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Training Log: Ebennett

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running 4 2:19:34 16.32(8:33) 26.26(5:19) 416
  Commuting 4 1:32:53 18.98(4:54) 30.55(3:02) 241
  Orienteering1 39:44 3.13(12:41) 5.04(7:53) 273
  Strength and Conditioning 2 38:00
  Physio Exercises 1 16:30
  Total7 5:26:41 38.43 61.85 930

Thursday Sep 21 #

Commuting 37:40 [2] 12.12 km (3:06 / km) +90m 3:00 / km
shoes: Dr Dew

First mechanical whoop whoop. Back brake didn’t unengage for some reason at the lights and almost caused a pile up. Sorted itself out somehow so just kept going, two trips today.

Going to start logging this commuting as it’s less intense than proper road cycle and also just to get some interesting data.

Wednesday Sep 20 #

Commuting 22:10 [2] 7.53 km (2:57 / km) +70m 2:49 / km
shoes: Dr Dew

Running 24:10 [3] 4.69 km (5:09 / km) +163m 4:23 / km
shoes: Hoka pillows

Short n steady c/w crag. Right knee acting up a bit after yesterday in the evening so went for short but things felt fine so upped the effort a bit. Likely not the wisest move but hey ho. Felt really good again

Strength and Conditioning 16:00 [1]

Wanting to do more of this so decided that little and often ish is the way to go. Ditched the 40/20 repeating structure and just went improv sort of focusing on calfs, quads, and upper body.

Tuesday Sep 19 #

Commuting 16:57 [2] 5.78 km (2:56 / km) +41m 2:50 / km
shoes: Dr Dew

Running 15:23 [2] 2.0 km (7:42 / km)
shoes: SalmonSpeedX6

Wu with some extensive drilling curtesy of Matt

Running 24:27 [5] 6.76 km (3:37 / km) +8m 3:36 / km
shoes: SalmonSpeedX6

EUOC 8x3s with 90second recovery, on the killing fields (ie flat cut grass).

Decent session, legs felt great despite a week of alcohol and poor sleep in addition to some relatively heavy hillage. Classic heavy mist/rain conditions made things very slippy but managed not to deck it although there were close calls and now I have to figure out how to dry kit in student accom.

Seems like an excellent DR alternative, will try to make it weekly.

Running 15:11 [2] 2.4 km (6:20 / km) +55m 5:41 / km
shoes: SalmonSpeedX6

Slightly uphill cd

Monday Sep 18 #

Physio Exercises 16:30 [1]

Right knee being very clicky recently. Also doing all lying down exercises on the bed for this and S&C just for the sake of convenience. Makes some things harder but most things slightly easier.

Commuting 16:06 [2] 5.12 km (3:09 / km) +40m 3:02 / km
shoes: Dr Dew

This bikes actually starting to grow on me ngl

Sunday Sep 17 #

Running 43:53 [2] 7.56 km (5:48 / km) +134m 5:20 / km
ahr:131 max:157 shoes: Hoka pillows

Easy crag with the Sunday run club then solo meadows. This may have been obvious to many, but the meadows is not all that, will stick to seat in future.

Little training essay/note: still trying to get my Uni ducks in a row but the general plan is to establish a routine fairly soon that I can actually follow. It’s going to be a balancing game and while I am committed to orienteering Uni work is going to come first. However, training is a solid second.
The goal is selection for an international competition next year. An honest assessment is that I’m obviously not at that standard yet but I was happy with the work I put in last year, and if I can build on that then I’ll be happy. The other goal is to keep it fun while working.

Saturday Sep 16 #

Running 7:46 [3] 1.4 km (5:33 / km) +51m 4:42 / km
ahr:140 max:158 shoes: Grinov 8s

From flat to start. Think I’m coming down with some kind of cold which explains high hr, although it is from wrist.

Orienteering 39:44 [3] 5.04 km (7:53 / km) +273m 6:12 / km
shoes: Inov3s

First ever euoc session! Only one 3k loop but still great to get out there, forgot how much I enjoy this sport.

Kept things slow for the first 4 controls before trying to go a bit closer to race pace after that but never really pushing it. Mostly clean apart from a moment of major scrappiness where I just couldn’t understand the map at all. Not sure what caused it but going to blame being slightly out of practice. Terrain speed feeling good.

Running 8:44 [2] 1.45 km (6:01 / km) +5m 5:55 / km
shoes: Grinov 8s

Back to the flat

Friday Sep 15 #

Strength and Conditioning 22:00 [1]

Right ankle feeling quite off with pain on heel and just generally feeling weird so thought id bypass the run and just go straight to S&C. Different routine, leg heavy with a bit of core. Looking forward to some tekkers tomorrow.

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