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Training Log: igoup

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Bike2 3:03:02 41.14(13.5/h) 66.21(21.7/h) 546
  Peak Zone1 55:00
  Lift2 55:00
  Erg1 45:00
  Run1 19:00
  Total5 5:57:02 41.14 66.21 546

Tuesday Jul 9 #

Lift 45:00 [3]

I was not sore today, which is a welcomed mystery but a mystery nevertheless.

I was going to go to PZF but I was held up at work. Not only did I have an 0900 meeting today, but I also had to be Assoc Dean Carr today. That's pants, with double bell bottoms with cuffs, combined with pleats.

And now a short gum-graft forced hiatus. Also pants, highly ill fitting pants at that.
6 AM

Bike 1:27:01 [3] 36.11 km (24.9 kph) +302m
ahr:121 max:146

Cool temps because of Beryl. Did some hills. I was about to do another lap and then remembered I had a 0900 meeting and had to hustle home, etc. There should be a rule against summer meetings, and winter meetings, and fall and spring.

Monday Jul 8 #

Erg 45:00 [3]
shoes: RP3

Hurricane Beryl brought us some weather so I used the erg. However, as I sat there going back and forth I realized it wasn't raining all that much and it wasn't all that windy. I probably could have biked or rowed.

Peak Zone 55:00 [3]

There is a reasonable probability that I will be sore tomorrow.

Sunday Jul 7 #

Run 19:00 [3]

Unmotivated but I did it anyway.

Lift 10:00 [3]


Saturday Jul 6 #

10 AM

Bike 1:36:01 [3] 30.1 km (18.8 kph) +245m
ahr:106 max:137

Ride with Tom, Judy and lisa not too far behind. Stopped for lunch at Ox Yoke Inn for lunch (walleye sandwich). Legs were a little heavy after. Beautiful roads and trails.

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  • Aug 2 [3w, 0d]: ? - Canadian Orienteering Festival (including North American Championships)
  • Dec 31, 2029 [285w, 3d]: ******** Routes ******
  • Jan 1, 2030 [285w, 4d]: Dam Hills Loop: Hard: Up Winsted, down, up. Easy: Down, over to dam. Hard: Up dam, down, up, down, up. Easy: Down, back over to Winsted.
  • Jan 1, 2030 [285w, 4d]: 1000m
  • Jan 1, 2030 [285w, 4d]: Waxing note: * Slow down a bit with the iron. Not so hot to burn the wax and base but enough so that the base warms up and the wax absorbs. If there is chipping when scrapping that means the wax was just sitting on top. Take my time, down the middle, down the sides, down the middle, etc. * Keep scrapers sharp. Then I can apply less pressure and have better control. To touch up be light, slow and patient. Mistakes always happen when being impatient.
  • Jan 3, 2030 [285w, 6d]: FPH/Norbuk Hill Loop
  • Jan 7, 2030 [286w, 3d]: LHNorth Inner Loop: Flat ~1050m.
  • Jan 8, 2030 [286w, 4d]: Webster Park XC course, circa 1984

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