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Upper Back Pain (Torso)

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Average recovery time: 37 days

Recorded Instances

orienteeringTim1 daysactually i don't know what the reason of the pain is...details
xcsnowskier141 daysfelt better the next day...think that i hurt it while carrying my pack at school the other was heavier than normal so i think i may have tweaked my back a little...oh welldetails
Marius1 daysGal tiesiog nepatogiai gulejau. Nzndetails
kokos1 daysMassage!details
allisonm1 daysPain pretty much has dissipated.details
Gooder1 daysdetails
Boje1 daysKeine Ahnung wo das her kamdetails
mich1 daysdetails
Gooder1 days2x chiro and rest daydetails
barb2 daysdetails
Nails2 daysmuch better today -just a jar or strain methinksdetails
jwolff2 daysdetails
jwolff2 daysdetails
CleverSky2 daysJust waited it out. Application of heat felt good, but I don't know if it helped. No idea why it happened, though two days earlier I did do a bunch of hauling around of wood (Mom's yard cleanup).details
Rich2 daysdetails
Marius2 daysdetails
Siggi2 daysvermutlich durch die ungewohnten Übungen + irgendwie falsch-gelegen beim Schlafen, kann man schlecht vorraussehen oder vermeiden sowas muss schnell "behandelt" werden - bestes Mittel: Dehnung! plus Wärmflasche/Sauna, YinYoga, Massagedetails
PeterT2 daysdetails
ernst2 daysdetails
Larryj2 daysdetails
tomtom2 daysdetails
ShadowCaster2 daysDRUGS! Took muscle relaxant & acetaminophen. details
SteveG2 daysdetails
Ollie3 daysDidn't stress it - fixed itself.details
Benham3 dayscereal caused it, and stretching. probably an intercostal muscle or rhomboids, but who knows.... glad it got better quickly :Ddetails
leper3 daystime and takin' it easy managed to avoid this happening again by doing stretches for improving core strengthdetails
dersu3 dayskeeping active helpsdetails
pepa.3 daysdetails
Ollie3 daysFixed itself. Missed an event I was looking forward to though :-(details
Mahuan!3 daysInjury+rest=bestdetails
jdbegin3 daysNo problem todaydetails
Alistair W3 daysdetails
Boje3 daysTischtennis und andere bewegungen mit viel rotation im Oberkörper im Trainingslager vermeiden!details
emily20123 daysdetails
jwolff3 daysdetails
philm643 daysRest & a bit of timedetails
MichaelBish3 daysdetails
Ray4 daysdetails
hughmac44 daysJust seemed to go away on its own. No wisdom here. :)details
naomi5 daysdetails
lorrieq5 daysstill sore in the lower back. hopefully growing painsdetails
cortelmcm5 daysdetails
cortelmcm5 daysdetails
Phat5 daysdetails
seahawke6 daysI'll call that better.details
WArhys6 daysdetails
Garrison6 daysMostly recovered, no longer limiting motion significantly. Some ibuprofen and eased up on the running. (Cycling not a problem)details
drwill46 daysLaid off the exercise. Was bad for the first couple of days but after about the 4th day the pain pretty much subsided.details
cortelmcm6 daysdetails
Hobitas6 daysdetails
Niko6 daysdetails
DominicGreen6 daysdetails
Ghost7 daysdetails
cortelmcm7 daysdetails
ken7 daysdetails
Heather O7 daysOvertraining I guess. Rest and yoga did the trick.details
Milo7 daysdetails
Gooder7 daysTime, chiro, massage and anti-inflammatory. Pretty much tried everything.details
andrew_elwood7 daysRest and no training.details
mayer227 daysRunning actually might help as it forces good posture Yard work didn't bother it. Long rides probably not the best. Sleeping on side or using a tiny pillow are the best ways to handle the morning soreness.details
orienteeringTim8 daysdetails
cortelmcm8 daysdetails
LL8 daysRytais dar paskaudadetails
escondido8 daysdetails
DominicGreen8 daysdetails
CathW9 daysdetails
Rosco9 daysdetails
Charles.9 daysKort i bröstmusklernadetails
