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Fracture (Arm)

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Average recovery time: 104 days

Recorded Instances

kensr3 daysFurther review showed no break. All is okay.details
vlin13 daysDon't bend the finger. use a splint or similarly stiff aid to prevent bending. I used a bandaid.details
blairtrewin13 daysAll went pretty much to schedule. Still unclear how much better the elbow will be afterwards, but that shouldn't have any impact on my running.details
Möhkis15 daysdetails
Schwepps24 daysStill momvement rehabilitation to come but at least it isn't pinned anymore and doesn't give me discomfort when runningdetails
Fraser Ross25 daysdetails
Tooms25 daysNo fracture, suspected lots of ligament damage, significant improvement at 3 week mark, now only sore when taking a jumper off and any weightbearing on a flat hand.details
Dooby28 daysdetails
atsip29 daysdetails
HenrikGj30 daysdetails
Jayhar36 daysdetails
antoniomariani36 daysdetails
Slice37 days2.5 wks casting. Lots of AROM and PROM adn rest. details
marisolkate37 daysworked on getting full extension backdetails
Daneo37 daysA lot of rest and keep moving the joint so it does not get stiff.details
P37 daysdetails
hasbeenish39 dayslack of skill caused it.... overworking it certainly doesnt make it heal quickly... one day of intense stretching of the wrist made it completely mobile in 72 hours details
ccsteve41 daysPin removed from setting the fracture, continued care and rehab needed but not a significant detriment to training.details
MCrone41 daysdetails
LucyC42 daysPretty much healed as it has been six weeks now. Still feels a tad sore at times doing certain things but altogether good!details
jeliasson42 daysdetails
Monique : )42 daysdetails
jys42 daysEfter 6 v. Fortfarande stelhet och klarar inte helt att komma till extremlägen, men rätt ok rörlighet. Kan nu börja belasta med vikter och strecha för sista rörligheten. Var till sjukgymnast den 8/4 och fick många tips. Fortfarande ont i handleden som nästan blivit värre och värre. Även där börja sty med vikt för att klara belastning. Hade tejpat 2 dagar och det gjorde mindre ont, kan göra om det för att lära handen att hitta rätt läge.details
Liam Dufty42 daysdetails
emily201242 daysIst schon fast alles gut, kann jedoch meinen Arm immer noch nicht ausstrecken und anwinkeln. details
LittleBit43 daysStill odd pain now and then but back to weight bearing so it's all fine.details
antoniomariani43 daysdetails
antoniomariani44 daysNow 3 weeks to recover all the strenghtdetails
ironmom45 days2 weeks after the cast came off, it's still not 100%, getting more mobility, but I think it'll take little while still. details
5545 daysBone healeddetails
kookyjames45 daysrecovery was helped by time. Still some stiffness but full movement back.details
EJ Teb45 daysdetails
MCrone46 daysdetails
Vaala47 daysStrap the finger and try not to use it too much.details
Bambi on ice48 daysdetails
Hero48 daysdetails
easy-rider49 daysBroken bone seems okay. Pinky finger isn't bad, but still require some attention.details
T - runner49 daysdetails
Garrison49 daysTime and not doing stuff that hurts.details
Disco50 daysdetails
Isaac H51 daysdetails
kido52 daysdetails
Gibbo54 daysdetails
atsip55 daysdetails
Robbs57 daysYou just got to be patient. Oh, and don't smash yourself at the start of winter. Getting fit in the depths of a cold snap blows.details
5557 daysBroken bones heal in 6-8 weeks!details
zeizei57 daysdetails
Boltboi58 daysdetails
kido59 daysdetails
fizyxnrd61 daysdetails
steph_lawrie63 daysNever sitting on the top deck of a double decker bus again, scarred for lifedetails
Andree66 daysAs of now I can lift 5 lbs (carefully) and put pressure on the arm. Next will be to rely on it for climbing and fallingdetails
linastrand68 daysdetails
kbvhfjdsbfjkdbds69 daysdetails
camel72 daysA couple of screws.details
o'man72 days10 weeks in plaster. Scaphoid healed up, wrist very stiff and immobile though 3 months later, slowly getting mobility on wrist, shoulders a bit stuffed though...details
