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Hamstring Pain (Upper Leg)

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Average recovery time: 84 days

Recorded Instances

LittleBit0 daysMuch stretching later it's ok. Too much sitting around in the flat I think!details
macmaroc0 daysNot actually injured - just tight hamstring!details
richf0 daysdetails
RASPUTIN1 daysI guess it was just post long trail run tightness.details
RASPUTIN1 daysJust...went away. I'm not going to question it. Just keep doing long, deep warmups every session and stretch after and in the shower.details
JL1 daysVerkade bara vara tillfälligt.details
piero1 daysRestdetails
Kestrel-O1 daysIced it after getting in from running, did not hurt the next morning. details
gclover1 daysdetails
Snailspace1 daysPain gone next day - no running so rest has eased it. Probably caused by running too fast too soon on Friday and running again on Saturday. I need to pace my running sessions more.details
TheInvisibleLog1 daysFull day of rest, dynamic stretching, gentle return to runningdetails
BazorakcommaJ2 daysStretching, massage, tennis ballsdetails
HåvardE2 daysBare å kvile og vente på at kroppen leget seg. details
Dee2 daystook Wed off. I think it was because of doing speed drills in spinning class right after the racedetails
Mal2 daysdetails
Tobias922 daysdetails
mushy_pea2 daysdetails
mm-ha2 daysdetails
j-man2 daysJust went away. Maybe it was pain from too much driving.details
FernWerm2 daysThink this was caused by prolonged stress at the rogaine. Seems better now - rest day fixed it.details
Fabi2 daysVisite chez l'ostéo et ce n'est qu'une contracture... ouf... tout est rentré dans l'ordre.details
beeker2 daysdetails
climcc2 daysdetails
tecnubush2 daysI think the 10 hour drive on fri, short rest and 10mile run created the pain in hamstring. Used foam eoller for two days and pain subsided. details
genebeveridge2 daysdetails
genebeveridge2 daysRecovered very quickly backing up my thoughts that is was just due to an over extention and not ware related. I didnt need to miss any training at all but I was ready to.details
bazil2 daysdetails
Ivano2 daysdetails
A damp otter2 daysLots of stretching , took a rest day . Gone as soon as it came details
Matt Hartland2 daysRest and stretching.details
gclover2 daysdetails
gudeso2 daysdetails
D2 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog2 daysRest and a little patience. Rainy weather helped.details
Torzi2 daysdetails
dlevine3 daysRest, followed by extended rest due to family commitments, proved a fine cure.details
theshadow3 daysI think it was just overly tight from all the training on the weekend. A couple of days off and a couple of alternative training days. details
cmpbllj3 daysSkipped a work-out and waited a day past when it felt like it was gone. details
macey3 daysLots of rest and stretching/walking to get everything moving againdetails
blairtrewin3 daysdetails
Rhesus3 daysdetails
dkonotopetz3 daysdetails
kknowles3 daysdetails
C-man3 daysjust a big break in between the injury and next practice/game, lots of time to stretch out.details
marieidnes3 daysdetails
JMorris3 days?details
Andrew3 daysdetails
runforest3 daysdeep muscle massage (used rolling pin) Took glucosamine HCL rested 2 days ran in water socks for next 2 sessionsdetails
DrKeith3 daysusound more stretchingdetails
lynx3 daysdetails
Sarge3 daysdetails
mm-ha3 daysdetails
Hobitas3 daysdetails
piero3 daysJust slow down and let recover the body.details
JL3 daysdetails
piero3 daysI tried to avoid the exercises that cause discomfort.details
gudeso3 daysdetails
Trailrat3 daysLots of active release work and foam rolling. found a big knot in the calf that I think caused this.details
andrew_elwood3 daysGood stretches for 15-20mins a day. details
Imogenpieters3 daysTightness after thursday session, iced, rolled etc and seems to be okdetails
Brooner3 daysdetails
kokonda3 daysdetails
L-Jackson4 daysrestdetails
Vox4 daysTook things easy, plenty of ICE and gave it time.details
mjd4 daysrestdetails
MDeVoll4 daysWhat caused hamstring pain? Overuse, with combination of introducing weight training over previous 2 weeks. What helped? um. Rest, ice, ibuprofen, lots o' stretching.details
j-man4 daysAfter doing weights today without problem, I think this is OK.details
Skinorge064 daysPain subsided after the 2nd day. details
Cruachan4 daysStretched some more which helped... details
justus4 daysAs usual it just went away.details
PrueD4 daysdetails
VladFG4 daysdetails
Tooms4 daysAfter 2 weeks of no running after a similar episode this time I'll stretch frequently and act as my own control group to see if that makes a difference.details
gg4 daysdetails
markgullett4 daysCouple days rest did the trick.details
DrKeith4 daysUsound Ice massagedetails
roarkis4 daysdetails
CarlEdmo4 daysdetails
gudeso4 daysdetails
MCh4 daysdetails
Colin B4 daysdetails
dcady4 daysWent away really quickly. No problems on short slow run. Still worried about tempo training. Will have to think about that.details
MeanGene4 daysiced several times first day. Stretching. No running until 4th day.details
Kg4 daysdetails
WileyKyO-T4 daysJust ran through it--glad the pain seemed to decrease by half each day after the fall.details
Torzi4 daysFine!details
Josse4 daysStram känsla försvann av sig självdetails
Josse4 daysStram känsla försvann av sig självdetails
errolpit4 daysdetails
tdgood5 daysdetails
div5 daysAlmost completely recovered. Dont feel it at all, maybe when stretching to to the limits.details
mikeminium5 daysdetails
jsnyder5 daysWell I laid off running for a week and it feels fine now. Not sure if that means completely healed. Not gonna do fast stuff or leg lifting for a while though.details
peltigerapthosa5 daysResolved with stretching, normally easy stretches became intense with burning sensations (allowed release of cellular wastes)?details
Tooms5 daysAn entire week off exercise and gradual reduction in soreness. Now to start stretching and strengthening just in case I can race again.details
JMorris5 days?details
Möhkis5 daysdetails
Anna5 daysdetails
kettlebell035 daysThis was just a slight pull from over use. I just took a few days off and it felt fine today. I think riding the bike helped a lot too. Great way to continue to exercise without putting undue stress on the leg.details
fabiomars5 daysdetails
