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Training Log: Nadim

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Bicycling4 8:25:17 119.65(4:13) 192.56(2:37) 1125
  Total4 8:25:17 119.65(4:13) 192.56(2:37) 1125
averages - sleep:6.4 weight:203.4lbs

Saturday Jun 22 #

1 PM

Bicycling (Road) 3:47:01 [3] 48.6 mi (4:40 / mi) +600m 4:30 / mi
slept:7.0 weight:202.8lbs (injured)

Thurmont, MD. It felt like an epic ride today. As I had done 15 or 20 years ago, I combined 2 rides in Chuck and Gail's Favorite Bike Rides book. I've been using that book since the 1990s and it's excellent. The roads today were very nice--I'd expected them to have changed with lots of new houses, etc... but I didn't notice anything other than improved pavement. The terrain was primarily agrarian with generally quiet rolling roads.

The biggest thing about today was the weather. I started after 1pm and it was 95 F. As I'd been driving to Thurmont, most of the time the temperature was around 97 F. I'm pretty sure there were places I rode where it got to 100 F. Going out I had a nice tailwind pushing me generally uphill towards Gettysburg, PA. I took water of course but I expected to have some stores to stop at. The stores were either closed or gone completely all the way to the battlefield. I had tried to stop at 2 of them. The route into the battlefield got me onto one of the few busy roads. I was running short of water. As I turned-up Wright Ave., which leads to Stuart's Hill, a sign indicated that the road was closed. I rode with a tic sheet, much like the route description below and wasn't sure about finding my way into the battlefield and water through any other route. I went in past the signs and past construction at a new gate. It seemed that I got past the closure so I went up to Stuart's Hill (turning-point battle place of the Civil War). The road was still closed. A ranger had been parked there. I figured he saw me but I walked my bike up to the monument and started to walk down when he turned his car around and drove off. Back to the road, I tried to go on. Going down the hill, I saw a fence blocking my way and I slowed to stop. Next I heard a siren behind me. To make a long story short he didn't cite me. I explain about the ride and needing water. They don't usually give exceptions so I was lucky. He opened the fence and pointed to where I could get some from a store just outside the park.

There were 2 stores. I got a cold drink from a take-away pizza place, then went to the other place. It turned out to be a fruit stand and pottery place--The Lion Potter. I was about to turn around when a young guy just out of college said "Let me get you some water." He pulled a cold bottle and handed it to me and refused payment. Next he gave me a slice of watermelon. His brother and father later came and did the same. I ate a plum and an apricot. They offered to let me use the bathroom and told me to stop there for it anytime. They were the nicest people that I'd seen in a long time, and genuine, not just good sales people. I will go back some day.
The Lion Potter
Eventually I got back into the battlefield and to the Cyclorama but there was nothing there but a parking lot. A building that I remembered was gone. I found a cold Gatorade and eventually a bathroom in the city of Gettysburg, then I turned back through the west side of the battlefield. I knew I'd feel the wind and sure enough it was slowing me down to what felt like a crawl on a lot of the slopes. Leaving the park it was worse. The shade was gone. There were long stretches basically straight into the wind over rolling sunny hills. I was convinced that I was going downhill at one point (it could have been an optical illusion) but pedaling was hard because of the hot wind (Millerstown Rd./Pumping Station Rd.). Sometimes I was feeling sunburned on my right leg but that might have been something else. I did get a distinct shorts, shirt sleeve, watch and glove tan. Once across the worst of it, I had flatter terrain for a little while and made another stop for a drink and some M&Ms. Rested, the climb around Emmitsburg wasn't too bad. The sun had gotten lower so there was more shade and the temperature dropped too. I got through St. Mary's College campus, and across Rte. 15, then I enjoyed mostly downhill (albeit still into the wind). I'd forgotten about the covered bridge north of Thurmont. The route went right through it--it has gotten fixed-up. It was 92 F when I finished.
Roddy Road Covered Bridge, Thurmont, MD
From Thurmont Community Park, MD (I messed-up the GPS tracking leaving Gettysburg, PA, but I have adjusted the distance and time):

L Frederick St.
S Park La.
R Main St at SS
L Carroll St.
L Apples Church Rd.
R Apples Church Rd at Roddy Rd.
BL Apples Church Rd. at Graceham Rd.
R Mud College Rd. at T
L Old Frederick Rd. at T
R 76, Motters Station Rd. (unmarked) at SS
R Keysville Rd., at SS
L Simmons Rd.
L Tom's Creek Church Rd. (unmarked but 2nd left at church)
R Rte. 140 (unmarked) at T
L Bollinger School Rd.
L Bullfrog Rd.
L Harney Rd. at SS
R Bullfrog Rd.
R Mason Dixon Rd.
L Barlow Rd.
L Taneytown Rd. (Rte. 134)
L Wright Ave.
R Sedwick Rd.
R/L though the Cyclorama and onto Taneytown Rd.
L Middle St.
L W. Confederate Ave.
R Millerstown Rd./Pumping Station Rd.
L Middle Creek Rd.
R Wenschof Rd.
L Tract Rd.
L Rte. 140
R Frailey Rd.
L Annandale Rd.
BL Annandale Rd.
R into Mount St. Mary's College and through campus to St. Anthony's Rd.
S Orndorff Rd. and cross Rte. 15
R Old Kiln Rd.
L Roddy Rd. (Covered Bridge)
R Carroll St.
R Main St.
L Center St
S Frederick St. at SS
R into Thurmont Community Park

