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Split Analysis

Hudson Highlander X:


median leg score: 67.1
calculated time lost: 42:44 (+13.0%)

splitcumulative total
#disttimeplacedeltascorelost*pace  dist  timeplacedeltapace comments
1. 2100m 15:46 10 +2:06 15% 87.0 7:30   2100m 15:46 10 +2:06 15% 7:30 Came into this event in reasonable shape, the only hitch being that I developed a nasty back spasm a couple of days ago near my left shoulder blade, which has been bothering me since, but I didn't expect that it would cause much of a problem with orienteering, particularly if I took something to cut down the pain. Started off by misreading the event info, and thought that the 15-minute walk to the start would leave at 8:45, but it actually said 8:30. (We had arrived a little later than we planned, probably because I wasn't driving fast enough.) This was combined with the fact that my car got stolen (by the KotM timing crew) just after we arrived, so I was left in the middle of the parking lot with a pile of luggage, scrambling to get ready. Suited up as quickly as I could (and forgot to take the aspirin), and headed off in pursuit of the crowd, but nobody at the finish really knew where they had gone, and the route wasn't marked. Got up behind the building, and stopped to listen, but couldn't hear a thing. Thought that odds were pretty good that I'd have to wait until Paul came back, and start late, but I spotted what looked like an O-shoe footprint, and went into Iroquois tracker mode. Found a few more prints here and there, and finally got to where I could hear Paul's distinctive voice in the distance. Arrived with a couple of minutes to spare. First leg route was pretty obvious, just went along with the crowd. Briefly paused to consider going the other way at the last trail junction, but decided there was nothing to be gained by that other than some extra laurel-bashing.
2. 1250m 10:58 12 +2:38 32% 78.3 8:46   3350m 26:44 11 +4:42 21% 7:58 Down to the road about where the power line hits it, left the road at its highest point, while Jeff Saeger and some others continued along it further. Read my way in fine and arrived with Jeff.
3. 300m 3:27 16 +1:38 90% 53.6 41 11:30   3650m 30:11 9 +5:41 23% 8:16 With Vadim, and I got a hair to the right and went a few steps too far. Turned around to see Vadim coming out of the control and pointing back behind him.
4. 775m 10:36 20 +5:29 107% 51.8 2:00 2:25 13:40   4425m 40:47 17 +11:10 38% 9:12 Gave the same helpful gesture to Jeff Saeger and another guy, and then I was on my own. Everything was going fine, but I got on the stone walls NW of the control and mistook them for the ones to the SE. Overshot by a bit, wondered why I hadn't hit the perpendicular wall, then realized I should be up on the hillside, and looked back to see the wall in question. Came into it from the west, and suddenly hordes of people descended upon it.
5. 790m 10:27 8 +2:30 31% 80.6 13:13   5215m 51:14 13 +13:38 36% 9:49 Waited a little bit before taking off, and had a good crowd to follow. Went a bit further right than most of them, up a spur, then left on the faint trail for a short way, and on up to the control.
6. 785m 7:07 11 +1:47 33% 75.9 9:03   6000m 58:21 12 +14:39 34% 9:43 Joe Brautigam was just ahead of me, and said "Trail run!" as he headed left. I went straight, which wasn't bad, although I should have stayed right of the hill to avoid the rocky stuff at its foot, next to the marsh. There's also a big ol' trail on the NE side of that hill that's not on the map, which would have been really useful to know about. But I arrived a couple of steps behind Joe, so it was a wash.
7. 400m 5:06 11 +2:06 70% 71.7 12:45   6400m 1:03:27 12 +15:58 34% 9:54 Had Joe and Jeff Saeger (and some others?) in sight up ahead, but I went too far right halfway there and got into the bare rock area. Figured that out pretty quick, dropped off a cliff, and spotted the cliff just as Joe and Jeff were leaving. Could hear Viktoria and some others behind me.