Davidm08115 daysRest, ice and stretching. Going to keep to easy paced runs for the next couple of weeksdetails
Conall5 daysFootball match details
havarti5 daysStretching, foam rollerdetails
JL5 daysLite träning löste problemet.details
siaipsau5 daysdetails
CHARLIE-B5 daysI think too much sugar (Gu) caused the cramp. Hot whirlpool bath every morning with the jets on the affected area seemed to do a lot. details
BruceMeier5 daysWarm beanbag and rolling 2-3 times a day. A few gentle runs. It now seems fine.details
Bruce5 daysdetails
errolpit5 daysdetails
Hobitas5 daysdetails
Sergey6 daysAt our age we should be more careful about running, running fast, and running viciously :) Seriosuly speaking, it was probably bad combination of luck, rocky surface, and jumping down with spiked shoes.details
casser6 daysDo more stretching for old legs!details
kurthu6 daysdetails
TimGood6 daysdetails
gas_turbine6 daysDon't stress it too much. Just lack flexibility...details
errolpit6 daysdetails
Corduroy6 daysdetails
EricNorris6 daysdetails
ba-ba6 daysdetails
mmorse6 daysSomething stirred up by the chiropracter. Not a problem after a few days.details
nana6 daysrestdetails
DrKeith6 daysUnsound twice a day. Two physio sessions Ivors magic hands. Stretching. More stretching!!!details
niallmcalinden6 dayscouple of days and it went away... kinda knew the 5 mile race was a bad idea at the start... should listen to my legs more ;-)details
neon6 daysRecovered with rest, ice, and a lot of stretching. details
Davidm08116 daysStretching icing and a trip to the physiodetails
errolpit6 daysdetails
richf6 daysdetails
fn6 daysVila.details
Shingo6 daysdetails
Veli Pulsa6 daysEhkä jo kunnossa, ei jaksa enää olla rajoitetulla liikuntamäärällä.details
coach6 daysdetails
Karhunpentu 6 daysOhi meni itsekseen. Kierukka kai saanut vähän osumaa.details
Steve R6 daysdetails
christian_o6 daysdetails
Cruachan6 daysdetails
Beacon6 daysdetails
Torzi6 daysAwareness + Relaxation <3 details
troll feet6 daysIce and roller massage Thursday Friday and Saturday 22-24th. No run for a week as too sore. Ok on pre entered event on 25th. Aware of it but didn’t push the running 8.7k 82 minsdetails
philm646 daysrehab - gentle jogs, hot tubs, self massage. clearly not a major "pull". Did right to address early with rest & rehab tho. details
Mark36 daysOvertraining... Backed off a bit. details
beeker7 daysRest from running fast. Intervals, sprints etc are especially are the killer. Should have been a bit more careful with cycling as with clipped in shoes there is a bit more strain on it.details
Bruce7 daysrest and bike riding. Gave the hamstring and core muscles time to settle down.details
MikeMc7 daysdetails
nana7 daysdetails
Trav7 daysPretty much gone. Stretching. No speed work. details
RichT7 daysLots of stretching and easy sessions.details
slowphil7 daysdetails
Rhino337 daysRested, stretched, and massaged. details
tdgood7 daysRest and lots of stretching to loosen it back up.details
rexmundi7 daysdetails
Tooms7 daysProbably stepped in a small hole and jarred my uncushioned lumbar vertebrae. 7 days till I woke up and able to sit up normally. Alternatively, 3 days of no running.details
graeme7 daysRest, stretching.details
fpb7 daysI guess sprinting really is a whole different sport, one that I'm not necessarily in shape for.details
CHARLIE-B7 daysdetails
Vector7 daysRICE, stretched multiple times a day, and eased back into the running. details
Davidm08117 daysdetails
Bridge7 daysI think I'm recovered. Got better probably because I couldn't go hard-core since I was sick.details
chelsealuttrall7 daysSeem to be fine now. I'll know for sure after intervals tomorrow. I need to stretch after warmup, prior to sprints. details
nmulder7 daysdetails
PatrickGarcia7 daysTime off. Seems like it might have been a super severe cramp as I had other cramping along with it for over a week post marathon.details
Craig Nolan7 daysdetails
PatrickGarcia7 daysRestdetails
Shingo7 daysdetails
andrew_elwood7 daysRestdetails
kurthu7 daysdetails
Steffen7 daysdetails
Bruce7 daysPhysio to release tightness and a 5 days rest from running before Oceania Champs.details
Nadim7 daysRest and much more stretching seemed to help. The rest included sleep. My weight seemed to gain when I lacked sleep. The added weight puts strain on my whole body. Some of this was likely linked to my back problems. details
Reiver7 daysdetails
Swisscheese8 daysdetails
Ricka8 daysSwim, ex machines, biking all okay and either helped or let it heal. No running. Wicked bleeding/bruise on back of knee.details
jess8 daysdetails
Dolf8 daysdetails
entrenando1238 daysdetails
McGonagall8 daysRest, compression, and used the stick on it for about two hoursdetails
DrKeith8 daysMassage, stretchiun U/Sdetails
kensr8 daysSeems to be fading away by staying away from sprints. Will ease back into Repetitions at speed and do hamstring strengthening and stretching.details
Jonas Detterfelt8 daysdetails
danielstroescu8 daysdetails
nealont18 daysdetails
mpeinado8 daysI think I was running too much and the long run made my hamstring really tired. Playing basketball and not warming up for the intervals is what caused the injury. I need to strengthen my hamstrings and warmup properly before a hard workout. details
GrrrBear8 daysJust took it easy.details
jessica.johnson8 daysGood weekend of rest and no stretching. Allowed muscle to heal itself.details
coach8 daysdetails
Louise8 daysdetails
CHARLIE-B8 daysDecided to give it a really good rest. 10 days off all strenuous activity. Seems to have done the trick. details
Reiver8 daysRest, then gradual build updetails
riley mcfarlane 8 daysIt was just DOMS. I finally figured after exams I should start a thing called R E C O V E R Y R U N S. Now that I actually can be bothered to get up hopefully DOMS won't last as long until I'm in my late 30's.details
codymonster8 daysMore ball rolling, and some PT exercises to strengthen it and prevent recurrence.details
tdgood8 daysTook the week off, no soccer, volleyball , or running.details
morgrim8 daysTaking a rest day, stretching every night and using the massage gun workeddetails
div9 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog9 daysJust slow and non intense gentle and short runs. Basically, taking it easy.details
ebuckley9 daysI think I'm just going to have to put up with it. It doesn't seem to affect performance any - it just hurts a lot.details
