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Race Evaluation

Batona 500, Day 2: Blue


4. Pulled to the right by the control on the little hill, but didn't lose much time. Caught by one of the fast guys here.
5. NE to the ditch, then attacked from the junction. Fast guy, who went straighter, arrived just after me.
6. Followed the northern ditch around, but missed the final junction, and I knew I had gone a bit too far. Headed into the inscrutable vegetation without a solid attack, and wound up at the road. Found it on the way back in. John Fredrickson just ahead.
7. John in sight as far as the control.
8. Almost a fine leg, but instead a minor disaster. Took the ditch/trail past #1, and cut off to the left at the right point to pick up another trail leading directly to the control. But... I somehow hit the road. And... there was a control in a depression. And... nothing made sense. Took several moments to realize that I had picked up the wrong trail after I cut into the woods, and had followed it N instead of W, and I was at the other paved road! Easy route from there, following ditch/trail, but I sure felt dumb.
10. Hesitated on the zigs and zags, not thinking clearly.
11. Drifted slighly to the left, and lost track of where I was. Knew from the contours that something was amiss, but I had to stand still for a bit to figure out that I was about 200, SE of the control. Saw Mary Jones up ahead of me in the reentrant as I approached the control.
13. Got to the rootstocks okay, but had to do a complete lap to get to the control. At one point I could see it through the branches, but couldn't get to it. I suppose if I had read the description more carefully, I could have figured it out more quickly, but it was hard to figure out what was what in the tangle of fallen stuff. Jon Torrance was standing there just out of sight of the control when I finally ducked in and got it.
14. Not sure whether JT did the zigs and zags, but he did turn left on the first trail. I decided that I wouldn't be moving fast enough on the trails to justify it, so I pretty much went straight. JT was coming back out to the trail when I headed in for the control.
15. I think there was more vegetation stuff going on in here than the map showed. For some reason I remember that I was looking at the area n the map about 700 m south of where I actually was. No matter, just run to the trail and turn right. Snookered at the end by a trim course control.
17. SW on the trail to get around the medium green. Clam passed me as we reached the big reentrant.
18. Clem puling away.
21. Paused just before the control, and Clam caught up (where had he been?).
23. Planned to follow the ditch, then realized it was actually a vegetation boundary. No matter.
24. Straight at it, spike. Had no idea that this was the some control as #11.
25. Curled around to the left to try and stay in white woods.
28. Went straight at this, and outsmarted myself. As I came up on #24, recognized it, but ddn't realize it was #24, I recognized it as #11, since I had come at it from the same angle on that leg. But since I didn't realize they were the same, and since I didn't bother to turn over the map, I assumed that I was in the next reentrant to the south. That made my approach to #28 not work, because I was about 125m NE of where I thought I was. Confused when I got close, and I had to go N to relocate.
29. Drifted left, and was moving to fast to read the map properly. Wound up following the finish chute back to the control.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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