problems getting to the circle, but spent a few minutes flailing around inside it, along with Bob, Terry Keegan, and others.
7. Straight, found it before Bob.
8. Went walkabout. Misread up for down on the map, lost contact. After punching, saw Barb Bryant leaving control.
9. Following Barb.
10. Barb went over the top, I went right, arriving at the table before her. I was pushing the pace, trying to catch sight of faster runners, but no one was in sight.
11. Followed Barb.
12. Mostly following Barb, but I think I took a more direct route in the circle and punched before her. Did not see her again, though she passed me soon after.
13. Trail SW, S of the swamp, jumped off the trail at the bend just NE of the circle. I think this control point has been used before.
14. Left 13 the wrong way, encoutering the EW trail expecting it to be the SE-NW one. At the jct, went NW, turned off the trail at the mostly linear boulder field.
15. N to trail, around swamp, got confused by the whoosh of Deb Humiston passing. Around the left of the swamp, slogged up the steep hill, found the flag with a little bobble in the circle.
16. Got distracted by a hiker, followed the trail steeply uphill heading east until my head cleared, turned around, went down to the trail W of the line. Attacked from the trail bend just outside the circle.
17. Right around pond. No one in sight in front, behind, or across the pond. Found the depression with no problems in an area I recall from prior years as extremely confusing.
18. Terrible route choice. Right through the open area, requiring slogging gently through briars, then around on trails to the N. Cut in atop the cliffs abutting the stream and in.
19. Trail SW to the gravel pile (yellow open), split the swamps, then the terrain didn't agree with the map. Attacked from the trail jct NE of circle.
20. Trail R, attacked from trail bend at edge of circle. Still seeing only the occasional runner.
21. Straight.
22. Had trouble on this leg. Jeff Saeger says the map is a bit dodgy here. Missed on a straight attack; missed attacking from the wall 100m S, finally succeeded attacking from the jct of the trail and stream N of the circle. Grr.
23. Around to the left on the trail, but I should have used the road, since my calves and soles were aching.
24. Across the ski slopes low, near the fence, below the water tower and in. Saw 2 others at the bag.
F. Downhill, but off the trail because of sore feet. Phew.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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