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Lower Back Pain (Torso)

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Average recovery time: 70 days

Recorded Instances

GM0 daysrest, warmth, time, plus being sensibledetails
Mrs.Gally0 daysdetails
Frostbite0 daysdetails
Ollie1 daysCaused I think by lying in the soft chalet bed for 12 hours straight (as I was feeling ill from the night before.) details
mmace1 daysdetails
BazorakcommaJ1 daysdetails
bryant1 dayswent away by next morning, but i shall be more careful next time and limit the amount of effort i put in.details
O-ing1 daysLay down flat for 3 hours, Voltaren (3 tabs)details
rebeccakr1 daysdetails
NMFC1 daysdetails
E-li-sha1 daysswimming fixes anythingdetails
Thoto1 daysBesser durch Warmes Bad, Sitzheizung + Massage, Grund des Hexenschusses nicht bekanntdetails
coach1 daysWent away without much on my part.details
price20141 daysnever pop your back before band practice...details
Ollie2 daysKept a good posture for the 48 or so hours it took to clear up. I'll stay away from impact training until the weekend, though.details
Wonkey Donkey2 daysTry to spend more time stretching, especially after long periods sat in car. i.e. 480miles to night champs in 12hrs, 6 hours to Birmingham plus work.details
Ollie2 daysWas careful not to aggravate, and it cleared up as normal after a couple of days. This was not nearly as bad as I've had it in the past.details
Trisportgurl2 daysdetails
errolpit2 daysdetails
NMFC2 daysdetails
kurthu2 daysdetails
LuT2 daysdetails
Sore Thumb2 daysdetails
fpb2 daysBack to 100%. A testament to being in shape.details
Toblerone2 daysAfter these conditions are gone and after I do my next race, I am going to start training my lower back with more frequency to prevent this from happening again -- obviously I overdid it but it's also obvious now I have a major weakness that needs attention. Just sucks I had to find out this way.details
andyd2 daysdetails
RJM2 daysRestdetails
TheInvisibleLog2 daysSlow down and extra caution on back xercisesdetails
andypat2 daysdetails
tom-carl2 daysdetails
nickm2 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog2 daysA day pf rest and keeping movingdetails
Gooder2 daysrest, chiro & massagedetails
Hedis2 daysdetails
Poogy2 daysdetails
fn2 daysVila.details
kensr2 daysEasy on the back for a couple days, no hill running. details
bealaw2 daysThis isn't the first time.I guess sometimes I have a bad posture when I am sitting or standing. There maybe linkage between my calf strain and plantar ficistis and lower back pain. I didn't do much, simply getting some rest by not having any training. details
tdgood2 daysdetails
Charlie2 daysNever know how these things will go. Sometimes they resolve quickly, sometimes not. I was much better after Eric stretched me yesterday, then got up this morning without any significant pain.details
Möhkis2 daysSelvisin pelkällä säikähdyksellä. Jumppaa ja humppaa, niillä tulee kuntoon!details
JohnW2 daysDetermined that it was likely due to a worn out bed. Purchased a new one which I will begin to use in a week or so when it's delivered. In the meantime, trying to sleep on the edge of the bed where it is firmer. details
Otto2 daysVilade en dag då det gjorde ganska ont i ryggen. Först i mitten och sedan på sidorna en i taget. Men sen gick det helt bra och springa 2 och 3 dagar efter utan några känningar. Kom tillbaka lite sen när jag sprang och lutade mig men gick över igen. details
mmace3 daysdetails
bigbluemarble3 daysNot sciatica. Muscle spasms across lower back. Wondering if it is lasting effects from flubbed epidural in March 2004. details
Jagge3 daysdetails
LC3 daysGot a massage and was diligent with the trigger point therapy.details
Julia (old log)3 daysdetails
jima3 daysSlinging windows around on my own - kinda stupid. Skiing seemed to reallly help - probably the stretching invovled. Hot baths and ibuprofen also major factors.details
TheMinister3 daysdetails
triple-double3 daysimproved in 2 days on its own. I avoided doing anything that hurt furing 2 days as much as possible.details
Tooms3 daysTime, and a few ibuprofen when it was at its worst. All good now.details
dcady3 daysSimply waited it out. Much better today - virtually gone.details
Skippy3 daysdetails
Charlie3 dayssleeping on the floor was the best thing. I think I got this from bending over quickly while there was a cold wind on my back. Just a spasm.details
MDeVoll3 daysRest, advil, and warm wrap on the lower back, though yesterday started cool wrap. Still not sure if I strained or bruised a muscle or kidney.details
Skinorge063 daysdetails
Marius3 daysdetails
bestes3 daysStill sore but not limiting me from doing anything.details
Hirppa3 daysdetails
Marius3 daysdetails
xcsnowskier143 daysFew days of taking it easy was more than enough.details
Kas3 daysSeemed to stop hurting a bit, hopefully recovered :)details
TheMinister3 daysrest, keep the body moving, long afternoon naps, hot compress, and stretchesdetails
pepa.3 daysdetails
jkudlicka3 daysStretching lower need to work on my coredetails
Torzi3 dayshas seemed to have recovered! just need to be carefuldetails
Torzi3 daysfine now details
Cruachan3 daysdetails
Shingo3 daysdetails
jasondedrick3 daysdetails
LarryC3 daysdetails
Strawanzer3 daysdetails
phil3 days10 Stunden Schlaf und alles ist wieder gut.details
Kitch3 daysdetails
Torzi3 daysLuckily just stiffness - eased in a few days! details
RHF3 daysSeemed to get a bit better. Saw Kim for a physio appointment 10 days laterdetails
carladams3 daysNeed to work on my lifting form for heavy objects, also need to focus more on core and stretching details
Jagge3 daysdetails
CathW4 daysdetails
kwruck4 daysdetails
Ant W4 daysStart doing Pilates again!details
dkonotopetz4 daysdetails
Rowl4 daysTight glut muscle pinching nerve. Glut stretching, more swimming and yoga.details
Ollie4 daysdetails
errolpit4 daysdetails
Sami114 daysdetails
Mona4 daysRest. Massage with tiger balm and icy-cold.details
ab4 daysdetails
OL4 daysRest, chiro, range of motiondetails
