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In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Walking4 4:19:39 9.45(27:29) 15.21(17:04) 120
  Orienteering1 1:09:27 2.79(24:54) 4.49(15:28) 599 /13c69%
  Total5 5:29:06 12.24(26:53) 19.7(16:42) 1799 /13c69%

Sunday May 22 #

10 AM

Orienteering race 1:09:27 [3] 2.79 mi (24:54 / mi) +59m 23:21 / mi

NRE meet at Great Brook Farm SP, temp to mid-90s. Started late morning, brown course, 3.6k, 13c. Accuracy was satisfactory. Got thru the first 8 w/o much loss, guess 30".

#9 maybe getting on to a minute - seemed an un-mapped trail that threw me off tho I was right about where I expected to be.

#10 maybe another 30", loss of map contact that should not have happened. In one sense, I relocated by spotting a big cliff nearly 50m south that said "don't come this way", so a heads up.

#11 some indecision and finally went around on trails -- the indecision cost maybe 45" - going into woods, looking at a wall and path I could not find and going back to the field, as in "stop thinking, stay the path!".

#12 went a bit beyond and to the north, looked to my right and fortunately saw it about 25m away.

A long run in (440m) - went around the pond, over the north end which may have been slower. Peggy D was right behind on the road, went the other way and finished ahead but she did the course 20' faster anyway. Total guess for mistakes/hesitations/indecisiveness, 3'. All in all, pleased with the 'run'.

Fun as well as hot day. Nice to see old faces. Missed Hans B if he came. Drove along Curve and by 251 Fiske, home 40 years ago, in leaving via 27 to Chelmsford.
5 PM

Walking 39:40 [1] 1.31 mi (30:15 / mi) +3m 30:02 / mi

5:30 pm DP. Didn't think we'd get as much as a mile after orienteering earlier. But attractive woods kept calling even as mosquitoes kept biting.

Friday May 20 #

9 AM

Walking 59:10 [2] 2.33 mi (25:24 / mi) +27m 24:31 / mi

DP for W and then a mile on the track, walk 100m, jog 100m etc., lap cool down. Early enough to be cool. Good to do it again. Older guy diagonally mowing the infield, zipping back & forth, came right at me once, close two other times but didn't get off the grass.

Thursday May 19 #


May 19 annual Concord Hospital Rock & Race for cancer. I went to a vantage opposite the NHH entrance to watch some of it. Got there just as early runners passed by. Light rain, low 50s. Was impressed with how many runners, joggers and walkers there were - they just kept coming. Recognized only one runner whom I saw on the road every day about same time years ago. I stopped twice in spirit of fellow runners and honked numerous. He worked the night shift at the Concord post office. I recall one of the earlier R&R races - start in front of the state house. It was about 55, also light rain and we were kept waiting close to 30' for Governor John Lynch to show up to start the race.

Wednesday May 18 #

12 PM

Walking 1:23:01 [1] 2.77 mi (29:58 / mi) +28m 29:03 / mi

From end of Br. Londonderry Tkpe. Took a path thru 'no trespassing' property - it came out on Rookery near the beaver pond as I expected - nice path for most of it. Later numerous eskers (maybe) under big hemlocks with open woods - along an unnamed trail off Rookery. Decided to get back to my start area thru woods w/o trail. Did come upon one trail which wasn't useful. The second took me back to the trail I needed. W sent three mallards flying (in middle of woods so to speak). Next apparent was maybe 5 small ducks running around in panic. I got her on a leash & got out of there. I could hear the mallards in the distance. Hope all ended ok. Photo looks like a pier/dock once in the making.

Tuesday May 17 #

4 PM

Walking 1:17:48 [2] 3.04 mi (25:36 / mi) +62m 24:04 / mi

Around 5p, quite windy at first, May looking good!
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