Vaala74 daysStrapped the two fingers together (little finger and the one next to it) which helped the healing process and life in general quite a lot.details
Boje75 daysAufpassen wo man hintritt beim nacht-OLdetails
sämi_k75 daysdetails
O Joy76 daysRange of motion not entirely restored and wearing a soft brace for orienteering.details
Heather O87 daysBy mid October had almost full range of movement and very little discomfort during yoga, weights, climbing etc.details
Strand87 daysdetails
sberg88 daysdetails
BConley88 daysFinally healed, will never play any form of football every againdetails
codymonster90 daysdetails
Jess95 daysHave experienced and learnt a lot through breaking my arm, including a reasonable amount of wisdom which I hope I will never forget. God is good!details
ZoeB95 daysdetails
Sculpin96 daysdetails
cricketk100 daysDischarged as RPH Physio outpatient 06 May. Plate and screws installed 25 February. Learnings - be a stronger rider. Rest really is good for you. Wisdom - ha.details
Zimmers101 daysdetails
Ezy103 daysdetails
pcbrent104 daysdetails
chris_b104 daysdetails
AC105 daysdetails
Boje109 daysdetails
pepa.111 daysdetails
o-darn113 daysLikely to hurt for a year. Stiffness continues and will continue to work on flexing it. Will wear splint when orienteering probably until 2017 -- just to protect. Hurts most when driving car -- go figure. details
Luca D.118 daysdopo 3 mesi faccio tutte le attività ma faccio ancora fatica a fare un presa di forza e mi fa maledetails
ccsteve119 daysBe very careful bike riding - better watch out for Bike-O...-)details
O-ing125 days4-6 weeks of pain and restricted movement. Got better pretty quickly after that, but still a few aches and pains well after, particularly lying on it (April)details
Clone128 daysdetails
Flying Scotsman128 daysdetails
RASPUTIN137 daysdetails
JaimeVelo138 daysstill have trouble grip handlebars firmly enough on downhills. can't do flat handed pushups. and it is swollen and stiff a bit in the morning. but, slowly getting betterdetails
Charlie138 daysMight as well take this off the list. I still have a long way to go for full recovery, but able to continue to do more. details
peterprong144 daysdetails
rhesketh146 daysHand therapy to get the joints moving normal again. It is still a little stiff but mostly betterdetails
Vaala152 daysdetails
cedarcreek171 daysFirst wisdom: If you think it might be broken, splint first and then go to the doctor. This is the second time I've seen a possible break and didn't split it (once on someone else's break, and once for my own break). It will feel a million times better if you splint it. I had a custom built brace made from a white plastic called Orthoplast (which is a term like Bandaid). It wasn't too expensive (after insurance), and it fit better than any other brace I tried. It was more comfortable a...details
TIM0N173 daysdetails
RLShadow174 daysI'm not 100% recovered (as of late Feb. 2015), but I don't think I'll ever be totally recovered. I am back to playing pickleball right handed, and I can do most things that I used to be able to do. Still somewhat limited on range of motion and strength.details
Flakey190 daysdetails
pcbrent220 daysdetails
Ezy222 daysdetails
Bender258 daysdetails
Crit-Fagg301 daysdetails
swimlinzi04305 daysdetails
JamieP333 daysdetails
Regina349 daysdetails
guerfondler365 daysdetails
codymonster366 daysNext time, get a prompt x-ray even if it doesn't seem bad!details
devil370 daysdetails
devil370 daysdetails
emmanuelledudon407 daysdetails
Oxoman444 daysNot wise to exercise on steep slopes when tired. Injury occurred after an all night climb.details
PVA466 daysdetails
Honza32+ daysdetails
simmo432+ daysdetails
Boltboi1224+ daysdetails
Ellipropelli1395+ daysdetails
BK21+21722+ daysdetails
Blomquistx2053+ daysdetails
Callum222245+ daysdetails
Kestrel-O3354+ daysdetails
Hemlock3612+ daysdetails
jtorranc3666+ daysdetails
Vaala3891+ daysdetails
J.millar23947+ daysdetails
linphany4002+ daysdetails
RachL4033+ daysdetails
Nieuwy4562+ daysdetails
bcboy5236+ daysdetails
lilypad5304+ daysdetails
mwieneke5363+ daysdetails