ericpurpus4 daysdetails
Tooms4 daysdetails
Stryder4 daysRestdetails
dcady4 daysProbably caused by not warming up before shoveling. Time helped in the recovery.details
michalmy4 daysRest, Deep Heat.details
colesnotes4 daysTook off Friday - Sunday from running and did a very slow 10km Monday. Will continue to go slow and buildup.details
P-K4 daysdetails
Shingo4 daysdetails
P-K4 daysrest...details
JKarjus4 daysIlmselt lihaste ülepinge või külmetus. Läks sisuliselt ise üle.details
scoutsam4 daysrest and stretching helped - still a little tightdetails
Dalton4 daysdetails
kurthu4 daysdetails
errolpit4 daysdetails
ernst4 days I felt the early signs of it coming, but did not do my strengthening exercises. Could have avoided this - silly me.details
duncanarcher4 daysdetails
Janus5 daystreat your back very well, and make sre to stretch regularlydetails
TheInvisibleLog5 daysThis is fixed by keeping the back mobile. Don't stop running, even if its really slow.details
mortenneve5 daysdetails
Nadim5 daysA combination of rest and exercise seemed to help. details
OJ5 daysdetails
Nookie Junkie5 daysdetails
furlong475 daysdetails
dcady5 daysDecided to be cured when it didn't interfere with either running or lifting weights. So what if it hurts when getting up from a chair? (joke) Only used advil on day 1. It got better by itself.details
Nadim5 daysRest from exercise (not much sleep though) and some stretching got it back to a closer to normal feeling. details
bubo5 daysdetails
Stryder5 daysrecovered enough to train lightly, going to begin strain-counter-strain therapy Tuesday 2/22/2011details
evancuster5 daysdetails
Ursa5 daysantibiotikidetails
thiesd5 daysi think it was inflammation in my back, and some ibuprofen and some good stretching post rundetails
peterk5 daysdetails
bubo5 daysdetails
mmace5 daysdetails
Tooms5 daysDay 4 was strong ES & MFD spasming R sided, pretty much gone Day 5. Good.details
Porti5 daysdetails
Tingis5 daysblir bra på några dagars vila.details
jwolff5 daysdetails
pcbrent5 daysdetails
jasondedrick5 daysdetails
errolpit5 daysdetails
AG5 daysdetails
JohnDingelstad5 daysVisit to osteopath.details
jkudlicka5 daysdetails
Shingo5 daysdetails
mostfrantic5 daysmobility work (lower back smash and pelvis reset), ice and heat, nsaids 600mg 2x daily details
philm645 daysIt resolved on its own with rest. details
schnitzer5 daysdetails
jwolff5 daysdetails
igor_5 daysdetails
Shingo5 daysdetails
Jagge5 daysdetails
Danny Riley5 daysdetails
ken5 daysdetails
jotaigna6 daysas it happened before, lots of rest, withdrew from competition and a series of lower back stretches combined with neurofen plus and voltarendetails
kurthu6 daysdetails
bradc6 daysLots of heat, stretching, brufen and mobility work. After three days there was noticeable improvement; by the weekend it felt pretty much OK.details
naomi6 daysdetails
Tooms6 daysLumbar spine 'hinges' instead of curves at L2/L3. Theory is hard ride Tues over loaded the hinge point and there was a minor shift of one of the joints and concurrent severe muscle spasm.details
Nadim6 daysI just took it easy; walking slower and going down stairs slower. details
chrispat6 daysdetails
Firbee6 daysConstant movement seemed to help. Spoke with some sports genius who said is was a mucle pull, and that inactivity is the worst thing for it, although thats all it makes you want to do. Its faded to almost nothing now, and I imagine it'll be gone in the next day or so.details
ccsteve6 daysRest, Stretching, Walking. Need to add a core component to workouts...details
slangjudoka6 daysdetails
Rosco6 daysvery tight musclesdetails
GoSalamander6 daysRest.details
Ironfrog6 daysVoltaren immediately and normal exercise is key as long as the back i not "locked". In the latter case, it would be appropriate to start up with Voltaren, see a physical therapist or similar and get help to manipulate the joints in place the same day, and then start up with exercise.details
cortelmcm6 daysMassage helps prevent most my back issues. Need to continue stretching program.details
peterk6 daysA visit to chiropracter and physio has helped settle this downdetails
YouRNotHere6 daysThis is about 95% recovered. Had to lay off the resistance training for a few days. details
LOST_Richard6 daysA few good pokes from the physiodetails
afsheen6 daysRelatively weak abdominals. details
nickm6 daysdetails
Flam6 daysChtâteau de sable anti inflammatoiredetails
Jonas Detterfelt6 daysdetails
Ptr6 daysdetails
levitin6 daysLack of stretching? Ground pounding?details
kaplis6 daysSeems it was caused by wrong core strength exercise I did in Montreal. Long walks seemed to help.details
Jagge6 daysdetails
Freeheelpete6 daysNeed to keep up with glute, core and weightsdetails
Shingo6 daysdetails
Old Daniel6 daysStill around but rest and no exercise seems to have recovered. Maybe due to not doing too much with laptop in one positiondetails
Gustav6 daysdetails
Timato6 daysdetails
dcady6 daysIbuprofen was useful. Used max recommended dose for a couple of days and then random dosing. Heating pad was useful. Try to remember to start earlier next time. Probably should pay more attention to strengthening core with side planks.details
angelica7 daysJust a 'stiff back' like a 'stiff neck'. Time helped it go away - I even ran a race and was okay.details
Norry X-C Loppet7 dayssolid bed, saty away from squash courts, do high reps in weight room easy runs, stay active, but just ease off everything. It's hard not to test it, but DON'T IT DOESN'T WORK you have done this before!!! Just nice and easy... HEALdetails
Evaldas7 daysdetails
Jagge7 daysdetails
Marius7 daysIsgeriau Diclack tableciu pora ir kazkokoi tepalo dar nupirko.details
xcman827 daysdetails
xcman827 daysdetails
dwiz037 daysTook 2 days offdetails
hamish7 daysdetails
bubo7 daysMaybe overdoing the double-poling without being properly conditioned? Arms were OK but back was tired and then I lost my grip on the last uphill and violently pulled a tired muscle...details
Totem7 daysdetails
OL7 daysIMS treatment on Thursday fixed it. details