tdgood9 dayscontinue to run and orienteerdetails
Kat9 daysdetails
Cruachan9 daysdetails
eoinmcc9 daysdetails
artsosa9 days I think being out of shape and biking kind of hard was too much for my Hammy during the run after the bike. Also Max probably had me running at a faster pace than I should have with my current fitness level.details
Torio9 daysdetails
errolpit9 daysdetails
billh9 daysOK on easy run today, think it has resolved, will see how it does on Tue track workout, for now it is OK OK on 6x400m, true test will be the 200s next week, but I think I am good. details
kurthu9 daysdetails
susiethebear9 daysdetails
Nadim9 daysrestdetails
BigWillyStyle9 daysdetails
$mitty9 daysdetails
Strand9 daysdetails
wilsmith10 daysNot sure on the cause - maybe neglecting my strength training for a couple of weeks contributed to it???? No magic in the recovery - just rest and a (very little) vitamin I.details
nmulder10 daysMay have occurred during a MTB ride. Probably a result of hip imbalance again. Saw the chiro again, which appeared to help. Lack of gym work may have also contributed.details
D.Keyser10 daysBiked every day for about 45 minutes. Iced every night. Stretched and Pilates to loosen muscle up before icing. Not running for a few days helped greatly. Slow jog on Thursday was good way to welcome the leg back to running.details
Swisscheese10 daysWhen a muscle is not functioning properly and hurts clearly. Take a total rest, and start running until the physio says it is ok... in this case I actually thought it wasn't good yet... but the physio was right.details
runonthefly10 daysNeed more yoga; didn't do this a lot in the last month; should probably ease into something like this.details
pwentz3l10 daysI believe this was an ice slip spaz dance related injury. 4 days rest and I am A-OK.details
ks10 daysEven rustig aan doen en vervolgens op lagere intensiteit weer opstarten.details
AngusDobson10 daysdetails
andypat10 daysThis seems to have pretty much gone now (hopefully) although ahvent been able to run due to my left leg!details
tdgood10 daysdetails
Tingis10 daysdetails
DanW10 daysdetails
errolpit10 daysdetails
tcut10 daysChange of shoes & lots of stretching...details
Hapardi10 daysdetails
blairtrewin10 daysdetails
Hadron Collider 10 daysdetails
Hobitas10 daysdetails
kurthu10 daysdetails
BenSquire10 daysdetails
Warti10 daysdetails
orienteeringTim11 daysdetails
jsnyder11 daysSeems to be fine now. Hopefully it won't come back if I do fast running intervals again.details
BrokedownRunner11 daysRan through this. Seems to be doing ok. Has been fine for a few days now. Did do a few intervals, surges and strides this week and did not bother me.details
Roger G11 daysdetails
donnacifuentes11 daysStill bruised but going down. No more pain in hemy.details
rightsideways11 daysstretching and taking it easy. details
xcman8211 daysdetails
Hapardi11 daysdetails
jkudlicka11 daysNedd to keep stretching but others feels pretty soliddetails
havarti11 daysFrom the long distance.details
theshadow11 daystook a week completely off. worked out well as I had S on spring break so didn't have much time to train anyway In future, need to be careful to warmup properly and not slack on the yoga and stretching. details
Ant W11 daysSlowed down immediately I felt pull so didn't do too much damage. Rested & 2 bouts of massage.details
lorrieq11 daysdetails
EuanT11 daysRestdetails
errolpit11 daysdetails
Charlie11 daysClose enough. A lot of rolling, some hot tub, some rest. A ways to go, but the acute phase is over. details
HiipiväHirvi11 daysLepoodetails
errolpit11 daysdetails
errolpit11 daysdetails
grroes12 daysdetails
Ollie12 daysRested for two weeks, with just a couple of runs - stiffened up after the first one, but felt better after the second one. Yet to run on it to prove it's healed, though.details
balcius12 daysI guess I needed more time to recover after Igtisa race. Lots of work at the comapny and intense training. A strange thing but some special oil helped me out a lot. I will ask for more of it.details
Skid18512 daysjust easy running and rest. Physio once but not really necessary.details
motbakken12 daysRoet ned løpingen. Løp forsiktig i løpene, for ikke å provosere.details
hagi12 daysdetails
JesseHagberg12 daysTime. Seems to be ok now. Just logged it as a reminder to not do anything extreme with the hamstringdetails
Nadim12 daysI kept from extending it but kept exercising to keep the blood flow going. I did stretch most days too; usually after exercising or in elevators. details
dlking12 daysComplete two weeks off running. Ultrasound and ART on it right away. Did not listen to first sharp pain on Oct. 11 and ran for a week making it worse.details
tillman12 daysDurch Physio-Behandlung gut regeneriert. Weitere 2 Wochen Schonzeit, Skifahren. Kein Schmerz mehr, wenn nicht extrem und direkt belastet wird.details
Brooner12 daysdetails
Dehydrated12 daystook it easy for 2 weeks but did a few jogs to keep legs alive. OMM LS 2 weeks after injury and was finedetails
Arlaharen12 daysVila (som sammanföll med en långvarig förkylning)details
errolpit12 daysdetails
mjfirmin13 daysCaused by: Run, weights & soccer in one day then not resting the next Used RICE for couple days, then started light exercise with plenty of stretching. Maybe came back too soon because took quite a while to heal.details
JamesBradshaw13 daysdetails
Sarge13 daysrest, rest and restdetails
tlongley13 daysdetails
Rinni13 daysdetails
tillman13 daysdetails
lorrieq13 daysdetails
kurthu13 daysdetails
Clone13 daysPhysio needles and stretching as well as stretches at homedetails
errolpit13 daysdetails
errolpit13 daysdetails
Treadlie13 daysdetails
tdgood14 daysdetails
Fat Rat14 daysdetails
colbee14 daysthink its ok, will see over the next weeks after upping trainingdetails
TheInvisibleLog14 daysSlowly disappeared over a week. Still tight though.details
tdgood14 daysA week off then lots of stretching. It healed tight.details
tdgood14 daysRest, then easy stretching and jog.details
Whitesheep14 daysdetails
TheFlan14 daysRest - need to stretch moredetails
jdunn10014 daysHealed up with rest. Time to get back to the courtsdetails
Brooner14 daysdetails
PhilW14 daysFull weeks rest- after a premature attempt to run on it.details
V.B.15 daysdetails
ccsteve15 daysRest, stretching.details
salal15 daysdetails
