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Race Evaluation

QOC Summer Short Series Sprints: Sprint 1


1. +00:10Initially, I decided to use the trail. I zig-zagged to it as I thought about where the trail actaully started. By the time I went in, I almost ran past it. The course line partly obscured a contour for the spur and it seemed like the second spur was bigger than it was.
2. +00:30I ran off straight and ended up cutting left to the trail. This took me unnecessarily over the first hill. I paused as the trail curved away then ran over a second hill only to drop too early and have to come around into the reentrant.
3. Going straight, I hit the trails near the intersections. I could see the small hill rising. The formline contour dashes were so close together that I thought the hill would be bigger with two contours. I cut off to it anyway.
4. +00:05I ran straight and drifted left only a little at the first set of trail crossings. By the next trail crossing, I had drifted left enough to be at the intersection west of the small clearing. I cut right on the second trail at that point to get back on target. Leaving from the bend, I spiked the reentrant with the control but paused a second not seeing it. A few more steps and I saw the side reentrant it was hiding in.
5. I used the trail and noted from the start of an elephant path through the prickly pear cactus, that other had done this too. The Sand Barrens weren't too detailed here so I found it w/o much trouble.
6. I went straightish coming off the field edge SW of the control for an attack point. The medium green wasn't that bad and I spiked it.
7. I chose to go out to the trail again and came in off the clearing with the trail bend ahead of me.
8. I ran straight, using the edge of the green to navigate. It was an easy control so I dropped right into the big reentrant.
9. I ran out through the reentrant. Instead of using the trail, I kept straight. It seemed I was so close to it that it might have been better to stay on the trail and use the intersection. Cutting right on the next trail a little then crossing it, I dropped onto the ride and stayed on it past where it stops on the map. Combined with the reentrant, it lead me straight there.
10. I ran straight to the curving trail around the Pine Barrens, then attacked from a separation of green in the Pine Barrens. I dropped right into the reentrant with the distinct tree and was looking for the stream junction when I saw the control just on my right.
F. Up to the unmapped ride (except for the squared contour) and in.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:45

Split Analysis

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