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Race Evaluation

NEOC: Blue Hills Traverse: Traverse


1. Caught near the back of the pack at the start, but it's just as well since running with the leaders doesn't work for me anymore.
4. When the unmapped portion of the small trail met the larger one, I quickly found the pack that was milling around. One person headed left right away but I still had no notion of which way the error had gone. Eventually found the mapped trail junction which led easily to the control.
5. WSW to the second trail, across the road, then up and left around the hilltop. Left the trail and headed SSW between the two tiers of cliffs. It worked fine until I cut left too soon and found myself at an uncomfortably tall and steep ledge, with no view of the spur/knoll containing the control. I had turned left too soon. Made a rightward adjustment and wended my way slowly down the rocky slope to find it.
6. West on the trail to avoid the marsh, the green, and the rocky ground, then south to pick up trails leading to the control.
8. Cliffs ahead pushed me left of the line. Got up the hill and almost compensated enough. Might have missed the control except that I saw orange marker to the right, which turned out to be the jacket of an orienteer about to descend to the true control.
9. Took the trail leading northwest toward the control. As it turned out, going north to that trail I encountered hills large enough to push me left and it took a long time to reach the trail. Happy with the choice nevertheless.
10. On trails to the right the whole way. I was just behind Dan Westerberg leaving the control. He cut off the trail to go over the hill. I stopped for a minute to tie a shoelace, and reached control 10 just after him.
11. Dan went straight. I approached from the trail. He got ahead of me.
12. Dan was on a line left of mine. I gained a little time on him.
13. Not with Dan, I used the larger trails, going around the marsh to the right. Discovered the little trail leading to the control, which I had not seen on the map.
14. I got too far to the right and hesitated short of the control. Dan caught up with me and we reached the control together.
15. Dan went straight. I used the trails by the marsh. He got ahead.
16. I strayed from my competitive agenda and went up to the trail right of the line. It's one of my favorite little sections in Blue Hills. Dan stayed ahead of me, and I reached the control at the same time as Erin, Tora, and Tracy Olafsen.
17. Left of the line and took the road. Erin led her group along the left side of the pond. Approaching the control she was a few seconds ahead, which helped me.I arrived with the rest of her group.
18. Northwest to the road and got on the lower trail behind Dan. Met Terry Keegan who had bailed out and was walking to the finish. Then up the hill on the trail behind Dan. I cut over to the clearing and in. Leaving the control, saw Dan who had gone around and hadn't punched yet.
19. West to the lower trail, through the quarry to the trail to its west, and then followed that trail farther than planned, so as to approach the control from the southeast.
20. Right on trail.
21. Dan is catching up with me.
22. Dan is with me.
23. Dan and I both set out to go right around Great Blue Hill, but he followed the larger trail when it turned left up the hill while I stayed straight to the stream. There I cut NNW to the trail which leads around. A little section of hill road was followed by a submerged flat road (soaking my socks and making my feet cold). Then followed the ski slopes to the trail and in. The Olafsens had just punched. Perhaps they had gone around to the left. On my way out I saw Dan and tried to hold on to some speed, although my legs were feeling crampy.
24. Followed the Olafsens, who gradually pulled away from me.
F. Soon after I finished, came Adam Rudner with his dog, and then Dan Westerberg. Adam had gained time on us while going over the top of Great Blue Hill.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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