errolpit15 daysdetails
firbanator15 daysdetails
kurthu15 daysdetails
Garry15 daysdetails
jemmerson15 daysdetails
revy16 daysSeemed to go away on its own more than anything. Probably would have gone away faster if I had rested.details
me!16 daysretire when running awkwardly better in long rundetails
PhilW16 daysRest last week and stretching.details
Rainbow Unicorn16 daysR&R - gradual stretching and low-impact use.details
ks16 daysdetails
LiveWideLoveDeep16 daysactive recovery, (easy) stretching, ice, rolling (foam roller, trigger point stuff) and strengthening exercises. Stayed away from anything that would aggravate it (running, excessive stretching) and worked on lengthening and getting out knots and getting blood into it. details
Reiver16 daysTight knee probable cause. (still not cured) Stopping and jogging in was a good decision and helped quick recovery. Running easy rather than doing nothing also helped.details
Trav16 daysScaled the speed way back. Two highly invasive massage sessions with Phildetails
Dehydrated16 daysok after 2 weeks no running (with re starting bike)details
Doris16 daysno wisdom.details
Hobitas16 daysdetails
Jagge17 daysdetails
CheeseSteak17 daysA few Graston tool treatments did the trick...still lots of scar tissue present, but I suppose that stretching/massage will eventually get rid of that.details
Akhilleus17 daysdetails
gaffelman17 daysHade läng kvar lite känningar pga att jag inte stretchat på rätt sätt. Fick sedan tips på en övning, och då släppte det omgående. details
valerio17 daysdetails
errolpit17 daysdetails
Old Daniel17 daysSeems to have gone away....foot still not great and running action not balanced so hazard for repeat is probably still there when I do push the pacedetails
Herbz17 daysdetails
Nadim17 daysRest and starting back slowly probably helped. This was my first injury in this area and not so deep as others I'd had. details
kurthu17 daysdetails
noken18 daysdetails
Böbe18 daysdetails
beeker19 daysRunning unprepared is not so good.details
Bruce19 daysA couple of weeks rest. Then slowly back into running. Pelvic and lower back stretches helped. Definately not my hamstring. Perhaps more hip and buttock related.details
errolpit19 daysdetails
Brodie Nank19 daysdetails
Keith Iskiw19 daysdetails
errolpit19 daysdetails
Brooner19 daysdetails
phil19 daysHamstring Protokoll und 2.5 Wochen, dann ist wieder gut.details
errolpit20 daysdetails
Craig20 daysdetails
Stijn20 daysdetails
Bender20 daysdetails
annawallin20 daysSjukgymnasten trodde jag fått en överbelastning och inte en sträckning. Han kände o drog och sa att min rörlighet var mycket bra och att jag borde kunna springa igen. Testlöpte en timme, lugnt, och det kändes bra! Såklart lite ovant eftersom jag inte löpt på tre veckor och även lite småkänningar men det var inte farligt sa han :)details
Cruachan20 daysdetails
Brooner20 daysdetails
DWildfogel20 daysLots of rolling out with theraband plus one session at Kevin's (with Matt) certainly helped. Mostly just making sure I didn't run too hard once I started to recover.details
Cambas20 daysdetails
kurthu21 daysdetails
tdgood21 daysdetails
CalumK21 daysStretch a lot, phisio massage details
Reiver21 daysComplete rest (no biking). See Border Physio. Suspect pelvis had moved and reset and ran with belt on.details
Guisborough121 daysCause was two speed sessions in a day. Then hammered it on Law race 8k. I should of just missed it. Lots of rest and then a little strengthening and foam roller.details
philm6421 daysrest then slow rehab, walk, then jogdetails
GRennie21 daysdetails
Nadim21 daysContinued rest and stretching. This might have been caused as my legs muscled were getting larger and more conditioned to running. details
Boje21 daysdetails
j-man22 daysI guess this is cleared up. I'll say it was cured on the Ridley weekend.details
mmace22 daysdetails
Shminty22 daysdetails
helehan22 days7 days rest, 7 days easing back in... all good!details
LCoughlan22 daysdetails
dcady22 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog22 daysHope I am recovered. Serious stretching and also enforced rest (illness then injury).details
kurthu22 daysdetails
errolpit22 daysdetails
errolpit22 daysdetails
ljbean22 daysrest, soft tissue work, strengthening think too much intensity after not running fast for so longdetails
Inprin23 daysResting ham helped the most. Stretching seemed to aggrivate.details
tdgood23 daysRest and relaxation. After a week started stretching it out. Did some exercsing on it (like Team trials, excersing bike, and eventually easy jogging.details
Zimmers23 daysdetails
errolpit23 daysdetails
mmace24 daysdetails
markg24 daysRegular tennis ball, ice, stretching. Each progressing as it improved.details
richf24 daysdetails
h.ban24 daysdetails
Brooner24 daysdetails
jfredrickson25 daysA full week off and then a week of easy running to build back up.details
jcampbell25 daysdetails
bro7225 daysmostly rest seemed to take care of this. Took it easy over vacation with mostly swimming.details
Swisscheese25 daysAfter a long race be carefull with starting tough training again. Use more cycling to get back into sports.details
schnitzer25 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog25 daysTook a couple of weeks to get to the point where running was plausible. Not sure if its fully gone now, or I have just got used to its presence.details
debarr3426 daysdetails
Oxoman26 daysdetails
graeme26 daysMay be random that recovery coincided with stopping the stretching regime.details
blairtrewin26 daysdetails
Veli Pulsa26 days2 viikkoa juoksutaukoa ja sen lisäksi pari viikkoa takareisi vaivasi harjoittelua, kun siihen en oikein uskaltanut luottaa, eli suunnilleen kuukausi meni.details
BP26 daysGeneral fatigue. RICE and eccentric strengthdetails
Lizzie26 daysdetails
Reiver27 daysTraining hard to early after quad injury. No running above 3/4 pace until March.details
Big Ev27 daysdetails
BruceMeier27 daysRest with some strengthening excercise and light short runs after a a week or 2details
Bruce27 daysdetails
billh27 daysit's not hurting any more during strength training or cycling, try a track run this Sundaydetails
duncanarcher27 daysdetails
runhigh28 daysdetails
BP28 daysdetails
richf28 daysdetails
AK28 daysdetails