Thursday Jun 20 #

6 PM

Bicycling (Road) 1:20:15 [3] 19.8 mi (4:03 / mi) +173m 3:57 / mi
slept:6.0 weight:202.4lbs (injured)

From Nortfhfield Rd., Custer Rd., to Wilson Ln. to MacArthur Blvd., to Sangmore Rd., to the Capital Crescent Trail to Bethesda Ave., to Wisconsin Ave., to Jones Bridge Rd., to Jones Mill Rd./Beach Dr., to Grosvenor Rd, to Cheshire Dr., to Old Georgetown Rd., to Huntington Pkwy., to Custer Rd., to Northfield Rd.

I was aiming to have an easier ride since yesterday I had gotten worn-out. I woke from sleeping last night a few times with muscle cramps. Getting a late start was good since it was cooler (low 90s to upper 80s F). It still hasn't gotten very humid yet either. There was a slight breeze. Upon reaching Bethesda, I felt okay and decided to take on the loop down to the Rock Creek Valley. I moved well in there. I felt the breeze more towards the end of the ride as a headwind. My right leg was also feeling more tired than the left for the last 5 miles. Perhaps that was a sign of overuse or it had something to do with the chronic clotting.

Wednesday Jun 19 #

11 AM

Bicycling (Road) 2:39:53 [3] 40.8 mi (3:55 / mi) +259m 3:51 / mi
slept:7.0 weight:203.6lbs (injured)

From Northfield Rd., to Moorland Ln., to Glenwood Rd., to Old Georgetown Rd., to Kingswood Rd., to Hurst St., to Grosvenor Rd., to Beach Dr./Jones Mill Rd., to Beach Dr., NW, to the Rock Creek Pkwy. to the Rock Creek Trail, to Ohio Dr., SW., to Independence Ave., SW., to Main Ave., SW Ohio Dr., SW., around Hains Point, the north to E. Basin Dr., SW, to the 14th St. Bridge, to the Mt., Vernon Trail, to the F.S. Key Bridge, to the C&O Canal Towpath, to 33rd St., NW, to Water St., NW, to the Capital Crescent Trail, to Bethesda Ave., to Elm St. Urban Park, to Elm St., to Wisconsin Ave., to Battery Ln., to Goddard Rd., to Custer Rd., to Wilson Ln., to Hampden Ln., to Huntington Pkwy., to Irvington Ave., to McKinley St., to Bradmoor Dr./Linden Dr., to Ryland Rd., to Old Georgetown Rd., to Huntington Pkwy., to Custer Rd., to Northfield Rd.

Having the Junteenth Federal Holiday, I went out a bit earlier to beat the heat. The heat wasn't bad. When I started it was in the mid-80s F. It was to get into the 90s F later. Being warmer, the wind was again from the south. The humidity felt low. I could feel it heading out to Hains Point. It wasn't bad, and I enjoyed the tailwinds going north, but I did get passed by 3 riders on Hains Point. I took a break in Georgetown at just under 27 miles. That was the longest ride without a break this season, other than a traffic stop. Georgetown was as busy as ever. I knew I'd come up short of 40 miles if I went straight home so I took some detours. I even got on one stretch of suburban road that I hadn't been to before. That was hillier than I was feeling up to, and on the return stretch on Old Georgetown Rd., I had headwinds again. I messed-up the timing on the add-on loop but have measured and adjusted my time for it. My knee held-up. The rides yesterday and today made it feel much better. I had started out this ride feeling tired, from having waken-up early a few times.

Tuesday Jun 18 #

7 PM

Bicycling (Road) 38:08 [3] 10.45 mi (3:39 / mi) +93m 3:33 / mi
slept:6.0 weight:204.8lbs (injured)

From Northfield Rd., to Moorland Ln., to Glenwood Rd., to Old Georgetown Rd., to Kingswood Rd., to Hurst St., to Grosvenor Rd., to Beach Dr., to Jones Bridge Rd., to Rockville Pike, to Woodmont Ave., to Battery Ln., to Park Ln., to Custer Rd., to Northfield Rd. The early afternoon was stressful but after dinner I was able to get out for a nice ride--I love these long days. My knee had been hurting a lot since Saturday and the little walking that I did Sunday for control pickup, and having a rest day yesterday, didn't help. I actually felt better after cycling. I just didn't feel very energetic. It was still in the 90s F. I felt the thinner air; it makes it easier to cut the wind. The heat didn't bother me but it may have made me tire more quickly. I had gotten slowly passed by one guy but I did slowly pass another.

Monday Jun 17 #

slept:6.0 weight:203.2lbs (injured) (rest day)

I had intended to cycle this day but couldn't bring it about situationally.

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