8. 500m 5:14 9 +1:00 24% 83.1 10:28   6900m 1:08:41 12 +16:38 32% 9:57 Through the ick, up through the saddle, spike.
9. 310m 2:02 6 +21 21% 90.4 6:33   7210m 1:10:43 12 +16:45 31% 9:48 Probably the dumbest, most beautiful leg I've ever run.
10. 3700m 31:50 9 +6:38 26% 80.4 8:36   10910m 1:42:33 11 +21:56 27% 9:23 Trail run, no hurry, no sense in wearing myself out. Ross and Patrick arrived and took off at high speed while I was eating some goop, and a couple of cadets were near me but disappeared into the distance up ahead. Steve Fleisig came up behind me, and when I could see other folks making a hard right just before Parker Cabin Mountain, I cut the corner and he followed. Turned around at the top and got a great view. Steve got ahead, and he almost missed the final left-hand turn, but I saw the streamers and called him back.
11. 540m 8:39 6 +3:32 69% 71.0 16:01   11450m 1:51:12 11 +25:28 30% 9:42 Stayed at the road crossing for about 4 minutes, drinking sports drink. Had decided ahead of time that the best move on Surebridge would be to go deliberately and carefully, and when I got a look at the map, it was clear that would be a smart idea. This map is so hard to read, and it's a sobering thought to realize that the first people to orienteer on it in 1993 weren't running on a nice sunny day like we had, but a completely overcast and rainy one. No trouble with the leg, cruised up just to the right of the line and spiked it.
12. 295m 24:44 18 +22:28 991% 9.3 20:00 21:18 1:23:50   11745m 2:15:56 15 +42:14 45% 11:34 My undoing. Picked a good route, and started off executing it nicely. Intially checked off features no problem, then got a little concerned when I didn't come to the trail as soon as I expected, and started wondering whether I might have missed it. But then I found the trail, saw that I was exactly where I intended, and life was good. Cruised down next to a cliff, made a left up into a reentrant, and spotted the hill that I was looking for. Saw Jeff Saeger descending a cliff to my left, and thought, ah, I've gotten ahead of him somehow. Went up to the control to punch, found the next empty box, and though, huh, I was expecting MV, why is this WR? Faint punch in the previous box? Did I punch in the wrong place? Take a look at the map, and... AHHHH! DOH! DOH DOH DOH DOH DOH! No wonder that leg seemed weird in the middle! I haven't seen to #11 yet! This is #12! Well, suck it up, nothing to do at this point but go back to #11, even though it's a nasty leg. Rather than going back out the way I had come in, which would have been good, I had this notion that I needed a route that was somewhat north of that, and since the cliff that Jeff had just come down looked unpleasant, I went further right (facing west), and actually went due north up the reentrant a little way before turning left. This was a fine, fine route that took me through a bunch of green, across a marsh, and then up some steep bare rock. Spotted somebody up ahead running along in a weird direction, and then realized that she was not an orienteer, but just somebody running on what appears to be a rerouting of the R-D trail. Came across the ridge in terrain that was very familiar from my mapping days, and had no problem finding the control. And when I got there, I saw that the punch had no pins in it. So if I had just continued on from #12, nobody would have been the wiser... Glen Brake and Dave Levine were coming out as I arrived, and as I was leaving Sam Levitin and Sharon Crawford showed up. Yep, that was a costly error.
13. 540m 7:02 3 +35 9% 95.8 13:01   12285m 2:22:58 14 +41:18 41% 11:38 This was certainly easy on the second try, barely had to look at my map. Caught Glen and Dave and dragged them along, and also caught up with Jeremy Colgan shortly before the control. Unfortunately, this whole experience pretty much deflated me, and the rest of the course was mostly walking. I was concerned because I was pretty tired, and figured I wasn't even quite halfway done yet.
14. 420m 6:53 11 +2:12 47% 70.9 16:23   12705m 2:29:51 15 +50:39 51% 11:47 Spike. Jeremy seemed impressed.