MDeVoll7 daysThis injury caught me by surprise. I ramped up my workout, but nothing led me to think I would be out for the week. I used heat, ibuprofen, stretching and rest. Noticed that the pain migrated from my lower back to my front hip, before eventually resolving itself.details
Ollie7 daysdetails
gas_turbine7 daysStretch, exercise. Wait for pop.details
GoSalamander7 daysIgnored it.details
O9Man7 daysdetails
jima7 daysSlowly better over time. Hot packs, move gently until things loosen up, Ben-gay as needed. details
tdgood7 daysRest. Was able to run at Summer series with no problems. It is still a little sore but not a problem now.details
steveny7 daysRest and Ice (and some chyro)details
Jagge7 daysrestdetails
JVD7 dayswent away. Just need to be more careful in the future with the weird repeated bending under load.details
waltimo7 daysAiheutui ehkä liiasta treenipiikistä. Lähti levolla ja tulehduskipulääke kuurilladetails
Shingo7 daysdetails
sjreeve7 daysdetails
philm647 daysspasm. one of those things. details
iansmith7 daysdetails
andyhill7 daysRestdetails
Parkino7 daysrest, stretchesdetails
pepa.7 days Nach 7 Tagen = tabletten alle. Scheint gut zu sein.details
urthbuoy8 daysdetails
drwill48 daysPain still present but reduced. Probably there for life ust like the right side of my back.details
andyd8 daysdetails
Sid8 daysDo not do core workout two days in a row.details
Jared8 daysStill a bit sore but very manageable now time is all it took.details
errolpit8 daysdetails
coach8 daysGone away on it's own.details
KingTim8 daysLots of stretching and no running. Maintaining good posture while sitting at work.details
Hämis8 daysdetails
cfpete8 daysRest, ice, heat - need to be carefuldetails
jpeters8 daysAcupuncture, yoga, PT work on tight hips has basicallly addressed the issue. Need to be careful to continue to stretch hips well.details
jima8 daysGoing to declare victory - just sort of faded away. Seat heater in the car, applied at the proper times, made a lot of difference in getting out after a long drive and not being hunched over for several hours.details
glitterwitch8 daysyoga, yoga yogadetails
Pellervo8 daysKipukoukku, lepoa ja pääsin maanantaina Raunolla hierottavaksi. details
JaimeVelo8 daysstill slightly stiff but back to 95%details
Lieke8 daysdinsdag halve dag op bed gelegen, rust lijkt goed geholpen te hebben daarna ging het een stuk beter.details
JonD8 daysrunning hills while tired, using the Inov8 shoes w/out orthotics seemed to cause it; fortunately this seemed to be just a lower back strain; took celebrex for 3 days and advil the rest. took 4 days off 11.2 - post MCM had some hard soreness in my right thigh and continued soreness in my back, which i attribute to the usual sciatic pain.details
xctimo8 daysdetails
ChristianeT8 daysDon't try to lift things sideways.details
J_Dean8 daysdetails
bee8 daysawkward lift of grandson #2 treated with rest and Vit Idetails
itsmartin8 daysThis just took some rest and after a few days I was able to get in core work again.details
bee8 daysCame on just after the USOC2015 meet in Kentucky. No obvious event associated with the spasm, but it followed an earlier wrestle with a wet kayak, a return flight to Japan, and the flight to Kentucky from Vancouver, all within a couple of weeks. Probably an aggregate response, intensified by some hard running on the Carter Caves map. Treated with TLC and Vit I. Resolved after about a week.details
Shingo8 daysdetails
Eerola8 dayshierojalla kävin 3. päivänä ja sen jälkeen se tuntui enää lihaksen puolella. ei jatkunu samanlaisena jumina kuin aikaisemmindetails
tdgood8 daysdidn't do any exercise for week.details
Otto8 daysGick över efter att tagit en vilodag och blev bättre och bättre av sig själv. Kom sen tillbaka lite igen efter jag cyklat men gick över av sig själv igen. Ska försöka stretcha och bli mer rörlig samt köra lite mer bålstyrka. details
TheInvisibleLog8 daysImproved enough to allow running but still an issuedetails
Timato8 daysCaused by 3 workouts in a row and then physio strength training on day 4details
tdgood8 daysdetails
michalmy8 daysRest from physical work.details
Sony9 daysdetails
Nadim9 daysI waited it out though exercise did seem to have a positive correlation. It just wasn't immediate. Also odd was the migration of the pain from the base of the spine to my hip and down into my left leg..details
The Fish9 daysAbs, arches, and stretching.details
Tim S9 daysdetails
tcut9 daysdetails
Strand9 daysdetails
Mahuan!9 daysTurned out to be nothing but a little muscle soreness that went away with rest and yoga.details
Stryder9 daysI was healed enough to do my back PT so I figure that is healed enough to begin regular training.details
vad19739 daysRemise en place de la vertèbredetails
Sid9 daysNeed to do more regular core work! Torso is too imbalanced otherwise!details
TheInvisibleLog9 daysIn the end increasing pain forced total rest for a day, and then a slow recovery ensued. Wisdom. That's obvious... don't run into kangaroos.details
phil9 daysChemie hiflt: Ibuprofen und Suldarud (oder irgendsowas). details
mbo9 days? sleeping without a pillow at Wheeler ? plodding along with the AT gear ? the few bale-outs I took when skiing too fastdetails
johnd9 daysPhysio.A slight mis placed disc impinging on a nerve.More glute /core strengthening.details
tjansson9 daysdetails
Jay-T9 daysRest...details
NatalieEB9 daysdetails
evancuster9 daysdetails
Flam9 daysdetails
Shingo9 daysdetails
peterk9 daysdetails
Nails9 daysdetails
sberg9 daysdetails
Shingo9 daysdetails
errolpit9 daysdetails
Grandpa Lefty9 daysChiro and restdetails
Sandbo9 daysdetails
Otto9 daysKänner fortfarande lite men går bra och springa. Ska hålla nere på löpmängd tills det släpper helt. details
antoniomariani9 daysdetails
jima9 daysdetails
leper10 daysonly taking it easy, lying down a lot, and one of those velcro back brace things seemed to help.details
dcady10 daysSlowly got better by itself. No docs. Took max dose of ibuprofen for first several days. Tried heating pad a couple of times and that seemed to help a lot. Should have used it sooner and more often.details
