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Race Evaluation

NEOC Great Brook Farm: Green


1. +00:10Went south around the field, took the small trail over to the road, then ran along the N side of the ridge to the corner of the stone wall before carefully checking the location of the control. Turned to my right and there it was. Lost some time in the circle.
2. Took the trail to the left.
3. +00:20Compass. Ended up just E of the control when I saw the boulders. Spent a few seconds looking for the punch, which appeared to not be anywhere.
4. +01:00Went straight and lined myself up on the stone wall. When I got over the ridge I was very surprised to not see the control. I ran S along the ridge, to the trail, cursed, turned around, saw the control hanging a few inches off the ground under some bushes or something, cursed again, and continued.
5. Went straight out to the trail.
6. +00:30Went right around the water. When I crossed over the marsh, there was a labelled trail that wasn't on the map. Since it was labelled, I figured I'd give it a shot, but it sort of ended at the end of the marsh or so, so I cut across the marsh to the trail going NE. Probably not the best contingency plan.
7. Drifted left off my line, ended up going to the left around the boulder SE of the control. Took a couple seconds to read the contours and make sure of where I was. Since the plan for this race was to be very careful in the detailed sections, those seconds were spent exactly according to plan, so I count it as no loss of time, even though in this case I could have just blasted away and not gotten lost.
8. +00:05Went along the trail and cut in at the stone wall. My exit from #7 control could have been better. Need to look ahead to the next control.
9. +01:00Did a 180 but hit the trail NW of 8 and then just ran out to the road. Ran along the road all the way to the trail 100m past the parking lot. Took the trail to within 100m of the control.
10. Drifted left again! I drifted left on 5 separate bearings in this race.
11. Went E around the marsh. Followed the stone wall into the control.
12. +00:20Well, I guess I didn't drift too far left on this one, but I really lost time when I saw a bunch of stuff in the depression just S of the control. It looked like a car at first, which really threw me, but it was apparently just a collection of lawn chairs all set up, but with nobody around (...?)
13. Ran along the clear cut, then ducked in at the trail, which was a little confusing, but I read the rock and stone wall correctly, so it was no problem.
14. +00:30Drifted left again, hit the trail due S of 13, then corrected. Really confusing contours in here.
15. Probably could have gone W of all the rock features and saved some time climbing along the side of the hill, but I went more or less straight and read all the features.
16. Took the N trail pretty much straight to the control.
17. Straight.
F. I was pretty pleased with the race. My plan was to go slowly and deliberately through the green areas, and that's what I did, slowing down as much as necessary to read the map. I also focused on taking the easy route choice and being confident in it, rather than tossing up over route choices, which always seems to result in disaster (I usually pick the riskier one and blow it).

Total Time Lost - 00:03:55

Split Analysis

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