15. 650m 8:26 10 +2:49 50% 68.4 12:58   13355m 2:38:17 15 +53:09 51% 11:51 Spike again. Glen and Dave had dropped back by this point, I think.
16. 915m 14:20 14 +5:26 61% 67.1 15:39   14270m 2:52:37 15 +56:59 49% 12:05 Not too perky in here, and I kind of wondered why Jeremy (now ahead of me) left the trail when he did, but then I realized that we had gone farther than I had thought (we were at the marsh NW of the control). I probably would have woken up and realized that on my own, but who knows.
17. 1100m 19:43 15 +9:09 87% 57.2 2:55 17:55   15370m 3:12:20 14 +1:02:35 48% 12:30 When I got to the control, Jeremy, who had been right in front of me, was gone. Vanished. Poof. Had no idea where he could be. I went up the reentrant to the little trail, to the big trail, and headed up toward Pine Swamp. Pafi and Viktoria were coming the other way (walking), looking rather tired. When I got about to the place where I need to leave the trail to cross between Pine and Swamp, I saw Steve Olafsen and Jeff standing still on the trail discussing where they were going to go. Then as I left the trail, Jeremy caught up, saying something about a bad route choice. He was worried about getting through the swamp, but I told him to trust me, and it went very smoothly. Got a little low to the left on the approach, and had to stop and think -- I was on the bare rock smudge NW of the control. Jeremy headed uphill, but I spotted the two boulders to the SE, realized where I was, and went to the control. Saw Glen Tryson leaving, though it looked like he was coming from someplace strange.
18. 2600m 47:45 14 +20:28 75% 60.1 5:01 18:21   17970m 4:00:05 14 +1:23:03 53% 13:21 Jeremy arrived right after me, then Karl Ahlswede. I paused to eat some goop, and we discussed route choice. Saw Sharon coming, and headed out. NW, nicked the end of Pine Swamp, then hit the trail and headed for Times Square. Took a left shortly after Times Square, followed the trail until we turned left through a big saddle, and then Jeremy sped up. Karl and I were together past the marsh, then we took the trail until it left the cliffs, and we continued along the base of the hill. He went all the way around the end, but I took a shortcut up a reentrant. I had been having some twinges that suggested cramps coming on, but when I got to the top of the reentrant, the hamstrings in both legs went nutso at the same time. Tried to figure out how to stretch them out, and when they quieted down, I started moving again, but without bending my knees, for fear that they'd cramp again. Tough to move through this terrain without bending your knees, and I was thinking that it would take a mighty long time to finish the Highlander hobbling like this. Came down the cliffs from the east just in time to see Karl arriving at the control. The punch was off the string when I got there, so I tied it back on -- after all, it was the JJC control, and we have to maintain some pride.
19. 1275m 22:07 10 +8:33 63% 68.8 17:20   19245m 4:22:12 12 +1:31:36 54% 13:37 Headed out after Karl, and we caught Jeremy at the trail. Jeremy said that he had spotted Bernie up ahead, and when Bernie saw him, he took off at a run. Pretty good for a guy who did a 12-hour AR the day before, I figured. Real tough to read the map through here, but I picked the right spot to leave the trail and spiked the control. Phil Bricker came in from the other way at the same time, and Jeremy soon after.
20. 1230m 17:19 13 +6:29 60% 67.1 14:04   20475m 4:39:31 14 +1:38:05 54% 13:39 Phil suggested the road, and although I remembered the last part before the bend as being wickedly steep, I agreed that it made sense. Hit the road halfway along the leg, passing just to the left of the marsh. But when we got to the road, I couldn't even get myself to jog, so It's hard to say whether it was worth it. And the last part was as steep as I had remembered.
