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COVID (Sick)

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Average recovery time: 17 days

Recorded Instances

Emil_K0 daysdetails
Emil_K0 daysdetails
adventuretom3 daysdetails
loefaas3 daysdetails
daisyrennie3 daysdetails
sofiawigle4 daysPost Oringendetails
pompemarek4 daysdetails
Craig4 daysdetails
mikeeyer5 daysdetails
Erik 5 daysdetails
mayer225 daysdetails
aleksirytkonen5 daysdetails
TheSkull5 daysTror det var COVIDdetails
JonD5 daysdetails
schnitzer6 daysdetails
undy6 daysRelax and sleep for a week.details
Elvis6 daysdetails
nmulder6 daysDown for about 5-6 days.details
kensr6 daysResumed normal activity which is limited by injured hamstring.details
carladams6 daysdetails
O Joy6 daysdetails
Ansgar6 daysdetails
JennyJ6 daysdetails
TrailRunnerVT6 daysdetails
Ruben Razzetti6 daysNeed to get some hand sanitiser and stop touching things and my face so much. details
pepa.7 daysRuhe un Vitamine. details
mrsb7 daysdetails
hbeatrixx7 daysLingering side effects until about the 15th of June, so took almost a month from first symptoms to recover. Rude. Took care of my lungs as much as possible and I feel pretty good now.details
biddy7 daysdetails
CHorley7 daysnot entirely bad really. Worst problem is knees and ankles are not cooperating when running, but whether that's covid or 7 days off I'm not sure.details
jennyr7 daysdetails
mrogers7 daysNow that it's over I adjusted my running plan for the next 3 months. It was already ambitious without getting sick and after getting sick it's downright impossible. I've run a week now post Covid and my heart rate has been pretty high. I'm hopeful it's just because I missed the week and a half but I know it's not. Still though, I think I'll be able to run some quick times this fall if I can just keep consistent.details
Ari-o7 daysExpectorant! Felt fine for the Highlander, a tiny bit of residual hack for a couple more days.details
haydensmith7 daysdetails
TheSkull8 daysdetails
ChristianeT8 daysdetails
Danny Riley8 daysdetails
kido8 daysdetails
Lina059 daysdetails
hbeatrixx9 daysStill waiting on full recovery, but it took about a month last time to properly get back to running so just waiting it out.details
ShadowCaster9 daysTime, took day or two off. Recovered slowly. Cough for a week or so.details
zsibthorp10 daysdetails
JanetT10 daysdetails
susan10 daysI seem to have been very fortunate to get this much milder than Davy. Red line disappeared yesterday. Cautiously introduced myself to the outside world - feeling fine. Residual cough but mild enough so I've decided to go crazy and tick the recovered box. Probably not true but sure lookit.details
rpwhite10 daysdetails
JennyJ10 daysI have a very high heartrate on exertion still so will be taking it easy and I'm hoping my taste and smell return asap.details
iansmith10 daysTea, rest, pseudoephedrine.details
ken11 daysdetails
cedrik11 daysdetails
FJohnson11 daysdetails
EuanT11 daysdetails
Elvis11 daysdetails
evancuster11 daysCovid strain I had was very severe.details
michalmy11 daysSymptoms dissipated after a few day. Still feeling tired though. details
Josse11 daysdetails
BB12 daysdetails
DML12 daysdetails
AliC12 daysdetails
tomik12 daysdetails
bradc12 daysdetails
HiipiväHirvi12 daysdetails
JennyJ13 daysNo test so we don't know if it was Covid-19.details
Sanna7913 daysdetails
Trailrat13 daysLots of time...details
schnitzer14 daysdetails
bradc14 daysLeft with no sense of taste or smell.details
Charlie14 daysVery surprised to have gotten it, and distressed to have passed it on to J-J and Nancy. Maybe got it at Pilates class, although it would have seemed to be low risk. Always masked. Anyway, it just took a lot of time. Finally tested negative after about 12 days from onset of symptoms.details
errolpit14 daysdetails
SteveG14 daysCovid - only remedy is time details
Ptr14 daysdetails
Clara14 daysdetails
nmulder14 daysdetails
Raz15 daysdetails
ChristianeT16 daysTired for quite some time after the worst symptoms had cleared off after a few days. Went to work because there was so much to do. Forgetful. More teaching was tiring. Got worse again after 1,5 weeks, but only for a day or two.details
tomik16 daysdetails
jima16 daysAspirin and Tylenol helped significantly, as well as plenty of naps.details
simmo17 daysdetails
lestarlight18 daysdetails
silje19 daysdetails
Fabiano19 days21gg di quarantenadetails
jemmerson20 daysdetails
Roger G23 daysdetails
michalmy23 daysTested positive for COVID. Have to self-isolate until next Tuesday. Post-viral coughing symptoms persisting. Moxifloxacin 400mg - day 8-12 Prednisone 25mg>6mg - day 8-14 Rikodeine Linctus - 10ml as requireddetails
Mark324 daysdetails
Boje38 daysdetails
JonD39 daysdetails
pcbrent48 daysdetails
Eric Johansson48 daysNu efter 47 dagsr sjukdom. Covid, postcovid, julmat, hostat tills jag spyt, snorat tills jag blöt näsblod, feber, bara ligga i sängen hela dagr, dåliga pass efter dåliga pass men inget hade ihjäl mig och nu är jag pångång igen och kan till och med säga och hoppas att den värsta postcoviden är borta. ÄNTLIGEN!details
duncanarcher58 daysVery feverish / headachy and mostly in bed for two days, then two more days off work, then gradually improving. Had a cough for a couple of weeks, but gone after a month.details
undy63 daysDo nothing and ease very cautiously back into something. Overdid it at Easter, probably a 3 week reset there.details
undy75 daysReally taking it easy.details
Georgia110 daysdetails
Old Daniel144 daysleft with breathing difficulties details
conör376 daysdetails
Georgia101+ daysdetails
JoeHudd616+ daysdetails