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COVID (Sick)

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Average recovery time: 9 days

Recorded Instances

nmulder6 daysDown for about 5-6 days.details
kensr6 daysResumed normal activity which is limited by injured hamstring.details
carladams6 daysdetails
mrsb7 daysdetails
ken11 daysdetails
Charlie14 daysVery surprised to have gotten it, and distressed to have passed it on to J-J and Nancy. Maybe got it at Pilates class, although it would have seemed to be low risk. Always masked. Anyway, it just took a lot of time. Finally tested negative after about 12 days from onset of symptoms.details
tRicky14 daysdetails
biddy5+ daysdetails
BB7+ daysdetails
Raz10+ daysdetails
JoeHudd11+ daysdetails
zsibthorp21+ daysdetails