21. 1200m 17:20 17 +10:08 141% 47.4 5:05 14:26   21675m 4:56:51 13 +1:48:13 57% 13:41 So there were a bunch of guys sitting around eating, drinking, and moaning at the water stop when I got there. Stayed for about 5 minutes, finishing my sports drink, and ate a couple of cookies, which seemed to not be such a helpful idea. Finally took off in a gang of four (with Bernie, Jeff, and Phil) when we saw Sharon coming. Walked the trail, but Jeff wound up dropping back.
22. 650m 12:56 14 +5:27 73% 60.1 1:21 19:53   22325m 5:09:47 13 +1:53:40 58% 13:52 Along the left flank of the hill, we caught Steve Olafsen, and hesitated for a moment at the trickle east of the control. When we climbed up to the cliff, Sharon was coming out, running, with a big smile on her face. Apparently she spent zero time at the road crossing, and took a much higher line on this leg, which allowed her to get past us.
23. 555m 13:17 10 +4:52 58% 65.3 23:56   22880m 5:23:04 11 +1:38:55 44% 14:07 Steve took off after Sharon, but the rest of us didn't have enough energy to give chase. Down to the road, turned left, and cut off the last hairpin to come up by the field (Steve, up ahead, went straighter.) From the field, contoured around to the left. Thick blueberries crossing the power line put me back into massive cramp mode, and I had to stand still for a bit to stretch out my hamstrings. Phil was wondering where the control was; I knew, but couldn't move to get there.
24. 380m 4:14 9 +1:27 52% 68.0 11:08   23260m 5:27:18 13 +1:59:25 57% 14:04 Phil went kind of straight, I went right and passed north of the building. Bernie was on my tail jogging across the parking lot, and Phil arrived shortly after. Saw that Peggy was done, and saw David Onkst reach the finish while I was drinking water.
25. 890m 16:04 13 +7:07 80% 61.5 1:20 18:03   24150m 5:43:22 12 +1:45:23 44% 14:13 As we headed across the beach, I heard Paul Bennett loudly comment that he had never seen me move so slowly, so I flipped him off. Stayed on the lakeshore until it started getting ugly (just before the first knoll), then crossed the power line, though Bernie was concerned that it was too early. Read the features just fine, got to the marsh just before the control circle, and headed up the reentrant, while Phil started going SW. Bernie asked why I was going so high, and I told him that the control was right up ahead. Phil came back, and as we got to the flag, Steve Olafsen arrived from another direction, looking like he had been hunting for a while.
26. 440m 11:07 18 +5:36 102% 58.5 1:26 25:15   24590m 5:54:29 14 +2:11:09 59% 14:24 Feeling at my worst. Stomach starting to cramp up, legs twitching, barely able to shuffle along. Phil and Steve disappeared up ahead, while Bernie staggered along behind me. Spike.
27. 430m 8:20 15 +3:47 83% 57.5 1:12 19:22   25020m 6:02:49 14 +2:14:41 59% 14:30 About halfway along, Charlie came up from behind, looking more chipper than Bernie and me. Just as he passed, I got bad hamstring cramps again and had to stop briefly.
28. 425m 6:29 13 +2:39 69% 63.1 15:15   25445m 6:09:18 14 +2:16:56 59% 14:30 Downhill was merciful, but this is where Bernie started really screaming out in pain due to cramps. We got through the green okay, and Bernie was concerned that Charlie was unnecessarily going to take us up over a ridge just before the control (he was actually just maneuvering around the evil stony ground). Reached the control just after Charlie.
29. 350m 2:43 13 +1:13 81% 56.9 7:45   25795m 6:12:01 15 +2:17:35 59% 14:25 Probably could have come up with a little more energy and given chase to Charlie, but it seemed more congenial to finish with Bernie, since we had been together for the entire last loop. A painful Highlander, but another successful one. Don't know why I fell apart so badly, no excuse. Although now, Monday afternoon, the back spasm is worse than ever, and I have to be very careful how I move.

* red = reported, gray = calculated

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