mmace10 daysdetails
LeeVice10 daysdetails
frankj10 daysstopped d'lifts and squats. gave it time. extra careful with d'lift form from now on.details
Sid10 daysJust rested and had an easy week. details
tomtom10 daysdetails
Cake10 daysWeak back. Tut tutdetails
tcut10 daysdetails
tcut10 daysTime, light exercise (walking) & heatdetails
Sergey10 daysAnti-inflamatory/ice in the beginning, chiropractic therapy, rest, stretching/yoga.details
MVB10 daysdetails
bchubb10 daysdetails
rhp10 daysdetails
Shingo10 daysdetails
bcsocal10 daysGradually went away by itself in about 10 days. I went to a race six days later and finished, but was not at 100%. I think the long term resolution is better core and hamstring strength. Plus it seems I can't do long runs on the Strand anymore; I have to find softer surfaces.details
ahall10 daysdetails
Flight10 daysdetails
kaplis10 daysdetails
billh10 dayssome stiffness and knots but able to return to activities of living, eg. tying shoes and lights weights. just no twisting movementsdetails
ViJi10 daysdetails
jima11 daysTake it easy. Dr. prescribed a steriod and muscle relaxant. details
Russell11 daysdetails
kurthu11 daysdetails
Ursa11 daysi think it is better because i did some exercises for those muscules. details
Sid11 daysNot a major problem but this occurence suggests a muscle imbalance. Have not been doing core workouts for the week.details
GPS11 daysdetails
mmace11 daysdetails
errolpit11 daysdetails
barb11 daysdetails
bubo11 daysTurning the injury off now - but I guess the back will continue to be a bit weak. Whether it´s from too much exercise or not enough strength training I don´t know - maybe this is just the way my body reacts now.details
sajmoen11 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog11 daysInitial rest, then back exercises and gentle jogging when able. Must maintain back exercises.details
peterk11 daysdetails
dezellis11 daysdetails
muck11 daysneed to stretch moredetails
GrrrBear11 daysJust went away on it's own.details
K'lea11 daysdetails
arg11 daysStill have L sided low back issues - some minor neuro symptoms. Can ride though!details
phil11 daysEin paar Ibu'sdetails
Ptr11 daysEgentligen inte helt bra, men det påverkade inte så mycket efter ett tag i varje fall.details
Jagge11 daysdetails
Charlie11 daysGenerally babied it, lots of stretching, saw the doc who realigned my pelvis and sacrum. A few muscle relievers. details
ernst11 daysIt healed slower than expected. Still need to be cautious details
Freeheelpete11 daysNeed t keep up the mitigation exercises, even when tired, such as after the big 30k mountain run on the Sundary prior to this setting in.details
Sid12 daysStrengthen core to help back take the abuse. details
RichardLund12 daysMust strengthen my core muscle groups especially stomach!details
LarryC12 daysdetails
cortelmcm12 daysdetails
Tooms12 daysCause - butterfly. ie. flexion/extension of pelvis. Ditto one week later, but not butterfly. Big cause - too much sitting, not enough postural work, big imbalance in right musculature vs left in my low back. Resolution - lying on my back with pillow in low back to reverse flexion position that I spasm into. Lots of trigger pointing of erector spinae, glutes and possibly QL (need to look it up!). Nurofen. With hint of a twinge need to lie on my back flat on the floor and relax and it ha...details
Boltboi12 daysdetails
Boje12 daysVermutlich bereits durch schweres Holzklippern schmeißen eine Woche vor der JWOC etwas die Rückenwirbel verränkt. Nächstes mal einfach mal so einen unfug sein lassen vor einem Saisonhöhepunkt.details
Jagge12 daysdetails
ShotRat12 daysdetails
peterk12 daysdetails
DWildfogel12 daysHaving Kevin on it certainly helped. Being very careful how I bent over and got up and down was important. Applied heat often and did lots of rolling out. As I started more exercises towards the last few days, applied ice afterwards.details
Tooms12 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog12 daysPatiencedetails
Timato12 daysRunning while I was very tight after having Covid (coughing and sneezing).details
tomtom13 daysStretches from physio, lots of icing and massage (physio)details
TimGood13 daysHad been intending to do more core exercises, now seem even more important.details
tcut13 daysV. gentle, light exercise & hot bathsdetails
Lieke13 daysdetails
Dansk13 daysdetails
Grandpa Lefty13 daysChiropractor twice and kept things easydetails
mikee13 daysdetails
Tooms13 daysDefinitely helped by 10mins of facet joint mobilisation by our physio, Stacey. My first physio visit in about 15 to 20 years!details
errolpit13 daysdetails
tdgood13 daysThink I pulled it lifting some heaver objects.details
slauenstein14 daysRest as a first measure. The hip belt that I received from the PT helped stabilize the pelvis, relieved a lot of the pain and helped the joint heal. Worked wonders.details
Charlie14 daysTook it easy - got some very helpful PT, the highlight of which was electrostimulation - felt like a hive of yellow jackets, but allowed me to straighten up and I didn't need a cane again after one treatment.details
kurthu14 daysdetails
mmace14 daysdetails
Mona14 daysRest. rest. rest. IBU. massage. The hot pack - some people say yes, some say not. No wisdom added here.details
tcut14 daysdetails
rskyles14 daysdetails
fpb14 daysdetails
Lieke14 daysdetails
Shingo14 daysdetails
bendover14 daysdetails
hkleaf14 daysdetails
Raz14 daysdetails
jys14 daysTar hjälp av naprapat.details
andyd14 daysdetails
sberg14 daysdetails
RHF14 daysdetails
Shingo14 daysdetails
ebuckley15 daysdetails
ihelgesen15 daysetter 3 ganger hos kiropraktos va alt bare fryd og gammen igjen:)details
drwill415 daysTime.... stopped any working out completely for 4 days then came back very gently. I can still feel the area but it doesn't hurt.details
Bomb15 daysdetails
Alibongo15 daysdetails
Hirppa15 daysenemmän kuntopiiriä keskivartalolledetails
phatty15 daysdetails
Sergey15 daysRest, anti-infalamtory, ice in the beginning, careful start of training again.details
