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Training Log: rcro

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Walking1 2:45:00 9.94(16:36) 16.0(10:19) 250
  Orienteering - Urban2 1:41:38 10.9(9:20) 17.54(5:48) 195
  Running2 1:08:52 8.33(8:16) 13.4(5:08) 150
  Total5 5:35:30 29.17(11:30) 46.94(7:09) 595
averages - sleep:6.9

Wednesday May 25 #

6 PM

Orienteering - Urban (Llanishen) 46:12 [3] 7.72 km (5:59 / km) +80m 5:41 / km
slept:6.0 (sick) shoes: Nike Pegasus 38

Generally a bit better than yesterday, but overall time is masking things a bit as 4th overall doesn’t sound too bad.

Small park that I don’t know very well. Tight legs took a long time to loosen so particularly slow on the early fast run bits across grass - but caught back time on 6 by using the map to help me. Those I’d caught disappeared into the distance when it became about running again!

Caught Mark at 8 and then followed him the long way around the pub to 9 as assumed he’d turned down the path I wanted. On my own for 10 - came in from left and was cautious as map didn’t look very reliable. Very slow in this bit to check if paths I was following looked like mapped ones or unmapped. Found what I thought to be the right place but no flag. Assumed 0 chance of relocating, and no certainty control hadn’t been stolen to moved on for next control and found the flag on the way.

Mark caught me up at 10 and overtook me partway through this leg. I’d planned to bail out to road to south but overshot turning as of course 10 was further east, and in hindsight one of the paths I’d planned to take was actually a contour. Seemed to get in my head I would still go south to approach control from same direction as intended, and followed Mark for 100m before remembering I had a B route around roads to north. Backtracked and took this as still quicker than carrying on.

Hesitant after 11 as Mark went off in one direction, looked at map and thought it was reasonable and started off, then again remembered I’d already planned a different route that was shorter.

Quite a lot of running back to the park which I managed, but glad it was not any further. Played it very safe with routes at the end, longer and slower than straight, but no risk and seemed to work out in the end.

Enjoyed this, much more so than Llandaf Fields which was too fast and long. I had good plans for all legs but mind distracted (understandably?) so poor execution cost me at least a minute.

Tuesday May 24 #

5 PM

Running 26:33 [3] 5.07 km (5:14 / km) +75m 4:53 / km
slept:6.5 (sick) shoes: Nike Pegasus 38

Feeling pretty bad today so little point going over to a far away MDC run if only able to walk. Managed 5k on the roads keeping fairly flat - but flagging significantly for the last 3k.

Monday May 23 #

Walking 2:45:00 [3] 16.0 km (10:19 / km) +250m 9:34 / km
(sick) shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 23 LBlue

Walking to hospital, supermarket, Mark and Alice's - where the rain just about held off. Bonus untimed 37 minute wait on hold to GP away from traffic noise in High Cross before giving up and walking home. Productive day off but feeling pretty tired now.

Sunday May 22 #

10 AM

Orienteering - Urban 55:26 [4] 9.82 km (5:39 / km) +115m 5:20 / km
slept:7.0 (sick) shoes: Nike Pegasus 38

Bit of a funny one this. Local knowledge helped somewhat but found the map unclear, misleading, arguably incorrect at times, and a few times thought the best route was to go off the map. Not that any of this really mattered as achievement in itself was running the whole course and finishing in time to be at the first track race in Hereford by 12.30…

1-2. Sorely tempted to go off the map here as think it’s marginally shorter if cutting the corner, and all downhill with as goes through bridge rather than over embankment.
6-7 spotted from map no access from east as very thin olive green (recall it’s a 4ft high wooden fence…) so stayed south of the school and came in at the end.
7-8 off the map would have been more interesting, if slightly longer, suspect no slower.
11-12 west past Lidl/Aldi looked shorter but map suggested having to do the full zigzag ramp so stuck to roads. Looking more closely there are steps but doubt either the steps or path are at minimum dimensions!
13-14 went down a dead end that was mapped as a continuous path but blocked by badly printed wall alongside road at far end (never noticed this until looking now). It was blocked off by locked gate half way, with wall of brambles beyond - mapping as path for whole distance, and without “wall” on other side fully and clearly closing it, was a little misleading and cost me what felt like a lot of time when I was starting to tire significantly.
16-17 looked like an interesting leg and spent a while working out all the options before concluding nothing was better than the obvious along the canal.
17-18 turned into unmapped underpass approx 10m before mapped one.
18-19 turned into unmapped underpass approx 10m before mapped one.

So, could do better all round :-)

Enjoyed it all the same, so noting the above took them in the spirit that I’m only out to have fun and it’s all part of the game!

Physical afternoon at the track lugging hurdles and steeple chase jumps around single handed with two bad shoulders. Did have to fish someone out of the water after a spectacular somersault (to much ridicule from his club who filmed it) - made him to go the first aider post race and be disinfected as back and arm all grazed and lots of greenery in the water.

Saturday May 21 #

1 PM

Running 42:19 [3] 8.33 km (5:05 / km) +75m 4:52 / km
slept:8.0 (sick) shoes: Nike Pegasus 38

Didn’t feel right for Parkrun so stayed in. Took a while to decide where was cheap and interesting enough to go to before settling on Penarth.

Made the route up a bit - coast path, some road, into Cosmeston although appeared to miss most of it - not very well signed from inside it seems, then trying to cut through the houses but didn’t recognise crossing the bit of road I drove in on so ended up parallel and overshooting the car park. Pretty tired by the end so a bit too far and too fast for now.

Walked into town after. Nice topiary, budgies and canaries in Alexandra Park.

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