billh28 dayscalling this "resolved" because feel good enough to race Thu . . . . plus I hurt my shoulder somehow and that hurts much worse. no pain in the hamstring, just notice still stiffer than the rightdetails
CHARLIE-B28 daysdetails
haydensmith28 daysThis seemed to creep up on me slowly, where I didn't notice until it got worse. Probably due to lack of rest, although I was diligent with stretching. Eventully went to physio, which helped a lot. Taped it before XC races, and by the last one, didn't have any discomfort at all.details
salal29 daysNot completely gone/out of my mind (I still am careful of that side), but not really affecting training anymore. Still working with the physio to slowly resolve all my imbalances. details
slauenstein29 daysHip stabilization exercises and butt muscle activation exercises were the key!details
TheInvisibleLog29 daysWent away gradually over a few weeks.details
Brooner29 daysdetails
MeanGene29 daysdo hip stretching exercise and hamstring stretches daily & before every run as recommended by Dr. Rob Jones.details
max.osterberg29 daysdetails
coach30 daysdetails
Joost30 daysdetails
errolpit30 daysdetails
triple-double30 daysNot sure what caused the strain, but it recovered with no particular therapy or without taking time off from my (minimal) training.details
errolpit30 daysdetails
HitnHope30 daysThe stretching (2x30 sec each side twice a day) has helped loosen the hamstrings and improved my speed and endurance considerably. Intend to continue the stretches indefinitely. I am now see how my hamstrings have been restricting me and causing pain for years. After a couple of weeks stretching I can run upstairs.details
mjd30 daysRest.details
graeme31 daysannoying for a month, but never really came to muchdetails
KingTim31 daysIt's hard to tell if this is truly recovered, but it's certanly not giving me any trouble now. Saw Chris Reynolds twice for a 30 minute massage. He recommended I go back before the marathon for another session to loosen the legs up again.details
LCoughlan31 daysgive it time !!!!!details
fkawam31 daysCause..see above.....probably would have lasted for a shorter time with more rigour in re-hab stretching and pool running in 3rd-4th week..Keeping hamstring overwarm in rehab stages while running good...Don't do hard workouts in the winter without extra warm legs and on days where there was poor sleep the night before.....Continuing icing stretching/strengthing routine...especially dynamic PNF stretchingdetails
Rainbow Unicorn31 daysStill not 100%, but haven't had issues at soccer as of late. details
kurthu31 daysdetails
codymonster31 daysGet a sports massage to remove the knots and trigger points.details
errolpit31 daysdetails
Charlie32 daysStill tight, but not sore. Haven't really tried running hard on it, but will continue to stretch it before I do.details
Ant W32 daysdetails
Clone32 daysdetails
Anna33 daysWeather got warmer.details
BruceMeier33 daysI think it's ok now and I'm ready for O event on Sunday. Right leg hamstring is still a niggle, which predates this injury. Keep stretching and strengthening them...details
blairtrewin33 daysProbably related to back. Came back too soon on it originally but fine the second time around.details
Bruce33 daysdetails
Bruce33 daysA little better each day. No speed work or hard running.details
Bruce33 daysdetails
devil34 daysdetails
lestarlight34 daysKenesio tape, acupuncture, walking, but no running, eased back into running with the run/walk methoddetails
Rich34 daysdetails
CHARLIE-B34 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog34 daysAlmost gone now, but I know its still a risk of recurrence. Rest then massage and the ball of pain.details
linastrand34 daysdetails
MeanGene35 daysSeeing Dr Rob Jones using ART(active release technique) to quicken recovery. It's a deep massage with stertching exercises. Must keep up the stretching from now on. Do dynamic warmup exercises before all running and biking.details
mmace35 daysdetails
coady35 daysphysio on 18 and 25 Marchdetails
LuT35 daysdetails
codymonster35 daysdetails
DanW36 daysdetails
herdwickmatt36 daysStill a little niggle but mainly when driving for 5hours...details
Jagge37 daysNo night O racing with injured hamstring.details
levitin37 daysrest and strengthening exercisesdetails
Brooner37 daysdetails
undy37 daysdetails
SteveT38 daysRestdetails
Brooner38 daysdetails
DWildfogel38 daysIt hasn't impeded my running for several weeks, but I could still feel it, especially when I stretched or rolled it out. But at this point, I'll consider myself recovered.details
Shminty39 daysPhysio, stretching, nerve release, exercisesdetails
MeanGene39 daysLast went to Rob Jones (ART) and get his treatment and exercises to stretch the side hip muscles. Those tight muscles forced the hamstring to overstretch and the cause for the strain. Within 4 days, he recommended I run. First Galloway 60/30 run/walk intervals, then on 10/5 - 100%. OK.details
codymonster39 daysdetails
O9Man40 daysI guess it's better now.details
Clone40 daysrestdetails
graeme40 daysEnforced rest due to breaking a collarbone seemed to fix it. Not a treatment I'd use again.details
errolpit40 daysdetails
Andrew Feucht41 daysWent to PT 4 times following the first 9 days of the injury. Should have gone to PT sooner. Active recovery is the new name of the game on hamstring pulls. PT was the best and helped me recover. I was running moderately within 4-5 weeks of the injury and full speed ahead within 9-10 weeks of injury. Super Happy!details
nhrivard41 daysIt just got better.details
HiipiväHirvi41 daysdetails
Roger G41 daysTook decent time to come backdetails
Shingo41 daysdetails
RASPUTIN42 daysdetails
gas_turbine42 daysdetails
veenstar42 daysdetails
Trav42 dayschiro and accupuncture. Icing.details
MeanGene43 daysActive release technique with Dr Mark DeCourcy in KC rather than just Ron Jones in Lawrence (slightly different approach to ART). Everyone including family doctor says I need to stretch the legs and loosen up.details
SoloCoyote43 daysstretching and core workouts combined. Stretching helps tremendously on day to day stuff, but core workouts are what is knocking it out. Not totally resolved, but very closedetails
helehan43 daysdetails
Bridge43 daysCause: stress on back What seemed to help: not lugging around a 50 lb backpack for a weekdetails
duncanarcher43 daysDon't try to overtake youths half my ages on final straight of parkrun.details