RJM9 daysI think this is a result of bad desk ergonomics - a day without mousing alleviated the discomfort. A day returning to it and the pain returned. Cycled through that again, same thing. I am working on my desk arrangementdetails
drbourret9 daysDefinitely a pinched nerve, that just needed time and IB to mellow out. details
JL10 daysBara vila.details
Treb10 daysdetails
schristoph10 daysdetails
vandy661611 daysdetails
AngrySeagull11 daysStill sore and stiff most mornings; more Yoga!details
ondrejpavlu11 dayschirodetails
ken11 daysdetails
Roger G11 daysdetails
Snow Lizard12 daysTime? Perhaps overstretching to resolve this caused shoulder?details
andyhill12 daysInitial physio, massage, stretchingdetails
naomi13 daysdetails
Treadlie13 daysdetails
philm6413 daysTime & rest & being sensible. details
CathW14 daysdetails
dieterkreps14 daysdetails
Stijn14 daysdetails
SimonB15 daysjust rested, no running or doing too much, some good physio back massages helped and on the bike and then stretching afterwards. so have effectively recovered will just have to keep working on my flexibility for the next month!details
Trailrat15 daysLaid off the back lifting and gave it time.details
Useless Fool16 daysdetails
YouRNotHere18 daysI am marking this as recovered but I can still feel it sometimes. I took 4 days of total rest which helped. Then started up with the P90X program and stopped any exercise that felt like it was hitting that area of my back. I still have arm pain which started in the shoulder but has moved to the elbow.details
gas_turbine19 daysCall it recovered.... Basically, avoided running for a solid week, while keeping my brain thinking I'm working out by doing the long indoor bike rides. details
ken20 daysdetails
mmcleod21 dayscoxing in the w4+ was the cause. took while to ease up but nothing permanantdetails
LL22 daysLyg tais baigesi, dar kartais ryte paskaudadetails
fn22 daysdetails
Cruachan23 daysBe more sensible! details
jwolff24 daysdetails
Daneo25 daysdetails
Slynall26 daysdetails
Mahuan!27 daysThe answer to this problem is to do yoga. And, apply some work station ergonomics. The other thing I learned though, is that two things can really tweak the back muscles--changing to a new bike position (ie TT), and high intensity weight workouts.details
Shep27 daysdetails
HitnHope28 daysSee above. 17 Dec was the first run when I didn't think about it. details
m.doncel31 dayseventually got better through physiodetails
menostig31 days10 days of building a little strength i.e. 2 lots of 'vertical push outs' from the wall. PLus not bending neck excessively.details
ccsteve34 daysFooting, footing, footing...details
ondrejpavlu37 daysdetails
Anne38 daysdetails
Bruce38 daysjust timedetails
O Steve!51 daysI think its related to skate training....thought it went away but reappeared during roller ski double poling...perhaps dont do what hurts it?details
Tooms67 daysCaused by muscle strain near where rib joins to vertebrae. Everything around it spasmed. Trigger pointing and foam rollering to maintain movement of my stiff upper back. Time. And some more time.details
Canadian75 daysdetails
noRa80 daysdetails
PhilW83 daysTimedetails
Fat Rat115 daysdetails
noRa119 daysdetails
drwill4131 daysTime Offdetails
swimlinzi04143 daysIt seems to be all better...still taking it easy going back to swimming only a few days a week.details
Elvis502 daysdetails
Oxoman1620 daysdetails
TorziBeth1050+ daysdetails
the strippa2924+ daysdetails
TurquoiseGirl3252+ daysdetails
TurquoiseGirl3254+ daysdetails
Tanja3605+ daysdetails
Spartacus3834+ daysdetails
Dedicated 2 Run4056+ daysdetails
Anne Fluke4212+ daysdetails
ks4555+ daysdetails
thegingerninja4933+ daysdetails
Magic5297+ daysdetails