Coneff15 daysStretching helped, but steady pace running turned out to be most helpful. I'm recovered, but it still needs my attention and extra time for stretching.details
Nadim15 daysTime, rest, stretching and exercise all mixed. details
Jonas Detterfelt15 daysdetails
sberg15 daysNeed to do more core exercises and flexibility.details
Hapardi15 daysdetails
torbensfunk15 daysdetails
iansmith15 daysPlenty of rest. I took acetaminophen and some ibuprofen intermittently the first ten days. details
CleverSky15 daysAfter a couple of weeks, it's not 100% better, but close enough that I'm willing to drop it. Still a little sore, but no spasms at this point.details
bradc16 daysdetails
simmo16 daysdetails
kurthu16 daysdetails
mmace16 daysdetails
Misha16 daysdetails
matzah ball16 daysPT helped, think it was from doing cross body crunches, think it was quadratus lumborum attach to spine and rib details
Craig Nolan16 daysBe careful and don't do too muchdetails
ernst16 daysCause: too much long distance road racing. Recovery: nearly a week of rest, daily easy walking, once or twice lower back strengthening exercises (bridge, clam, monsterwalk, squats)details
mmace16 daysdetails
weeger16 daysdetails
vyc16 daysdetails
Shingo16 daysdetails
Valencia17 daysdetails
M.Muppet17 daysdetails
Sid17 daysNo sure if I could have changed anything but need to watch back abuse.details
dersu17 daysdetails
easy-rider17 daystime, time, time...details
kurthu17 daysdetails
jdunn10017 daysKeep stretched out...dumb assdetails
sneaker17 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog17 daysWait. Keep active. Lots of ibuprofen. Do the back exercises.details
iansmith17 daysRest, stretching. details
tdgood17 daysdetails
sjreeve17 daysdetails
bradc18 daysOn the mend - no longer gating trainingdetails
orienteeringTim18 daysdetails
MikeW18 daysdetails
errolpit18 daysdetails
Zyza18 daysdetails
Hirppa18 daysdetails
O-ing18 daysCaused by wrenching knee free from ruined fence. Exascerbated by 5 hour car journey. Settled down after 2 weeks. details
MooseMorris18 daysNeed to continue to strengthen my core (specifically my transverse abdominal)details
MikeRoss0418 daysdetails
ShadowCaster18 daysjust faded away.details
Jagge19 daysdetails
ne19 daysNo real idea of the cause or the resolution. Short runs and runs with the Frees seem to help....? I am sure the coming weekend of hard running will kill me. details
ironmom19 daysNot sure what caused the pain, but it just seemed to get better on it's own. details
Charlie19 daystime, being a little careful. Got some nice therapy sessions early on which helped quite a bitdetails
Jagge19 daysdetails
slauenstein19 daysDry needling in my butt muscles helped a lot. details
Spottage19 daysInsufficient stretching? Insufficient gut exercises? too much gardening combined with squash combined with running. I stretch often - always in conjunction with exercise but perhaps it wasn't enough?details
Shingo19 daysLots of exercises needed to avoid it happening again.details
abrastar19 daysStill pops up a little here and there, but just need to stretch more. details
afsheen19 daysStill weak. A little stiffdetails
andypat19 daysStill a bit of a twinge but well enough to run now.details
drwill420 days24 may 07 - It seems that I can perform any of the various activities I like to do such as weight liting, biking & kayaking. I have not tried hiking yet. My major problem is simply standing and walking. I can not stand for longer than a few minutes without significant pain. It has been 3 weeks since the flair-up and It does not seem to be getting better over time. Morning stretches and evening hot tub soaks alleviate the symptoms only. It seems that this again, is the new normal of my life a...details
kurthu20 daysdetails
zoolander20 daysTorsion of hockey most likely. Trained through it and stretched hips, flexors, hams daily. Plus continued strengthening.details
Crash20 daysI am not truely recovered, but in the power of positive thinking, if I start telling myself I am , it may sink in!details
BillJarvis20 daysRest and began sitting on ball for core development.details
kurthu20 daysdetails
ken20 dayshad been neglecting hip-flexor stretching. gradually improved after making an effort to loosen up there.details
AliceCampbell20 daysdetails
urthbuoy21 daysdetails
sparky31321 daysstanding and walking round london didn't feel comfortable, but the pain has mostly gone now, still get the odd twinge with sudden movement. I might try the bike tis weekend, I'll change the handlebar position to see if I can get a better ride.details
Stryder21 daysPt stretching & muscle stimulation details
WillRigg21 daysdetails
GM21 daysdetails
Shingo21 daysdetails
oscarS21 daysdetails
Siobhan21 daysThink this is pretty good now. Need to starting introducing super easy hip external rotation to improve tolerancedetails
leepback22 daysdetails
ebuckley22 daysdetails
Veijo22 daysdetails
Charlie22 daysI know what caused it - sudden movement to catch medicine ball low and to the left. Recovery - rest, massage. Actually a pretty quick recovery. Still some residual soreness, but it was no longer an impediment by the Boulder Dash.details
ahall22 daysdetails
Shingo22 daysdetails
KingTim22 daysdetails
Shingo22 daysdetails
o'man23 dayspretty good MTBO all last week with only a minor twinge on sunday, so all fixed (at least until next time)details
kwruck24 daysFinally after stretching, icing, IBP and magnesium (and time) it got betterdetails
Aiden Sullivan24 daysdetails
Work4justice24 daysdetails
Stryder24 daysNot 100% yet but completing lifts from raised blocks and riding ...I could probably begin lifting from the floor soondetails
levitin24 daysrest. A stronger core helps keep these aches at bay. Caused by too sedentary a lifestyle.details
schnitzer24 daysdetails
Timato26 daysdetails
ShadowCaster26 daysweeks of full-dose Robaxet. details
easy-rider26 daysdetails
jwolff26 daysdetails
RichardLund26 daysdetails
Jagge27 daysdetails
mjd27 daysdetails
hagi27 daysdetails