graeme44 days3 sessions of Physio, lots of stretching and firing exercise. Something called a "core" has been invented since I last went. (I think it's bum and tummy) "Resume gentle jogging" - short course at the six day. got better during the week. Maybe it was just rested long enough, maybe running with something else to think about. Still not 100% though, so maybe shouldnt be writing this...details
genebeveridge44 daysIt started to died away slowly from early March. I could still feel the popping when Im doing the exercises that the phsio gave me. Im training hard and its going away =Ddetails
Flatland44 daysdetails
Rosco45 daysdetails
andypat45 daysdetails
AllyBeaven45 daysdetails
prez ret46 daysdetails
helehan46 daysdetails
CharlieRennie46 daysdetails
GRennie46 daysdetails
peterabraham47 daysdetails
salal48 daysok... still tight in the area, but I wouldn't say it is injured anymore. I have to be carefull stretch it and such, and I still have at least one more physio appointment. details
andypat48 daysdetails
iainw48 daysPhysio said due to weak quads/tight hips. Went away more or less on its own, though continued crab walks and hamstring curls (less regularly), plus a bit more regular hip flexor stretching...details
veenstar48 daysPT x4. ongoing rolling/ stretching L quad and glut pre rundetails
HitnHope49 daysProbably overtraining. I've tried to mix the training and not push too hard Physio has helped a lot massaging the lumps, and did a strenuous run today with no ill-effects. Took a while to get rid of but was never severe. Both hamstrings still tight - trying to loosen them with Pilatesdetails
sberg50 daysMassage and stretching helped more than rest. Need to stretch more!details
artsosa50 daysdetails
mikeminium50 daysAfter MRI etc, they're not really sure why it was so debilitating. I think the original injury was caused by pulling heavy picnic tables by myself for the New Year's Day event; I had some soreness the next day; got progressively worse until it gave out when I tried to race on the 9th. But whatever it was, it healed pretty quickly. Definitely need to do more regular stretching and strengthening exercises.details
kurthu51 daysdetails
Nadim51 daysIt slowly got better. Though things felt like a pulled hamstring, the medical diagnosis was Lumbar Radiculopathy. Making this resolution entry after the fact, I guess my body re-routed the nerves after my disc herniation and a piece breaking off between L4/L5, then getting lodged in my spinal column squeezing the spinal cord. details
tp51 daysI'll credit the hamstring curls with the exercise ball, and perhaps taking shorter steps when running. Also did various obvious stretches, gently.details
Rosco52 daysstretching is an integral part of trainingdetails
Thoto52 daysdetails
MeanGene53 daysdetails
workouttexas54 daysDo more hamstring exercises in buildup to marathon.details
Nadim55 daysThe tightness is mostly gone. I think just giving it time helped more than anything. I didn't stretch much after a few rounds of it seemed to aggrivate it. I rested it a lot too, mostly for reasons other than to let it heal. details
Adrian Hamouda55 daysdetails
A356 daysIn eerste instantie te korte rust periode (2weken) daarna Fysio, voldoende rust (wel cross trainer) en later lopen met compressie band.details
errolpit57 daysdetails
Thoto57 daysPause, Physio ... Einklemmen des Nervs in der Leistengegend durch Oberschenkelmuskel.details
Charlie57 daysI'll mark this down as recovered, although it is still not 100%. Critical treatment that has allowed me to run again is wrapping it every time with a rather stout adjustable neoprene wrap. A lot of support and warmth, and reasonably comfortable by now. I expect to wear the wrap at least for the next three to four weeks.details
Brooner57 daysdetails
kwruck58 daysdetails
mmace58 daysdetails
boyle58 daysdetails
Eug59 daysdetails
dancarter59 daysI think it was caused by running too hard, too soon in colder weather. I took a month off completely from running with short hikes, walking and biking. Slowly started running short distances and stopping if the pain came back. Good warm ups are key.details
MeanGene59 daysDr. Rob Jones says older runners end up with weak glutes because running involved only forward motion and not using muscles if you went side to side like other sports. That put all the workload on the hamstrings. Strengthen the glutes and future running would be back to using all the muscles. details
HitnHope60 daysAfter the marathon, probably the least painful part of my legs. Wondering if it was in my head to stop me overtraining.details
Trav60 daysBeing super careful with L5 which was likely herniated. ART with Eric Olympico. Pretty good diagnostician.details
JohnT61 daysStretching lying on floor, leg pulled back to chest some pressure on by other person. x3 30 sec 3 times a daydetails
mayer2261 daysProbably could have switched to heating to help get rid of blood but heating is what helped cause this whole mess. Be more careful with heating injuries. Ice for the first 24-48 hours and then start heating.details
Bruce61 daysdetails
gas_turbine62 daysLong term easy running, Yoga. It may come back with speed work in the spring. Knock wood on that.details
Rosco63 daysSlight strain, then too much racing on it which didn't allow it to heal. Finally rest and physio sorted. Need to do more stretching.details
cfpete64 daysBacked off and did not run as much. Seems to be gone.details
ChristianeT65 daysDon't do things with stiff muscles. details
errolpit66 daysdetails
dersu66 daysdetails
AliC67 daysCause: stupid heal injury walking Resolution: lots of time off, swimming is the best exercise to really let it healdetails
cschneiderclimb67 dayscalling this one closed. Hammy is still a little tight on occassion, but I think it's mostly healed.details
ultrajen67 daysRest, stretching adductors, psoas. Slowly building strengthdetails
Jono_O69 daysdetails
BorisGr71 daysdetails
Geoman71 daysdetails
mmace71 daysdetails
duncanarcher72 daysdetails
LOST_Richard73 daysMostly rest, survived the Xmas 5 Days so officially recovereddetails
mmace73 daysdetails
graeme75 daysMild niggle for several months, gradually eased up. post-BGR rest seems to finish it. Still gets v.sore on long drives. Physio suggests it might be sciatica. Nerve stretchesdetails
