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Fracture (Foot)

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Average recovery time: 106 days

Recorded Instances

AngusL3 daysdetails
White Kenyan4 daysdetails
Hol6 daysdetails
tinytoes9 daysdetails
mayer229 daysHandled this pretty well. details
solise10 daysdetails
Hobitas12 daysmassagedetails
Hol14 daysdetails
mayer2214 daysdetails
balcius19 daysdetails
Seiya19 daysdetails
Useless Fool20 daysCleaning is dangerous.details
dariusz21 days... so lange gings noch nie. Jetzt ist er soweit, dass er mich beim TR nicht mehr stört und durchs TR nicht schlimmer wird.details
Dehydrated24 daysBiked, no running for 3 weeks, then okdetails
fp26 daysdetails
T.Cannan27 daysWatching Grunge Leg drop New Jack through the press tabledetails
ebuckley27 daysdetails
CleverSky27 daysBy the Billygoat, I was able to wear all of my shoes without discomfort, and the big toe on the other foot was probably more of a problem.details
lowees28 daysdetails
BradLund30 daysdetails
Bruce30 daysProbably a small fracture in my heel. It took about 5 weeks to run without pain.details
Beardable33 daysdetails
Cambas36 days3 savaitės langetė. + 2sav minimalus krūvisdetails
Möhkis37 daysdetails
Beacon38 daysIt's not really bothering me much anymore. Doc sez it's 50% healed after one month and will be 100% after three months.details
mmace39 daysdetails
NMFC40 daysdetails
tjansson41 daysdetails
HubNukin'42 daysLots of icing and raised it whilst working. I did have an x-ray to confirm it was broken, then a 2nd to confirm it was healing as I really wanted to avoid a non-union or any other complications on day 3 of future adventure races. I really took it easy because I could.details
Imogenpieters43 daysStill doing rehab and not pushing running to full extent yet but pretty fully recovered and back training.details
TimGood44 daysdetails
TereseO45 daysdetails
Julli45 daysdetails
o-darn47 daysdetails
tomslocombe49 daysdetails
OL50 daysEnded up not being a stress fracture, only muscle soreness between the metatarsals. Physio and self massage seemed to fix/help this. details
zoolander52 daysFeeling pretty good now. Not barefoot running yet, but can handle road and trail with only occasional pain. Took lots of vitamin D, iced it hard for first 2 weeks, but did a lot of cycling during the first 3 weeks no running. Maybe blood flow with light exercise helped. Sure was sore at the start!details
Ian Dunlap52 daysI ran into a friend bare foot, what helped was letting it rest and biking getting betterdetails
Kar'sRunning53 dayswas caused by coming down on my right foot at a high speed and wrong position from a left-handed lay-up. be careful when landing. mid-foot sprain came first and caused fractures.details
Siobhan54 daysREST. Build up slow.details
helehan55 daysDid EA Combined Events and survived pain-free.details
mayer2255 days9/9 Was given the ok to do any activities. Still some soreness in my toe but not really pain. 9/25 Next time recover slowly from injuries (especially ones that immobilize parts of the body for long periods of time) even if I am staying fit in other ways.details
BW56 daysTime off. Didnt do physio but should have probably.details
Bomb57 daysdetails
JennaAH59 daysThere is lingering pain after running long distances (2mi+...long for me anyways haha). Foot occasionally drags. Compensating for busted foot affected ukemi for a while. High impact actions must be done carefully (jumping, slapping, breakfalling, etc).details
barb60 daysdetails
zeizei61 daysdetails
bigE61 daysdetails
zootrio61 daysdetails
saraabom61 daysdetails
Martinsson68 daysdetails
Khampton3470 daysdetails
ShaunTheSheep70 daysdetails
firbanator70 daysretired from soccerdetails
Are72 daysdetails
goranwinblad73 daysdetails
Florence75 daysdetails
Richi Ross75 daysdetails
Dooby77 daysdetails
RJM78 daysthat was on targetdetails
HiipiväHirvi89 daysdetails
Steve R90 daysCrutches for first 2 weeks. Swimming in in second week. Walking and cycling weeks 3-4. Road running weeks 5-6. Off road and squash 7-8 weeks Fully recovered 12 weeks. Weeks 4-12 involved physio to re-build ankle, calf and leg strength and flexibility - both sides. Strapped ankles for off road running for weeks 8-20. Haven't relied on taping thereafter to keep building ankle strength.details
Sony92 daysdetails
jmcdonald93 daysdetails
abiperk103 daysdetails
eileen109 daysdetails
marathon86112 daysgips, nóżkidetails
jennapaj117 daysdetails
juicyfresh118 daysdetails
Lori119 daysdetails
Fabiano122 daysUn mese di ricovero in ospedale, camera iperbarica. 13% di invalidità permanentedetails
Fly'n125 daysdont kick door framesdetails
zsibthorp128 dayswear ankle braces!details
Fraser Ross144 daysdetails
Sami11151 daysdetails
Florence158 daysSurgery 20th February, 9 weeks to heal, 12 weeks til 30min full jogdetails
Ambergraham164 daysOvertraining, moving too fast with my training. Lots of resting and physio details
RunJennyRun168 daysdetails
GR172 daysStill recovering 7 months post fracture. Have been running/xc sking/biking for two months with some pain. started running again 3/14 and am slowly building miles.details
peterk174 daysdetails
louis174 daysdetails
Poppy182 daysdetails
cfosp1201 daysBy all means and purpose, this is healed. Occasionally experience slight discomfort when running, but it's not at the location of the fracture, rather like something left over from a sprain. details
Ralph206 daysdetails
Carl006254 daysDont be stupid, when you think there is something wrong there is something wrong. listen to your bodydetails
Squashy277 daysdetails
Brucewithamap277 daysSevere break, recovery was slow but a Bone stimulator did the trick finallydetails
pauline311 daysPhysiotherapy extremely useful. I wouldn't have recovered all the functionality (flexibility, strength, stability, procieption etc.) without it.details
gudeso364 daysdetails
Slynall420 daysdetails
mouse136465 daysdetails
zoomakroom709 daysdetails
Michael Patrick266+ daysdetails
spingere541+ daysdetails
swbkrun1151+ daysdetails
colesnotes2221+ daysdetails
CBL2257+ daysdetails
Callum222325+ daysdetails
Kims3770+ daysdetails
vineer3828+ daysdetails
BIGpete3850+ daysdetails
BIGpete3951+ daysdetails
hansome4965+ daysdetails
Marley4992+ daysdetails
kzemach5045+ daysdetails
O-Malinga5289+ daysdetails
bendoherty5430+ daysdetails
Henny6516+ daysdetails