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Training Log: BrandNewMe

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering - race1 40:22 2.7(14:57) 4.34(9:17) 203
  Trail running1 8:25 0.85(9:54) 1.37(6:09) 1
  XC / road / hill race1 6:21 1.03(6:10) 1.66(3:50)
  Total2 55:08 4.58(12:02) 7.37(7:29) 204

Saturday May 21 #


Crashed a bit today. Not busy enough so realised how much this cold is taking out of me, you know when you are too busy to be ill then you stop and you feel dreadful. Like that. Exhausted and everything aches. Did a Covid test but haven’t yet had the energy to check the result.

Friday May 20 #

4 PM

Trail running 4:18 [3] 0.43 mi (10:00 / mi) +1m 9:54 / mi
ahr:114 max:126

Cool down jog. Felt rubbish

XC / road / hill race 6:21 [3] 1.03 mi (6:10 / mi)
ahr:127 max:137

Track race. Monument mile

Oh what fun! I have never done a track race before and there is an open graded mile meeting with a bit of added razzmatazz that we watched on YouTube last year when bored. It looked great. We’ll all do that next year, said Ray, Laurence and I but not Bertie or Lucy. We entered Lucy anyway. She’ll come around.

You had to give a target time. The boys says 5 mins, the girls said 7. Didn’t really have a clue at the point that I entered, but over recent weeks I have actually done some running and spent the week thinking Shite it would be embarrassing if I won by a lap! Not to worry as I got a cold earlier this week.

You have to have approved shoes these days to run a track race. My brooks trainers weren’t approved. Too much padding. Not in a go faster manner, but the soles contravened the rules as too thick. So I spent Tuesday night trying to get my xc spikrs out of my xc shoes for the first time in 12 years. I managed all but one of them frustratingly enough. Then Ray pointed out that Loz had an old pair kicking around in my size with track spikes in. Perfect.

So Lucy and I were in race 1 out of 29, the slowest. Estimated target times ranged from 6:30-8 mins. Perfect. We set off and Lucy and I were at the back immediately. Everyone caned it off. The leader went through the first (long) lap in 1:14, which is tasty for a 6:30 target. Lucy and I did 1:29. Lap 2 and we maintained pace. People were coming back to us a bit. Lap 3 and I could have over taken Lucy even though she was still going well but there was no one behind us yet and I didn’t want her to be dead last. She would either have got demoralised when she had been going well, or she would have stuck to my shoulder and been a danger in the finishing straight. Also I didn’t want to go eyeballs out with a cold. So I sat behind and predictably by the start of lap 4 she was running too fast for me to overtake again. We both beat one person though. She had a great race. She was just under 6:20 and I was just over. The winner was 5:30-ish so over shot their predicted time a little. The next 3 races were actually much slower than our winning time!

It was fun. I’d do a monument mile again if I could train and not have a cold. Spent the rest of the races trying to stop Bertie as he desperately tried to run onto the track, so he’s keen too. Would recommend. Great for the organisers who put a lot of effort in to have a sub 4 minute men’s a race. Nice work!

Coverage here if you are particularly bored. Loz was race 10, Ray was race 11, Mark Nixon must have been race 23 or 24. 29 races in all.

Trail running 4:07 [3] 0.42 mi (9:48 / mi)
ahr:99 max:123

Warm up jog. Felt rubbish

Wednesday May 18 #

6 PM

Orienteering - race 40:22 [3] 2.7 mi (14:57 / mi) +203m 12:07 / mi
ahr:140 max:171

I have Bertie’s crappy nursery bug, but went to the FVO event at the Wallace Monument anyway. Being a snot factory might = a better performance though, cause you have to go slower so you can read the map. That’s my theory, and I thoroughly disproved it tonight. I was shite with a capital sh. Could not navigate my way out of a paper bag. Read the map? Ain’t nobody got no time for that! I do think 12 was on the crags a bit to the north, the ones by the wind blow. That’s my excuse anyway.

Lots of fun. Nice little area for those of us who don’t mind greenery. Legs are stinging a bit now though. Trying to work out if there were so many butterflies as a way to get a longer course out of the minimal features on the map, or cause Jase wanted to minimise the controls he had to hang.

Laurence was not alone in accidentally missing out the last control. I blame myself for that. We went for a wee before we started, unknowingly we were close to the last control. Laurence was spending ages looking for sufficient greenery to duck behind. Don’t worry about it I said, they never put controls on this bit of the map. Hahaha!

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