LarryC27 daysdetails
LarryC27 daysdetails
olle7128 daysdetails
stucrutchfield28 daysdetails
Otto28 daysKom nog från paddling i grunden men blev värre. Blev bättre efter massage och sen testade jag att springa och det gick bort mer och mer efter varje pass. details
Shingo28 daysdetails
SIman29 daysdetails
LuT29 daysdetails
Mareilu29 daysdetails
Charlie30 daysMostly just faded away. It's not perfect, but much less annoying than a few weeks ago. Tried to be gentle with it, maintain posture, avoid undue strain.details
smoke30 daysdetails
revy30 daysSlowly improved. Shovelling didn't help. Still notice it when sleeping.details
kurthu30 daysdetails
JesseHagberg30 daysTime. details
O-ing30 daysdetails
cortelmcm31 daysWent to the doctor and they provided a prescription for phys therapy. Now I can go if the problem occurs again. They also recommend a lot of IBPROF. details
tomtom31 daysJust for the time being I imagine. Chiropractor x 3details
Philipp31 daysdetails
McGonagall31 daysBack strain: It just got better over timedetails
fpb31 daysAside from lax warmups, cooldowns and cross-training, I think the main cause was an evening in early April when I went for a run at night and my headlamp gave out. I kept up my pace and made at least one bad step - I expected to hit ground and kept going a few more inches. I may have done this multiple times. I think this would have healed on its own but I think the chiropractor moved up the clock by a few weeks.details
Chief31 daysdetails
will_benedikz31 daysWarmth and rest seemed to cure. Have to make a DRs appointment to get proper resolution in future.details
cortelmcm32 daysdetails
Godafoss32 daysGradual recovery from injdetails
Dangerman32 daysdetails
ccsteve32 daysRest and chiro... Avoid risks on non-orienteering days...details
Rich32 daysdetails
mcqueen33 daysComputer in bed + running&jumping when I shouldn't be doing it.details
joch5533 daysStretches, back support and time.details
sjreeve33 daysdetails
SteveG33 dayshopefully... rest and Yoga sitting posesdetails
undy33 daysLess early morning putting. Less driving (dg). Stretching.details
Sid34 daysShould have seen a massage therapist sooner to correct the muscle imbalance.details
Shingo34 daysdetails
kensr34 daysRecovery time with lowered stress fixed it. Also more care doing single leg bridges off a bench. details
Shminty35 daysGradual recoverydetails
Brentman35 daysAfter a tough training week at Strömstad the back pain seamed to disappear even though I'm not sure how. Still feel a bit a week afterwards but no real pain. I did 2 back massages and 3 visits to the naprapat even though it didn't seem to help much.details
philm6435 daysdetails
triple-double36 daysI did not do anything in particular to help. It was significantly better after 3 week, but it took a good 5 weeks to recover. details
Sony36 daysdetails
Shingo36 daysdetails
morgrim36 daysPlank/Crunches w hold/dead bugs/bird dogs/lunges slowly but surely details
Totem37 daysdetails
o'man37 daysCross fingers - looks like it's at last largely sorted. No noticeable pain running tonight :-D details
bubo37 daysThis was an extremely temporary bad sciatic pain that took a couple of days to recover from. About a month later - beginning of November I was back to careful training at the gym again. Left leg weaker than usual but slowly coming back to whatever is normal.details
Rich37 daysS&Cdetails
Bee_G37 daysIce ice ice, heat, roll stretch is not always the solutiondetails
ironmom38 daysNo more heavy deadlifts. Pretty much back to my normal routine, but not going to push things for the next little while. details
easy-rider38 daysTime, rest, stretching.details
jennybengtsson38 daysja, bara jga strechar ordentligt så är det inga problem.details
LarryC38 daysdetails
LarryC38 daysdetails
CBL39 daysHopefully resolved. Easing back in gently and plenty of stretching esp hip flexors.details
Shingo39 daysdetails
vyc39 daysPilates, poilsis ir lentadetails
mmace40 daysdetails
eoinmcc40 daysdetails
mjd41 daysrestdetails
ShadowCaster41 daysdrugs, physio.details
Charlie41 daysa lot of patience, a lot of stretching, massage, rolling, a bit of electrostim, pilates. details
abort42 daysSlowly went away, went to chiro which helped and recovered over time. details
Nadim43 daysTime, stretching, some rest and some exercise. details
T - runner43 daysdetails
Mitch7843 daysdetails
simmo43 daysdetails
easy-rider44 daysTime, time, time...details
GM44 days6 weeks seems to fix most thingsdetails
Old_Fox45 daysdetails
Fabi45 daysRepos et ostéopathe.details
menostig45 daysdetails
Joshosh45 daysDont be an idiot and slip on the stairsdetails
dgrove46 daysStretching, PT, lots of rest. Pushed back start of XC summer training to recover. Occasionally very minor dull lower back pain on the R side still bugs me so it's never been perfect, but is pretty much gone.details
SannaM46 daysdetails
Shingo46 daysdetails
Alistair W46 daysdetails
Valencia48 daysMy back is basically just stiff some of the time now. My sense is that I suffer from a chronic condition called "my thirties". I'm going to get some massage and acupuncture, but otherwise I think this thing no longer qualifies as an injury.details
igorun48 daysdetails
shanel48 daysTight hip flexors and weak glutesdetails
Ari-o48 daysToo much biking. Haven't done much since. Need more strength, and more stretching, especially if cycling, apparently.details
Trav51 daysSI joint pain took 6 weeks to blow overdetails
TereseO51 daysdetails
Pellervo51 daysYhteensä 5 käsittelyä kiropraktikolla. Ylläpito-ohjeena ryhtilihasten harjoittelua jumppapallolla.details
LC52 daysdetails
Timato53 daysdetails
GM53 daysWent to Belconnen Physio (Natalie Woods) on Mon 3 September. Was given gentle stretching, plus nueral slides, plus Fisiocreme. Things had improved by the end of the week. Return visit on Fri 7 September said continue with stretching regime - only come back if not improving and don't run/race on weekend - last bit of advice was partially ignored :(details