crusher75 daysDon't know exactly when this went away. I forget to log in the injury section, which is a good thing. "Treatment" for my twitchy hammy consisted mostly of being careful about warming up before quick efforts, and also some foam-rolling and massage.details
GM76 daysdetails
Bruce76 daysI got the results of my MRI last night. It says that I do have oestitis pubis, and a small 8mm tear in the left adductor tendon that joins onto the pubic bone. Given that I have been in no pain for almost 3 weeks now, the doctor is not going to intervene. However, if I have another set back then he would like to treat me to improve my recovery. Hopefully I am already on the road to recovery and the worst is over, but if there are any setbacks, at least I know what is wrong and can...details
P78 daysdetails
danh79 daysdetails
phil79 daysHat länger gedauert, ist aber seit etwa Mitte Dezember wieder gut. details
runner_pucci80 daysdetails
Davidm081180 daysRestdetails
MeanGene81 daysdetails
wilsmith81 daysUnsure of the cause, although either the NavStock Sprint or else the NavStock Raid would seem to be the likely culprits. Nagged me a looooong time. Probably not 100% recovered yet, but will call it so just to not have the injury coloring on the log any more. Must be 95% back anyway - only pain with hard exertion at the moment.details
Tullster81 daysdetails
mushy_pea83 daysNo speedwork and mostly rest or easy jogging between races.details
undy84 daysTime and some stretching, although that may have triggered ITBS :(details
richf87 daysdetails
ami88 daysDid not get to the physio until a month had passed. It improved a lot with treatment. details
coach88 daysCould not run until around August 2, slowly got better.details
mmace88 daysdetails
Bee_G88 daysdetails
gas_turbine89 daysNever truly recovered, but pop in L hamstring makes this one irrelevant for now. doing low forward Yoga lunges seems to help (keep body low, rather than taking it up - like in a sprinter stance).details
graeme90 daysStretching, but just took a while and isn't really right even when closing this off.details
Reiver90 daysNot fully recovered to full training but building back now. Need to be more careful with this in future as it should never have lasted 90 days. Too many atte,mpts to come back to soon.details
Hilary91 daysnow having spent a lot of money on the physio this turns out to have been more of a back injury and lack of response of the core muscles. This means I have to maintain a schedule of regular core strength exercises and maintain it....always!details
Rainbow Unicorn91 daysNo soccer for 2 months. Could potentially have issues with this in the future - hopefully not.details
FE91 daysdetails
O-ing92 daysHorrible spasm at the base of the hammie behind the knee. Had to hop to the finish of the ACT sprints and couldn't run properly at Oceania. Eased off with time. details
SwissMiss93 daysNot 100% recovered but am doing LOTS of physio exercises which seems to help. Just doing short runs.details
mmace93 daysdetails
sberg94 daysdetails
CHARLIE-B94 daysRecurring problem turned really bad. 3 month recovery. Went to PT after a month. Worked wonders. Uncovered a myriad of issues. Like peeling an onion. Hoping for long term resolution. details
TheInvisibleLog96 daysLots more rest (weeks), driven by another injury, seems to have solved the problem.details
andyhill98 daysPhysio and daily hamstrings programdetails
dgrove101 daysPost-season rest.details
BigWillyStyle102 daysdetails
W104 daysdetails
Katashunis106 daysdetails
bl107 daysPut an end-date tho not tested - need some hard, longer runs and some O runs in particular. Certainly the situation has disappeared from sight.details
Mattias I108 daysdetails
Binnsey109 daysdetails
Hawkeye109 dayseffluxion of timedetails
Tane109 daysDid some mobility exercises, free-ed up the neural pathway. Almost instant fixdetails
Bruce109 daysdetails
OL110 daysAvoiding stretchingdetails
OL110 daysAvoiding stretchingdetails
richf112 daysdetails
HitnHope113 daysTrauma caused it due to careless running. It's more or less healed so I'm back to full training, but the hamstring is significantly weaker and needs a lot of work strengthening it. details
HitnHope114 daysFinally, nearly a year after the injury. Taking two weeks out made a huge difference. The fact that I was skiing seems to have been beneficial in that the other muscles in my legs were getting a balanced workout. Am now stretching the hams after every run. Cycling is good if it starts to ache from too much running. details
philm64117 daysdetails
codymonster117 daysUse a hard little ball on the middle of the affected hamstring, to loosen the hamstring.details
duncanarcher117 daysStill remained tight for weeks after, but manage to control it with caredetails
MeanGene118 daysdetails
timbo122 daysdetails
Rsbrun122 daysGetting on the spinbike did the trick, plus some strengthening. Couldn't tolerate road or mt bike, road bumps and trail bumps just killed my sitting bone area and injury. details
Nick123 daysdetails
joch55125 daysdetails
ironmom130 days3 plasma injections, stopped running for a while. Continue to do lots of stretching. details
philm64130 days2 sessions with lisa the osteopath and some gradual return to jogging/ running. details
Shingo132 daysdetails
kurthu133 daysdetails
Hadron Collider 135 daysdetails
bl136 daysFaded away with virtually no stress since. details
richf138 daysarbitrary revovery datedetails
schnitzer139 daysdetails
Shaya142 daysdetails
jemmerson144 daysdetails
annawallin144 daysOklart när det blev helt bra men har inga problem med det längre i alla fall (22/4) men borde nog ändå se till att inte glömma bort att köra de övningarna specifikt för höften/låret.details
JesseHagberg146 daysStopped unicycling. Stopped playing soccer. Stopped running except for long runs every now and then. Took a looooong time to totally heal.details
Pavementsucks154 daysdetails
jwolff154 daysdetails
Orunner161 daysdetails
bl163 daysending the flag - the issue slowly evaporated as all those before. Have run a # of times w/o bad feedback. Such reality becoming such vagueness.....details
Tane167 daysdetails
Doris177 daysTimedetails
Shaya182 daysdetails
silje182 daysdetails
AI-aka-nerimka185 daysNzn kas ten issauke, ar kritimas per Vilniaus cempa, ar nuo stuburo. laikui begant praejo kazkaip.details
ChrisG202 daysdetails
