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Training Log: hamlet

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Rock climbing3 6:35:35
  Running3 2:01:29 8.93(13:36) 14.38(8:27) 271
  Orienteering1 1:47:05 4.82(22:12) 7.76(13:47) 282
  Strength Training3 57:28
  Total8 11:21:37 13.76 22.14 553
averages - sleep:7.7

Thursday May 26 #

slept:8.0 (rest day)

charged my watch overnight so idk exactly how long I slept, but it was probably around 8 hours. Probably first time in a long time that I woke up feeling pretty well rested (minus the fact that I'm sore af from yesterday)
4 PM


lmao what did I say about being well-rested this morning

Wednesday May 25 #


why did I wake up at 2? no clue. I even took melatonin in the evening to help me fall asleep better
5 AM


popped another melatonin at like 4 am and fell back asleep for around 2 hours. I'm so sick of not sleeping properly, and it's 100% not because I'm not tired, cuz I really am
7 AM

Running long 1:02:57 intensity: (40 @1) + (5:50 @2) + (27:40 @3) + (28:47 @4) 8.01 km (7:52 / km) +154m 7:10 / km
ahr:159 max:181

woohoo I did it! I ran the same loop like last week, and this time I even fully ran up all of the hills, I really pushed myself and I'm proud of it. Because I again slept like crap (fun), the thought of running for an hour straight and alone felt overwhelming, so every 2 km I gave myself 90 seconds of walking to break it up, and tbh it really helped. Although I gotta say the last 200-300 meters were seriously brutal, nothing wanted to go anymore lol
1 PM

Strength Training 17:14 [2]
ahr:89 max:105

2 sets of 10x 95lb bench, 2 sets of 5x 95lb bench
2 sets of 10x 50lb DB rows, 2 sets of 5x 50lb DB rows
4 PM

Rock climbing 2:15:41 [3]
ahr:99 max:150

some bouldering, introducing one of Lucka's friends to climbing.

Lead 5.11b (big overhang), got to second to last clip where I ran out of strength and just couldn't hold on and the clip was pretty far out so I just took a whipper and went down.

lead 5.11a, got 3/4 way up just over the small overhang but couldn't make it becasue the big hold was nasty and I kept slipping off.

lead 5.10d repeat of the really really fun climb in the corner that's very technical and mantle-y. Love it so much, was just as fun as the first time climbing it.

Strength Training 10:11 [1]
ahr:97 max:114

hangboarding on round holds bbecause the hangboards were occupied so I had to improvise

Tuesday May 24 #


woke up at 3 am again and couldn't fall back asleep for 45 minutes... this is getting really really frustrating. like, i slept 8 hours total, but it doesn't feel like it
7 PM

Running (neighborhood w/ Oliver) 30:36 intensity: (58 @1) + (11:34 @2) + (18:04 @3) 3.88 km (7:54 / km) +48m 7:26 / km
ahr:143 max:161

run/walk, 5 sets of run 5 mins walk 1 min. Taking it easy since I'm doing a long run tomorrow and I plan on trying to do it in the morning, but also I really wanted to go out for a run and I wanted to get Oliver outside and for him to have some fun.

It's Oliver's first birthday and to be honest, I can't believe he's already a year old. It feels like just yesterday that I got him, but also it's felt like an eternity since he was a small furry machine that peed everywhere. It's crazy how time flies. I mean, I miss him as a little puppy but at the same time it's nice that I don't have to clean up after him all the time and that he'll listen to me maybe like 50% of the time, depending on his mood.

Strength Training (hip conditioning + core) 30:03 intensity: (14:29 @1) + (12:34 @2) + (3:00 @3)
ahr:97 max:141

gotta love trying to work out while Oliver is jumping on me and throwing his toys on my face.

Monday May 23 #


i have no idea why I couldn't sleep
7 AM

Running warm up/down 12:19 intensity: (5:14 @1) + (4:44 @2) + (2:21 @3) 1.18 km (10:26 / km) +19m 9:40 / km
ahr:123 max:148

Running hills 10:35 intensity: (2:35 @2) + (5:55 @3) + (2:05 @4) 0.8 km (13:15 / km) +50m 10:05 / km
ahr:129 max:164

In pain from the weekend, so I decided on doing at least 5. After the 5th I figured I'd try to push it to the 8th, but I barely made it up the hill on the 6th, so I just went to cool down. Tbh the hill I chose was pretty good, just wish I had more energy. Definitely did better than I thought I would.

Running warm up/down 5:02 intensity: (33 @1) + (1:29 @2) + (2:59 @3) + (1 @4) 0.51 km (9:48 / km)
ahr:142 max:161

tried to jog at least a bit
6 PM

Rock climbing 1:19:23 intensity: (57:29 @1) + (19:57 @2) + (1:57 @3)
ahr:97 max:145

bouldering for like 45 mins
lead 5.10d - only 2 rests, very overhanging so im really proud of this. the second break was on the second to last move cuz my left hand couldn't even hold onto a massive jug
lead 5.10d - rested on like every clip, it wasn't that hard, i was just afraid for some reason. really embarassing, but i guess i was really tired after all

Sunday May 22 #


why did I wake up at 4 am? no clue
6 AM


got some more sleep finally
11 AM

Orienteering (Lake Needwood - Blue) 1:47:05 intensity: (8:32 @1) + (34:38 @2) + (44:17 @3) + (19:33 @4) + (5 @5) 7.76 km (13:47 / km) +282m 11:40 / km
ahr:145 max:185

DNFed because I was so tired from yesterday so I did the first 10 controls and went straight to the finish. I didn't expect the hills to tire me out that much. I also completely screwed up #9 and sort of messed up 10 so yeah. Not my day, but it was still fun. Kept cool by dunking my head in the river at every crossing. Worked pretty well, I didn't even really get dehydrated at all. I mean, I was thirsty, but not that much.

Saturday May 21 #


10 AM

Rock climbing (Earth Treks Columbia) 3:00:31 intensity: (1:02:21 @1) + (1:55:42 @2) + (2:28 @3)
ahr:104 max:140

Trying out a ton of 11s in the columbia gym, we got really really dead. Monday will be interesting.

warmup lead 5.10d (sat once), about halfway up I felt extremely nauseous and faint, like I was about to pass out. Really really weird.

lead 5.11a (sat twice), again almost at the top after a really strengthy move I fell and felt like I was gonna either pass out or throw up like before.

lead 5.11a (sat once) went fine, sat once because I was going up a dumb way and then felt sick again.

lead 5.11c (sat 3 or 4 times) this was a comp climb, really fun, probably didn't have to sit that many times but I was a bit paranoid and scared of falling for some reason so I was going safe. It went surprisingly well tho

toprope 5.12b (sat in 5 or 6 spots) ouch? really hard but at least I did all of the moves, Lucka had to skip one move that I was able to figure out, although tbh it was a little hard to match my foot to my hand there.

toprope 5.11c (fell in 2 spots) Lucka got stuck on the same move I did, and then she tried to climb the 10c next to it but still only made it like halfway up because she was so tired. I ended up using the crack and pressed my legs into the walls (like in a chimney) so much that I skipped like half of the holds.

toprope 5.11d (got to 1st clip and died) yeah no, way too crimpy and hard for the extreme lack of energy and strength I had at this point.
6 PM


weeding my dad's garden for like 2 hours, got extremely scraped up in my right armpit and on my right side, which really burned a lot while running orienteering the next day. gotta love it

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