LarryC53 daysAll surgical related pain was gone at least by this date -- probably well before. Underlying condition also much lessened.details
Newyorkchick54 daysdetails
MoeD55 dayscore strengthing details
#turbo55 daysdetails
LC56 daysdetails
fpb56 daysNo clue what caused this, but it's obviously a chronic weak spot for me. Other pain in the last 3 years I haven't logged here (top of right hamstring, inside right thigh) almost certainly related to the same problem. Maybe Pilates will help?details
ahiahikunn56 daysdetails
vosvos57 daysPepper patch helped.details
gas_turbine57 dayswait. wait.details
Rich57 daysdetails
Useless Fool57 daysdetails
eelgrassman58 daysAleve, Chiropractics, timedetails
LittleBit60 daysPain is more discomfort now so it feels cheating to have it on my log. Still an issue occasionally but I think I'll live!details
bradc60 daysGo see a good chiropractor!details
Billenicus60 daysdetails
Hirppa61 daysdetails
Voimis62 daysAlkaa olemaan normikunnossa. Tuntuu, muttei haittaa. details
going for gold63 daysdetails
ShadowCaster63 daysrunning, back exercises, drugs. I think the running was best.details
Pellervo64 daysJoo, hiljalleen on hiipunut pois. Suorassa istuminen, kumarrukset ja nostot selkä suorana. Lonkankoukistajien venytykset ja pakaran sivun venytys jalat ristissä. Timo opasti myös lankutuksiin ja vatsapitoihin, niitä on tullut huonommin tehtyä.details
GM65 daysNot sure whether it was just time that eventually fixed things, or the 3 sessions of traction I have had in the last week, but things are a lot better. Still rather stiff, but even the soreness has nearly gone. details
Hirppa66 daysdetails
jgreen68 dayskeep a close contact with your breaks while wheeling.details
Timato68 daysdetails
O Steve!69 daysdon't do something different like power walk with a different gait in trail shoes on pavement because my shin splints hurt (and I was walking with my wife because her back hurt and she could not run...oh the irony)...coast me a bulged disk...and a major set back.... once again I trained through doing the only thing I could (exercise bike) and time took care of it....details
Trailrat69 daysTime and PTdetails
zoolander70 daysStill haven't done any real running. A few short runs (few hundred meters) here and there. Only feel discomfort (nerve) now when doing twists (i.e. wood choppers, etc.)details
JonD70 dayssee log above. 12.8 still occasionaly get that "pop" in the back and an odd stiffness in the hip - left side this morning but sometimes it can be right side. However there is really nothing more to treat in this injury.details
Siobhan70 daysThink I would call this resolved now. Still have to build up slowly with deadlifts again. Think after procedure in October, then block in March with tons of sumos that I went too heavy on, it was just too much too soon. Happy to go back to conventionals and varying load a bit moredetails
m71 daysdetails
Yak71 daysongoing but not too bad - worsened by weedingdetails
justus71 daysdetails
su--71 daysdetails
iansmith71 daysdetails
jlf73 daysdetails
Komy73 daysdetails
AlistairH73 daysdetails
fredder75 daysI'm going to call this over--even though the stiffness just hasn't gone away. It probably slows me down some, but it doesn't keep me from training anymore. To really address the problem, I think I'd have to spend more time at getting massages and adjustments than I do.details
Timato77 daysdetails
errolpit78 daysdetails
MeanGene79 dayscause - last winter heard (Feb 07?) a pop lifting weights in a bent over rowing exercise. No hurt then. PT and stretching routine recommended by Dr Rob Jones emphasized core muscles. Yoga recommended and must do stretching daily. It must work as I can bike ride again without pain afterwards (5/18/07)details
WandAR79 daysdetails
OL79 daysdetails
mikeywid81 daysJust time and a good attitudedetails
vyc81 dayslaikas ir kažkiek core pratimų pakeliuidetails
jonny crickmore82 daysdetails
o'man82 dayspretty much OK now although I did tweak it a bit playing indoor cricket last week, but near enough to colour it donedetails
Steve R82 daysdetails
Bambi on ice85 daysdetails
kurthu85 daysdetails
OL85 daysdetails
Crit-Fagg87 daysdetails
schnitzer89 daysdetails
furlong4790 daysdetails
runonthefly91 daysNothing helped. I ended up getting an epidural cortisone shot. That worked right away, but still tingling and numbness in right leg. Will do that right away next time.details
firbanator91 daysdetails
Doris92 daysdetails
kaplis93 daysdetails
Rose97 daysdetails
Mini Forklift99 daysdetails
tdgood99 daysproblem went away on its own. I did get checked out and may have a slightly slipped disc but nothing to worry about at this time.details
lorrieq102 daysKeep hydrated and stretchdetails
jwolff105 daysdetails
Thanatomimesis107 daysdetails
kaplis111 daysdetails
Vox112 daystime, physio, chiro and more timedetails
vandy6616113 daysBack is finally starting to feel good. Not really sure what cured it. I stopped drinking coffee. Maybe the caffine was "stressing" my body. My leg feels better to, but not quite 100% yet. The day I stopped drinking was the day my body started feeling better. Weird. details
Boltboi115 daysdetails
mindsweeper116 daysdetails
Jono_O116 daysdetails
Black_Knight118 daysCore exercises seem to have fixed this, although I suspect it may be still lingering, and flare up again sometime?details
arg121 daysdetails
szwikker125 daysdetails
Nadim130 daysAfter discectomy surgery on August 9, 2018, recovery proceeded slowly and with some wavering, but generally things got better. details
jonny crickmore130 daysdetails
J-BANGZ132 daysdetails
mattspencer133 daysdetails
rdlesko138 daysFinally feel pain free today.  No problems getting out of my chair or car.  Lets see how it goes towards the weekend.details
bendover141 dayschiropractor treatment worked and am now more mobile and back running after a 5 week lay off. still some attention needed for core stability and will have to be more rigorous with my working posture, particularly when working from home. all in all, a positive out come though.details
