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Fracture (Head/Neck)

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Average recovery time: 62 days

Recorded Instances

Nadim6 daysA veneer was put in place by a dentist. details
MMK31 days2 viikkoa leikkauksesta, voin taas juosta. details
nana31 daysdetails
tRicky41 daysWhat I think caused it, well riding into a tree certainly didn't help.details
chris_b50 daysdetails
Olly Williams =)53 daysdetails
5557 daysBroken bones heal in 6-8 weeks!details
aireyb75 dayslast x-ray showed no signs of the fracture...i'm still a little stiff in the area, but that will loosen up over time and with chiropractic visitsdetails
Oxoman97 dayssurgery, a lot of physio and exercisedetails
aplatakis142 daysdetails
Mossie5217+ daysdetails