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Fracture (Upper Leg)

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Average recovery time: 82 days

Recorded Instances

Cambas21 daysdetails
Cambas21 daysdetails
Cambas22 daysNo training for almost 3 weeksdetails
Cambas26 daysdetails
Cambas30 daysdetails
clarky84 daysdetails
RLShadow151 daysThis was fairly well resolved at least a few months ago (Feb. 2021 or so). So I'll call this on healed. details
Bambi on ice301 daysStarted running several weeks ago. Need to be smart about this stage as my muscle balance is a bit out of sorts. Weak back and hips are causing some initial discomforts, but mostly just a general feeling of fatigue.details
Hilde4402+ daysdetails
Haltochlytt8841+ daysdetails