Ironwealth146 daysBack has settled to some tightness occassionally. Accupuncture and Physio still to monitor and control pain.details
Nadim151 daysTime seemed to shift whatever had started this to mostly being gone. I occasionally still feel some back pain. details
cbd162 daysdetails
RD Tom165 daysStopped running. Cycling doesn't bother the back.details
hutspot174 dayswill have to commit to core work and watch for over trainingdetails
AlistairH181 daysStretching and getting a new mattress got rid of it.details
rainyruns187 daysI think I can safely say it's better?details
vosvos199 daysdetails
VAP40200 daysKeep active, and lots of core work and stretchingdetails
DrKeith201 daysdetails
Linas204 daysdetails
mmace225 daysdetails
Jacko239 daysLots of pilates/core workdetails
Voimis252 daysdetails
mkb0909253 daysnever got better, just got tired of looking at it. going to ignore and push on.details
OL274 daysTight hamstrings lead to tightness. Need to stay on top of stretching. Some physio helps, needles as welldetails
LarryC274 daysWith apparent complete success of operation, the symptoms that stopped me last fall from running and much else had vanished by this time. Still some tendency from lower back itself to feel tired and a little sore easily.details
Patricija306 daysdetails
susiethebear332 daysjuli/augusti 2021 - om jag håller uppe rörlighet så verkar ryggen ok nu. dvs yoga yoga yogadetails
CBL363 daysdetails
Nadim365 daysIt eventually took surgery to remove a piece of disc that herniated in November 2014. Initially, after a few months after the herniation, I was able to get back to some regular routines as soon as February 2015. However the piece that broke-off probably shifted and caused me as much and more pain in May 2015. The surgery was in July 2015. Though I was able to hike, run and bicycle right after surgery, I continued to have weakness and numbness. I picked 9/21/2015 to say that I recovered b...details
DWildfogel370 daysComes and goesdetails
bradc376 daysdetails
Möhkis381 daysPäätän tämän jakson, koska nyt on enään liikkuminen asenteesta kiinni. Tuntemuksia edelleen on mutta toistaiseksi ne eivät haittaa kevyttä liikkumista. Tarkastellaan tilanne uudestaan siirryttäessä tavoitteelliseen liikuntaan.details
justus391 daysdetails
OL396 daysPhysio Exercises? Not running for 3 months? Being cognizant about lifting and bending over?details
justus412 daysdetails
Matt Hartland421 daysThis was a bad case. Time and seeing the right people is key. Don't jump straight into seeing a chiropractor, get the proper scans done and go from there.details
swbkrun423 daysdetails
T.Cannan520 daysIf you were to eat yourself, would you be twice as big or disappear completely?details
ken559 daysit seems like the root cause was hip-flexor tightness. stretching that out really helped.details
Rosenstiel570 daysdetails
BigAl632 daysDo physio = works, don't do physio = hurts!details
zoomakroom736 daysdetails
DrKeith770 daysdetails
OJ787 daysSeveral months of regular exercises and strengthening seems to have more-or-less fixed it. Need to keep up the exercises now that it is better to prevent a recurrance. details
Voimis818 daysdetails
@Paddy990 daysdetails
philm64999 daysCan probably put this to bed now as it's eased off - still do back stretches every morning, & a bad days aren't fun, but not agony as before. details
razza1059 daysdetails
Oxoman1197 daysdetails
Hilary1254 daysStill get some nerve involvement in foot from time to time especially when I have run on hard surfaces. Yoga and pilates are now a necessary and valuable part of my life to maintain my back and muscles.details
ken1291 daysdetails
ken1428 dayskneeling chair seems to help a lot, maybe also foundation trainingdetails
Timato1467 daysdetails
Boltboi1549 daysdetails
bradc2800 daysAs much as I can be recovered. It's not going to get any better but I can manage it, for now.details
itsmartin2948 daysThis is ongoing for ever so I figured I would just resolve it. I need to do core work about 2/3 times/week to deal with this and so be it.details
TheSkull70+ daysdetails
Veijo122+ daysdetails
Brooner452+ daysdetails
schnitzer622+ daysdetails
SebastianBlom768+ daysdetails
TorziBeth1101+ daysdetails
JONBONESJONES1492+ daysdetails
jys1507+ daysdetails
noRa1621+ daysdetails
mbo1753+ daysdetails
Cjcollins1868+ daysdetails
Eoghan1892+ daysdetails
bl1925+ daysdetails
Dave A1956+ daysdetails
Freeheelpete2018+ daysdetails
Steve R2035+ daysdetails
bigbadbarry92075+ daysdetails
Sminarik2120+ daysdetails
sberg2184+ daysdetails
Martin Cox2382+ daysdetails
Kimple2519+ daysdetails
Thibaut2588+ daysBeaucoup beaucoup d'assouplissements et des semelles kinepod du tonnerre !details
Cakewoman2774+ daysdetails
Freeheelpete2911+ daysdetails
Chrigi2973+ daysdetails
Chappo19862978+ daysdetails
JustinMartin3004+ daysdetails
Carlborg3019+ daysdetails
Turskis3043+ daysdetails
Hanna3050+ daysdetails
Orunner3060+ daysdetails
Jac3063+ daysdetails
Kimple3121+ daysdetails
Hannah on Plaat3234+ daysdetails
K'lea3239+ daysOver using hamstrings and hip flexors and under using gluets and absdetails
mindsweeper3296+ daysdetails
SofiaL3313+ daysdetails
Jules3441+ daysdetails
VladFG3450+ daysdetails
OJ3516+ daysdetails
KCB3570+ daysdetails
MattC3623+ daysdetails
bendover3757+ daysdetails
Marius3797+ daysdetails
Cos3922+ daysdetails
gfallon113926+ daysdetails
Tim S3993+ daysdetails
mjd3997+ daysdetails
JVG4011+ daysdetails
blairtrewin4091+ daysdetails
Flying Scotsman4092+ daysdetails
tonissaag4174+ daysdetails
Jay-T4311+ daysdetails
Acadien4364+ daysdetails
tiramisu4429+ daysdetails
Cari4462+ daysdetails
Hirppa4538+ daysdetails
Yak4724+ daysdetails
IronDave624794+ daysdetails
Fly'n4803+ daysdetails
pforma4825+ daysdetails
bcvlj4942+ daysdetails
andrewgreen5124+ daysdetails
Rabbit5168+ daysdetails
gregorysorensen5232+ daysdetails
grilla5344+ daysdetails
sfleming5465+ daysdetails
Julia (old log)5565+ daysdetails
4eyed5588+ daysdetails
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The Fish5802+ daysdetails
LittleBit5875+ daysdetails
bvivian6224+ daysdetails