colesnotes202 daysTook all of February off from running. I've been doing hamstring stretches after every time I work out.details
kensr212 daysNo problem over the winter when I'm not running. Doing lots of hamstring extensions, will see if it goes well come spring.details
amandap215 daysStill off and on they hurt, but pretty close to recovered here. Thought I would never say it.details
Squashy221 daysdetails
BigWillyStyle221 daysdetails
Shaya222 daysdetails
bugeater227 dayslesson- done think ur a 16 yr old again, a few wks before a major event and go for a gopro moment water-skiing. bad this things happen. details
oscarS230 daysdetails
slowphil247 daysBeen clear for a good couple of months now, so will declare resolved :)details
gas_turbine250 daysTurning it off 12/3/18 - still there, but working on it with exercises that are more glute related.details
Komy253 daysdetails
vandy6616259 daysThe hamstring/lower back pain appears to be finally getting better. It's not 100% yet, but getting closer. Two things seem to help. Adjustments to my orthotics and cutting out caffine. details
Clone272 daysStill feel it occasionally almost ayr later...details
Hobitas278 daysdetails
ChristianeT285 daysUnfortunately, I didn't find a good solution. Just waiting and avoiding painful training (=running flat fast).details
Nev-Monster286 daysJust need to have an end date here. details
dersu287 daysDr. says that I'll have this forever, and some visits to PT have shown me how to stabilize it, so I'm taking it off the listdetails
Rckymtnbiker287 days7/11 - first visit to Dr. Mathews has 'fixed' the hamstring issue; felt 100% better after treatment and was able to resume running & strength training without any recurrence. Will see Jeff 1x week for next 2-3 weeks before LT100. 10/26: Re-injured hamstring multiple times on track workouts and other sprints. Focusing on strength work and cross-work to heal completely. 12/3: Saw Debra Gillis DPT @ CSSC, final diagnosis is upper hamstring tear near tendon connections; therapy is dry needl...details
dcady289 daysThis issue hasn't gone away completely but I can live with it as it is. It might always be a little weak but it doesn't seem to affect my running any more, nor my ability to do leg presses at the gym. I don't think about it much. It is only sore first thing in the morning as I sit for breakfast. Some things you just live with.details
ccsteve293 daysdetails
Doris296 daysI'm going to mark this as resolved even though I can still feel gentle tugs when I tire. No lessons - just feel old and I think it will never be the same again.details
pauline300 daysdetails
herdwickmatt308 daysLeg strengthening lots of modified bridges. Bridge clams etc. Strengthening of glute and hamstring.details
Bernard309 daysdetails
FrankTheTank315 daysrecovereddetails
DickO316 daysdetails
ChristianeT323 daysThink I found the place where the problem arises and massaging this point helps, but I still don't know why I got this problem :\details
hodgepodge354 daysdetails
gas_turbine361 daysProper PT (went to a very good one after 1/2 year of little progress). For a very very long time. Don't push injuries when they start sneaking their way in - I just ignored it, and then it got me the day after speedwork.details
ChrisG370 daysdetails
blairtrewin374 daysdetails
silje376 daysdetails
blegg382 daysStopped being an issue after a sinus-enforced 7 month layoff.details
fletch422 daysTook till I restarted training again in October 2023 to be genuinely free of discomfort when running. details
1L483 daysCalling it healed. Stil lots of work to do generally but HS is pretty much fully useable now. Need to work up mileage. Becareful about overtraining. If something is injured give it time for recovering - don't keep trying to train with the injury.details
nh483 daysHaven't felt pain in a while so I think it's sorteddetails
RLShadow516 daysdetails
Jenja521 daysdetails
Veli Pulsa599 daysdetails
ClimbAK631 daysdetails
thunderthighs655 daysTima and continue to do gentle exercise.details
Lori683 daysdetails
cfosp1732 daysThis ebbed off with PT exercises. Re-injured last fall when I hit my foot on a root and had this shooting pain all the way up to the tendon. Not as bad as the initial injury and it got gradually better. Don't notice it any longer. details
Yvonne1140 daysRight now, I'm putting this one to rest. I don't believe I am completely recovered -- because I do think this is a chronic condition. But the good news is that I think it is manageable through consistent strength/stretch work and careful training practices.details
Career Move1328 daysdetails
torbensfunk1867 daysnot recoverd but its okaydetails
Cruachan2927 daysdetails
jennycas4028 daysdetails
RimvydasA1+ daysdetails
DWildfogel126+ daysdetails
nicki131+ daysdetails
Cruachan222+ daysdetails
Backstreet Boy627+ daysdetails
AMethven1204+ daysdetails
ViJi1232+ daysdetails
herdwickmatt1603+ daysdetails
davec1646+ daysdetails
schnitzer1658+ daysdetails
BorisGr1682+ daysdetails
FE1691+ daysdetails
FE2034+ daysdetails
Clara2112+ daysdetails
Career Move2128+ daysdetails
Rosco2187+ daysdetails
Yvonne2218+ daysdetails
j-man2331+ daysdetails
CBL2711+ daysdetails
FE2769+ daysdetails
jamieb2879+ daysdetails
Oxoman3068+ daysdetails
Oxoman3072+ daysdetails
gregorysorensen3084+ daysdetails
Luppy13196+ daysdetails
Ant W3214+ daysdetails
Lu-po3283+ daysdetails
Flatland3297+ daysdetails
mklimek3307+ daysdetails
skypioter3361+ daysdetails
Fraser P3369+ daysdetails
ScooterPhelps3490+ daysdetails
MidnightStalker3549+ daysdetails
Phil_bj3632+ daysdetails
marvin3676+ daysdetails
ToRunLong3696+ daysdetails
AK3703+ daysdetails
mccallross3710+ daysdetails
gclover3768+ daysdetails
gclover3769+ daysdetails
gclover3771+ daysdetails
rf_fozzy3809+ daysdetails
HWW3813+ daysdetails
mklimek3925+ daysdetails
Roger T4040+ daysdetails
Gryphon4045+ daysdetails
ilknur can4138+ daysdetails
jcampbell4366+ daysdetails
phatty4456+ daysdetails
Clean4458+ daysdetails
stampy4568+ daysdetails
BeckyR4669+ daysdetails
kwruck5046+ daysdetails
Wally805082+ daysdetails
ladoucem5275+ daysdetails
jtorranc5352+ daysdetails
runnerafd5435+ daysdetails
Browner5461+ daysdetails
drakep5502+ daysdetails
Harrison5505+ daysdetails
phatmax5608+ daysdetails
Clubby5744+ daysdetails
Heliveikki5815+ daysdetails
talusrunner5925+ daysdetails
slowmo5948+ daysdetails
kandersen6025+ daysdetails
walkure8868+ daysdetails